hook her shoulders and laughed.
Surely no one would expect a remote village to have the facilities to slay a dragon.

“That’s good.
I can pretend that Viscount Panamera did it all, and I won’t have to worry about my own family being aware of it.”

This way, even if I sell something as conspicuous as a dragon, my parents won’t find out about it.

I was pleased at the thought, but Panamera snorted exasperatedly.

“You’re a guy with a weird sense of humor, aren’t you? It’s a rare occasion to take down a dragon.
I’m sure they’ll ask a lot of questions, and I’m sure some speculative information will get into the ears of the higher nobility, and even if I declare that I’m the one who defeated the dragon, they will surely trace it back all the way to you, boy, if they find out anything.”

Panamera explained.

They would ask about the method of defeat in light of the material, and they would ask about the number of people who participated in the battle, the location and the damage.

In addition, even if Panamera was the strongest god of war, a military genius, etc., various recruiters, such as royal knights and military advisors, could come after her.

Incidentally, heroes with such titles as “god of war” and “god of the army” had existed in the past, and they were described as such when they emerged as outstanding beings.

” I will be in trouble.
I was kicked out of my family for being incompetent, but what if I’m called back? I am having so much fun building my village.”

As I was muttering to myself, the hell-eared Panamera raised the edge of her mouth and gave me an evil smirk.

“You worry like a runaway child.
No, you actually ARE a child.
Well, if you depend on me, I’ll teach you a technique that will ensure you’ll never be taken back.

“Huh? Is there such a thing?”

I tilted my head in surprise, and Panamera sneered.

“Get a title.
Simple, isn’t it? Just get a noble title and start your own family.
Start a new house.”

Panamera had said, without missing a beat.

No, what are you talking about, as if I was renting a new apartment?

I was about to retort.
But Panamera seemed to be serious.

“You can pretend that all the dragons were defeated by you, my boy.
In fact, all I did was stall them.”

“No, no, no, that would be a different story.
Besides, wouldn’t that make me stand out a lot?”

When I complained, Panamera crossed her arms to emphasize her ample breasts.

“What are you complaining about?”

No, I am not complaining about those breasts at all.

But the core of it all filled me with anxiety.

I don’t know what Father will do, and that nasty second and third son are likely to harass me, and I wouldn’t feel comfortable becoming an aristocrat before my gentle oldest brother.

With these blurred feelings, Panamera curiously stroked her chin.

“At the age of eight, you will be known as a dragon slayer, and you will be awarded a title for your efforts.
In addition, you will get a large sum of money and a trading company of your children.
All good things, I suppose.
However, I can understand your apprehension.
When I was just ordained, I had more enemies, and there were people who wanted to take advantage of me.”

There, she breaks off her words, narrowed her eyes, made a wicked smile, and talked again.

“But I reduced them all to ashes.”


So, boy, when you see an enemy, don’t hesitate to shoot your ballista.
After a dozen corpses pile up, no one will dare to oppose you.”

I was told a terrible trick of worldly wisdom.

I nodded vaguely, and a question suddenly occurred to me.

“But if I take all the credit, Panamera-san will lose any foothold in your career.”

When I mentioned this, Panamera laughed as she exhaled.

Did you worry about me, this Panamera Carrera Cayenne? No way.
I don’t live my life in such a way that a mere eight-year-old should be worried about me, did I hear you wrong?”

Panamera laughed like a ferocious beast.

“No, not at all.
I’m not worried at all.
In fact, I’m worried about my own safety.
Please don’t eat me.”

“Ha ha ha! Boy, you always have a hilarious turn of phrase.
Rest assured.
I will not eat you for another five years.
In order to make the boy bigger, I’ll give you credit for defeating a dragon this time!”

Saying this, Panamera laughed aloud.

Apparently, Van had only five more years to live.
What a mess.

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