Chapter 40: Environmental Improvement(Under Way)

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“Espada will be in charge of the construction of the wall.
As it’s only our second time attempting to build a wall, take your time and don’t get hurt.
Dee and the other designated gatherers will bring materials for the wall, though anybody who is strong enough to help them out is welcome to do so.
What are you guys going to do?

 After giving basic instructions to the villagers, I look at Orto, who for some reason joined the morning meeting.

 Orto looked at the orderly lines of villagers and smiled.

”It’s just such an interesting sight… Recently, the villagers started lining up as if they were soldiers, right? Ah, right, there was something I was going to tell you.
We’re going to go hunting for demonic beasts again.
Thanks to the sword you gave us, we’re having a great deal of fun.”

 I nodded happily.

”I’ll take the materials which are the most torn up, you should sell the good quality ones to Bell.”

“Yeah, of course.”

 After a quick bow, Orto’s group formed a line next to the villagers.

 Chuckling, I focused my gaze on the villagers.

“Well then, please tale care of yourselves while you work today.
By the way, today is Friday.
I am planning to hold a big barbecue competition using the meat we’ve saved.
It’ll last for two days… starting today! Get excited!”

 When I thrust one hand up to announce it, everyone thrust their hands up in a bizarrely excited manner and cheered.

Note: I am wheezing, the best sound effect of the series.)

“Let’s go!”

“It’s a barbecue!”

 The villagers, who were rather quiet, have suddenly turned into party animals.

 The villagers then headed off to their respective work areas, under the leadership of Espada and Dee.

 After the villagers were gone, Panamera and her companions walked over to me.
Right behind Panamera was Arte, and further back, the soldiers were marching in disciplined columns.

”What a good way to start the morning off.
You made quite an interesting pep talk.
Although that wouldn’t fly on the battle, the way it boosted morale was brilliant.”

“Good morning to you as well.
Well, we are not part of the military, it’s fine to be this loose.
By the way, the ten hardest workers will get double the alcohol during the barbeque.
A small glass of wine becomes a mug.
Those heavy drinkers get really riled up about those sort of things.”

 It’s sort of like fishing, you need to have bait in order to catch a fish.
The same thing applies to workers.

 Panamera laughed loudly in response and nodded her head.

“So that’s how it is.
Guess I’ll have to work hard then.”

 Then, Arte walked out towards me.

 For some reason, she had an angry face.

”Oh, good morning, Lord Van.
Isn’t the weather just fine today?”

“Hmm? Ah, yes, good morning.
You seem to be in quite a good mood today, are you not tired?”

 Then, Arte nodded while looking at me.

”Haha, yes.
I am doing very well today.
May I observe as you work, if you don’t mind?”

“Of course, go ahead.
Today, I am going to improve the village’s waterworks.”

 Laughing, I turned to look at Till and Kamsin… why were their eyes getting cloudy?

”Don’t tell me… are we going to the sewers again?”

 I gave a silent smirk whilst watching their anxious faces.

 The two of them instantly deflated like balloons

 Still smirking, I opened my mouth.

“I guess it is dirty work after all.
If you don’t want to help, I can just do it by myself.
No need to exert yourselves.”

 As I said this, they hurriedly straightened up and violently shook their heads from side to side.

”Of course I will help!”

“I can’t let you do it by yourself Master Van, instead allow me to handle all of the work!”

“Kamsin’s aptitude for magic isn’t suited for this kind of thing.”

 Laughing, we headed to a site behind the defensive wall near the gate.
Panamera and Arte, with a soldier in tow, followed closely behind.

 It’s dirty work, not much to look at.

 Well, one thing this will prevent the consequences of marriage from happening, that’ll get Espada off my back.

 Laughing to myself, I walked through the gate and towards the moat.
There was a temporary bridge between the moat and the wall.
Till, Kamsin, and I crossed it.

“So what are you going to do?”

 I heard someone calling out to me from behind, but all of my focus was concentrated on the task at hand.
Panamera should understand.

“Be careful, keep a firm grip on your sides.”

 After I gave the instructions, Kamsin and Till nodded and took up their positions.

 Below us, there was a lid that slid up and down in an inconspicuous place adjacent to the wall.
It was arranged so that Till and I are on the left side, and Kamsin is on the right side.

 Then, Apcarles appeared.

“Mmm, you want help with the water?”

“We will help you.”

 Panamera and Arte, from the other side of the moat.
made a commotion as the two adult Apcarles appeared.

“ To think that I would see the famed Apcarles here… But why in such a place?”

“This is truly great.
I’ve never seen one.”

 Suddenly, three adolescent Apcarles appeared and answered Panamera’s question.

“We live in the back of this place,”

“Master Van will give you a nice dinner.”

“I’m Van’s wife.
He is my father’s son-in-law”

 The kids were mouthing off, huh.
Also, it looks like Ladapriola was somewhere among them.

“Well, well.
So you’ve already taken an Apcarle as a wife? Why weren’t we informed of this?”

Oh no…

 A misunderstanding has occurred.

 I denied it, looking at Ladapriora with a glance.

“We’re not engaged.
I told your father, Ladavesta, you know?’

 As I told her that, Ladapriola disappeared under the water, glaring back at me.


“He bullied little Ladapriola.”

 Although many undue accusations were being thrown at me, I responded calmly.

“If you’re going to complain, I won’t give you any meat today.”


“I’m sorry!”

“I love Van.
Give me meat.”

 The moment I pulled out my trump card, the childish Apcarles changed their attitude.
And for some reason, Ladapriola chimed in again at the end there.

 When I tried to look her way, I tried to be subtle, but that was definitely Ladapriola’s voice.

 Kids are so innocent, aren’t they? I looked at the adult Apcarles with a sense of camaraderie… though I was also 8 years old.

Note: Real talk, what happened to his older persona?)

“Then I’m sorry, but I need your help.
We aren’t able to remove the lids with are strength.”

 As I said this, the Apcarles nodded and replaced us.

 When we crossed the bridge to join Panamera and Arte, they were looking at me with astonished eyes.

”…You have Apcarles following you? They are even said to be a phantom race…”

“Those girls were so cute…”

 Laughing at the second voice, I instructed the Apcarles to pull the kid off.
They did it with ease.

 Immediately afterwards, I heard the sound of water draining from the moat.

“Now! Close it!”


 As if on cue, the Apcarles closed the lid.
After the noise of rushing water faded away, a fidgeting Panamera turned to me.

”What was that? What happened?”

 She sounded quite concerned.
That being said, I’d say Panamera was surprisingly composed.
I thought she would have had a bigger reaction.

“It’s a routine process necessary in our sewage system.
The toilets installed in each building each have a series of holes about five meters deep, and when water is flushed from the tank at the top of the toilet, the excrement flows to the bottom.
The bottom part of the toilet is connected to a large pipe at the bottom, so if it’s left as it is, it gradually becomes smelly.
More importantly, if left alone, it could sow the seeds for a village-wide epidemic.”

“Well, um, yeah.
I guess it would be bad if people got sick.”

 Panamera made a conflicted face.

“Well, we want to get rid of this undesirable excrement, right? So, I installed the pipes at an incline and pour water into them periodically.
That was what happened earlier, by the way.
The water, which gained momentum from the slope, thoroughly washes the pipes.”

“This water, huh? Where’s does that water go? Don’t tell me you return it to the moat?”

“No, we’re installing an underground cavity in front of the village at an angle.
Incidentally, we are in the process of connecting pipes to the bottom of the cavity.
I’m thinking of feeding the water from that cavity into the river eventually.
It will be around one or two days until that happens, though.”


 Panamera’s face was twisted in confusion.
Well, I suppose it would be hard for a soldier to understand such a system with just a verbal explanation.

 Or maybe the explanation itself was lacking.
But it’s too much trouble to explain such a complicated system in detail.
I’ll just make a diagram of it later.

 Having decided that I headed off to complete my next task

 The life of a frontier lord is a busy one.

Note: So I am still going to translate this in my off-time.
I am still open to suggestions for new novels, though.
Also, I made a discord.
It is really shabby and I have pretty much no experience in managing a server.
But it is up, and if you want to join you can.
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