e wall of the main hexagonal body, I believe this distance to be enough.
For any axillary bodies, we would need to travel a little further out.”

Let’s make it around two meters long so that we can easily modify it later if we feel the need to do so.”

“Of course.”

 After such an exchange, I turned back to Panamera.

“I will now begin the construction of the walls.”

“…Right now?”

 Panamera’s eyes tremble in surprise, turning them so look at Espada.
Espada, who silently nodded his head in confirmation, began chanting on the spot.
After about ten seconds, the chanting ended and the magic was activated.

 In the blink of an eye, the earth buckled and a huge wall of dirt appeared just beside the road.
It was about two meters long on either side and at least five meters thick.
The height of the wall was ten meters.

”Mm… so you are a retired expert four-element magician? But with just this, when the magic power is lost, this wall should also collapse and become meaningless.”

 Walking to the front of Panamera, I faced the newly formed wall of earth and put my palm against it.

 As it was made of unprocessed earth, it’s material composition was incredibly varied.The wall contained not only earth and rock, but also bone, volcanic rock and some ores.

 Normally, I would like to make a perfect concrete wall, but I didn’t have the required materials.
This would have to do for now.

 After seeing that the wall had been solidified, I picked up the woodblocks that the villagers had brought in.

”…Is that the strange material that you used to build those houses?”

 While Panamera watched with interest, I quickly joined the wood blocks together and began to create the gate.
I would coat the gate with metal later, but the shape and sturdiness of the gate needed to be taken care of first.

 I can build a five-meter-high double-doored gate in just ten minutes.
It takes only five minutes to form the basic shape, the rest of the time is spent on patterns and decorations.

 The upper part of the gate would be connected to the other side of the wall later, but this should be enough for now.

Note: Not quite sure what this meant, but it at least sounds right.)

“There we go… it looks about right.”

 Muttering that, I turned around to see Panamera and the others looking up at the gate with stunned faces.

 The accompanying soldiers also expressed visual shock at the sight.

 Breaking the silence, a confused Arte opened her mouth with a pout.

”…Van-sama, what is your magical aptitude, exactly?”

 Those words brought Panamera back to her senses.

“Yeah, that’s right.
What was that? How can you do such incredible things? What the hell are you…”

 Flustered, Panamera tried to ask her questions calmly, although they ended up coming out in a terse and broken manner.

 I shrugged my shoulders at that and smiled vaguely.

”Unfortunately, I have an aptitude for production magic.”

 As I told her this, Panamera’s eyes widened and she shifted her gaze to the newly formed gate.

”Such an incredible power is a strategic threat.
You can easily establish a stronghold to fortify a key location in less than a month.
As for why such an incredible person is here… there can be only one explanation.
Marquis Fertio is planning to use this power to invade the Count’s territory…”

”Oh, my father doesn’t know anything about my powers.
He threw me out the moment he found out I had no aptitude for the four-elements.”

 When I replied, Panamera’s eyes narrowed in dismay and she exhaled.

”… How idiotic.
How wasteful.
With this power, the Marquis family could have become an incredible power… I suppose, since they kicked you out, that they could never have imagined that you would have possessed so much power.
I, for one, would have never guessed that someone with your aptitude could show so much potential.”

 I point in the direction of the village to Panamera, who was muttering such things with a grim face.

“Then, let’s head back.
I’ll resume construction of the walls tommorow.”

 When I told her that, Panamera nodded with a complicated face.

”I understand.
I wanted to see you build some more, but it can’t be helped.”

 She agreed without an resistance.
Apparently, Panamera’s misunderstanding had been successfully resolved.

 That’s good.

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