r daughter of as a wife.

 It’s like a political marriage in the Warring States period.

 Well, I’ve heard it’s common among the nobility as well, but I never received such a proposal.
Of course, due to my status.

“Then we will live near you, my son-in-law.
This watering hole does belong to you, right?”

“What watering hole? Do you mean this moat? I would have to say no to that, there is to much foot traffic here and you’ll scare the people who cross over it.
Is it okay for you guys to live in the lake instead?”

 When I replied, Ladavesta nodded quietly and led his people to the lake.

 Huh? Wait a moment, aren’t I acknowledging the marriage by letting them live in the lake?

“Hey, you don’t need to marry your daughter off! I’ll protect you guys regardless.”

 I insisted aloud, but the Apcarles had already dived into the water and headed for the lake.

 Did they get the message?

 As I tilted my head, a bright-eyed Bell approached me.

“Oh, um! If you can get your hands on any rare materials, please do me a favor and hand them over so that I can sell them in my store.”

 I nodded my head in agreement.

“Don’t worry, I will provide the rare materials if I get any.”

 ”I can’t believe my luck.
What a day.”

 The villagers were just making smalltalk, as they didn’t have a clear idea of what was going on.

 The only one not engaging in this pleasant banter was Espada, who was snarling with a slightly grim face.

“You have been given a great opportunity, just that… I am unsure as to how your father will react to your fiance being an Apcarle.“

 I want to retort aloud.
Why does everyone act as though the engagement has been confirmed?

 I look at Till, troubled, and see her looking down with a very complicated face.

”I, well, if Van-sama has chosen to wed that girl, then……”

 Till was in visible distress.
However, she didn’t need to worry, I will clear things up with the Apcarle chief.
The marriage will stop at being an idea, and I will not allow it to spiral into something more than that.

 With that in mind, I headed to the lake to see what they were doing, only to find that the lake had already been taken over by the Apcarles.

 There were adult Apcarles chatting idly near the shore, and children playing in the water near the center of the lake.

 It’s a peaceful scene, but I feel as though they have completely left their guards down, they are leaving themselves too vulnerable.

”…Since I’ve decided to take them in, let’s make sure we follow through with our promise to protect them.”

 I muttered, then ordered Espada.

“Can you extend the left and right bank of the lake? I want to make a boathouse.”

“A boathouse… that is, housing for small boats and the like?”

During a storm or other such event, it would be handy to have a boathouse so we can store the boat inside and prevent any potential damages to them.
It should also have areas for temporary housing of people who might be stranded due to the event.”

 When I answered that, Espada gave me an impressed look.

“I’ve never heard of such a building before, I am certain that there are no such buildings in the entirety of the kingdom.
Is it in the style of a maritime nation? …To think that the young master has learned something which even I don’t know“

“Yeah, yeah.
Let’s focus on the construction, I’d like to get it done quickly.
Ah, Kamsin.
Could you gather some people and carry woodblocks over to the construction site?.”

“Of course, I’ll gather the villagers right away!”

 Thus, two lakeside rest areas, which could almost be called lakeside estates, were completed.

 This renovation was a big hit with the Apcarles.
There were a lot of adults who stayed in the resting place, and they were even of the opinion that the rest areas were too small.

 I suppose we should make another boathouse on the far side of the lake as well.

 Well, that was for the future.
For now, I simple focused on building another gate and drawbridge in the backside of the village, to allow for easier access to the lake.

 This allowed the villagers, who had been scared at first, to start interacting with Aparcles a little more.

 It seems that when you share your crops and meat with them, the surprisingly well-behaved Apcarles will bring you all sorts of ores.
Those who sell them to Bell gain a significant amount of cash in return.

 Bell’s savings were running dry, but I felt no need to intervene.

 Although no traces of the former frontier village were left, everyone seemed to be happy, so I suppose I did a good job.

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