honda walked over and muttered that with emotion, but I shook my head at his words.

“The water from the river is not yet suitable for drinking, it needs to be filtered and boiled before it is safe for consumption.
So I’ll have to build a facility for that.”


 I smile back at a bewildered Rhonda.
I then ordered Dee and the others to prepare some iron ore.

“This way!”

 Lowe, uncharacteristically motivated, brought in a large amount of iron ore.
He’s even looking at me with a highly anticipatory look in his eyes.

”….Are you curious about what I’m going to make?”

“Yes, sir! What kind of equipment are you going to build?”

 I’m surprised.
Apparently Lowe loves to build things.
Come to think of it, he looked like he was having a lot of fun during the construction of the tributary.

“Then let’s do it together.
First of all, we have to build a water wheel that will lift the water.”


 A very excited Lowe happily brings in the materials and I shape them.
Dee and Irv worked as assistants.

 Soon, a waterwheel was set up on one side of the moat, with tubs positioned at regular intervals on the wheel.
They will carry water out of the moat as the waterwheel turns.

 When the water reaches the top of the wall, the tubs would tilt as they descended, pouring water into a channel that would run from the top of the wall into the village.
Inside it would flow into a basin made of branches, leaves, sand, earth, stones and cloth.

 It would filter the water, then deposit the clean water into a metal tank.
The surface and back of the tank are coated with copper to prevent the water from causing rust, in order to ensure that the water stays clean while in storage.

 Once stored, water is poured out of a faucet installed under the tank and sent to the boiler.

 Unfortunately, I had to light the boiler by myself.
I was the only one able to create a suitable flame.

 Till told me that there were fire magic crystals that would automate the process, so I am seriously considering the purchase of a few of them too make my life easier.

 Putting aside automation, this system should ensure that the village has ample clean drinking water.

 As I was showing Rhonda how to use the equipment, Kamsin came running in.

“The moat is now completed, it is now completely filled with water.”

 The water filled the moat only three hours after the temporary wall was broken.
It finished before Dinnertime.

 I hurriedly climbed up the barrier.

“Oh, truly incredible.”

 I couldn’t help but sigh in admiration.
The sight of the water-filled moat was just too amazing.

 Though, if the water continues to flow this rapidly, it might cause issues.

“If the water rises due to rain or something, won’t it flood?”

 When I asked that, Espada, who was waiting diagonally behind me, widened his eyes slightly.

”A good observation.
As for solving the issue… normally, people widen the tributary banks while keeping an eye on the water level, or they build embarkments.
In short, we need to be attentive when it comes to these dead-end type of tributaries.”

 Espada praised me.

“The water not having a place to go is our real problem.
We need to either redirect excess water back into the river or we need to make an artificial lake.

 As I told him that, Espada raised an eyebrow and snorted.

”Originally, I had planned to make the tributary reconnect with the river, but the idea of building a lake might be an unexpectedly good one.
When the water stops flowing from the river due to a lack of rain, a reservoir would be very useful.”

“We do need to install anti-flood measures… let’s do it.”

 Thus, it was decided to build a lake about two hundred meters from the back of the village.

 It was a project which had to be completed quickly, lest the rain come and flood the moat before it could be completed.

 The lake was completed in three days.
Note: Wow… three days huh?)

It doesn’t have to be any specific shape, It just needs to store as much water as possible.


“Make it into the shape of a slope so that we can direct which way the water flows!” (T.N.
Note: I had no idea what Van was trying to say here so I put in my best guess.
I will put the raw MTL below in case someone else can better interpret the text.)


 I give them a plan, and Dee and the others give it shape.
By the way, Espada is working on the general excavation of the lake and the building of the banks.

 After that, I think I’ll install a sluice gate that can be closed manually at the entrance of the tributary, in case the even the lake is not enough to contain the water.

 As for any other precautions, I will think about them if a need comes up.

 For now, I’m just happy that we now have a full moat and a reliable source of clean water.

Note: Here is the text mentioned earlier: 

“It’s a slope, so I’m going to change the height of the slope so that when the water is full, the water flows that way.”)

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