t that previews of the items line the walls rather than have them simply being stored in mass on shelves.
This, I feel, would give them a more premium feel.”

“Hmm, yes.
That might be a good idea.
But then we’d have to figure out where to put the inventory if we decide not to put them on shelves…”

“I can build a basement below the first floor.
You wouldn’t mind living on the second floor, would you?”

 The work was done efficiently, leading to the finalization of the plans happen a lot sooner than expected.

 ”Well, if you’re unhappy with it later, I can remodel part it.
The first time you ask for a remodel, I will do it for free.”

 I need Espada’s help to build the basement, so it will take a little more effort and time than the other sections.

 With that in mind, I laid out the woodblocks that Kamsin and Till brought to the construction site and began to visualize the floorplan of the store in my head.

 I feel Bell tilt his head behind me, but I ignored him.

 As usual, I concentrated my magic power and changed the shape of the woodblocks.

”Eh! Huh!?”

 I heard some strange noises, but I ignored them.

 I put up the foundational pillars and had Espada dig the ground with earth magic.
As long as he can make a few holes, I will be able to finish the rest.

 Quickly,  the preliminary skeletons of the floors, walls, and ceiling were made.
Then I moved my attention to the basement

 I was a bit unsure about how much support the basement needed to avoid collapse, so I made the supporting pillars larger than usual.
Despite that, the finished basement was quite large and had ample storage space.

 Leaving Bell to walk around the basement with his eyes wide like a plate, I now finished up the first and second floors.

 Since I possess a large amount of experience when it comes to magical construction, Bell’s store was easily completed.
The basement took about an hour, and the first and second floors took about fifteen minutes to complete.

 Needless to say, Bell, who had already been looking around the basement in a daze, was surprised out of their mind.
After all, when he arrived aboveground, he found both a store and living area when only moments before, there had only been a rough wooden skeleton.

 He gave me a shaky, unbelieving look, but I didn’t pay any attention to it.

 As the goods will not be ready for around two weeks, I decided to wrap up business today.

 At noon, we ate the Armored Dragon meat, heavily laden with spices, after which, I announced that I was going out of the village.

I knew that I had to take Espada with me.
In addition, I needed someone who knew intimately knew the surrounding land.

 Thus I gathered the villagers and asked them who they thought would be the best guide.
Rhonda stated that the hunter Inca was the best choice.

“Inca has very good eyesight.”

 Don’t you all have good eyesight?

 I retorted in my head, but, on the outside, I simply nodded my head.
At any rate, Inca who was called in shortly after Rhonda’s recommendation, stretched in preparation for the trip.

”…Well then, please guide me to the river.”

 Inca nodded and began to lead the way forward.

 Dee and Orto also left the village as they were going off to gather materials in the forest.

 I have some work to do, so Espada is also following me.
The only other people that I had follow me were Kamsin and Till.

 We left the village and walked down the road for about five minutes.
From there, we went off the road and changed our course northward.

 There was a northern road, just that it was of much poorer make than the main road.
I was thankful that I decided to travel on foot rather than carriage.

“Are you all right?”

 Till worriedly asked, but I was fine.
In fact, I was walking at a brisk pace.

“I’m fine.
Are you alright, Till?”

 I don’t forget to care about the people around me.
I’m a responsible boy, after all.

“Yes, master Van.
Thank you.”

 Till thanked me for asking, humming sweetly as she walked.
Kamsin was walking in front of us, clearing out the weeds and stones in the way.

 What a gentleman.

 I attempted to appear more attentive than Kamsin, but Kamsin, who was incredibly zealous when it came to this kind of thing, was a formidable foe.

 As we continued on with our childish, and likely one-sided, rivalry, we quickly found ourselves at the river.

 The river was cleaner and bigger than I had expected.

 It would be hard to get to the other side of the river without making a bridge or a boat.
Although I don’t see any aquatic magical beasts, I still don’t feel like swimming across would be advisable.

 Although the river looked beautiful, I questioned whether or not this river could be used.

“Come, Espada.
Let’s get a little water from this river.”

“Yes, young master.”

 At my instruction, Espada bowed his head reverently.

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