Chapter 19: It Was Supposed to be A Simple Resource Survey

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As I was building the various villager’s houses in the morning, Orto and the others walked over to me.

“We heard that you were buying ore.”

 They called out to me and I turned around.
I saw that Orto and the others had brought a large amount of ore along with them in addition to the regular lumber shipment.

”Maybe it’s because the nearby forest is at the foot of the Wolfsburg Mountains, but there are many hexenbiests that are tough to deal with.
That could be why there are many rare minerals that can be found without needing to excavate the mountain.” (T.N.
Note: I have decided that I will use ‘hexenbiest’ as the word for monsters.)

 Saying that, Orto and the others take out the ores and lay them out in front of me.

”This one is iron ore, and we also got some copper, silver and gold.
And then there’s… don’t be too surprised, mithril ore too.”

 Orto happily reports the last one.
I felt an irresistible thrill at the stunning blue-silver stone.

“Mithril! That’s great! I can’t believe you were able to mind some in the forest… why hasn’t it been mined before?”

 I let out a shout of wonder.
Orto crossed his arms and snorted in response.

“I’m guessing that, due to the distance and lack of convenience, the only things the administration has done in this remote area are simple explorative missions.
And to a knight’s eye, ores and herbs don’t draw much attention.”

“I see.
So the ores were something that only an adventurer would pay attention to.
What a lucky break.
If we can already find so many ores in the forest, there must be considerable resources locked within the stone body of the Wolfsburg Mountains.”

 As I uttered this, Espada, who arrived sometime after Orto, raised an eyebrow curiously.

”But it’s unusual.
It’s not very common to hear of metal ores being found in the forest instead of the mountains.
If it’s something like iron sand, we often hear about it, but ores in lumps like that are considered very rare… The exception would be if it’s near a dungeon where ore based stone golems, iron golems, and other such things roam around.” 

 Orto and the others look at Espada, who put forward such a convincing theory, and then turned to look at each other.

”…Did you find any traces of any golem-like hexenbiest?”

“No… we couldn’t find any traces.
Perhaps the golem was extremely old and  their other remains had already decayed?”

“Could there be a dungeon?”

“I don’t know.
This area has not been searched very thoroughly, so could very well be a dungeon.”

 After finishing the exchange, Orth and the others looked at me with serious expressions.

If a dungeon is discovered, it will result in great changes to this area.
A large number of people and goods will gather here due to the immense profits a dungeon offers.”

 The edge of my mouth rose at those words.

”A new dungeon, huh? If we really find a dungeon, the importance of the village will increase dramatically.”

 After all, dungeons are a treasure trove of resources.
Furthermore, when it comes to new dungeons, there are often uniques treasures and legacies of incredible worth within.

 Members of the Adventurer’s Guild must report any dungeon they discover to the guild.
After receiving such a report, they immediately set up a branch office at the location of the dungeon in the nearest town or village.

 There is no way any country would leave a strategically important location unattended.
Most of the national treasures held by countries, such as armor and treasures, were found in dungeons.

 However, this interest can also draw unwanted attention and conflict.

”Even if this village were to make such a report in its current state, it would not be able to weather the storm that such a report would create,”

 When I said this, Orto and Espada nodded their heads.

”That’s right.
A large number of adventurers, peddlers, and even a group of knights to investigate would come.
We lack the capability to provide even the most basic commodities including equipment, shelter, and food.
That is not even mentioning our complete lack of facilities.”

“The neighboring countries also might invade for profit.
No, it isn’t just a possibility, they will certainly have no qualms invading such a defenseless territory.”

 When I added this prediction, Espada silently began to pull at his chin.

 Next to him, Orto and the others also made troubled faces.

”…In other words, we should stay away from the dungeon for the time being?”

“Why don’t we just explore it without telling anyone?”

“Idiot, didn’t you hear what I just said?”

 Even though Orto and the others were discussing with difficult faces, Pluriel crossed her arms and turned her face towards us.

”As soon as we report that there is a dungeon, we can get a group of knights to be sent out right away, right? Besides, with Master Van’s magic, we’ll have our infrastructure and facilities built in no time.”

 I chuckle at such a question.

“I’m a nuisance, you know.
They will simply kick me out and replace me if they find out that this territory has so much value.
That’s why I need to find a dungeon after I’ve made a large enough achievement or contribution so that they think I am valuable enough to keep my job.”

 When I replied, Pluriel raised her eyebrows in consternation.

”….I see.
Then it can’t be helped.”

 She replied and turned to Orto and the others.

“Let’s all just gather resources and forget about the dungeon for now,”

“Oh? Uh, yeah.
Got it.”


 Orto and the others easily agreed with our wishes.
For an adventurer, discovering a new dungeon is a great achievement.
Furthermore, if they reported it, they could dive into the dungeon at the same time as the adventurer’s guild investigators arrived.

 In other words, you can be the first to search for the dungeon’s treasures.
In terms of mapping out the inside of the dungeon, the people who search first are at a huge advantage.

 It was probably an act of altruism that Orto and his comrades agreed to not go off to discover the dungeon.
After all, even though it would have been unimaginably profitable, they still chose to put the village’s interests before theirs.

 I have a similar duty to Orto.
In my case, in order to bring prosperity to the country and riches to all of the landed nobility, I am obligated to report any dungeons that I find in my territory.

 However, I have my position to consider.
I am currently viewed as being worthless and as someone with no future.
If I report that I found a dungeon, one of my brothers will make me give up my territory.

 So, I must first make this village my own.

 With renewed determination, I pick up the piece of iron ore that was laid out on the ground.

 When I focused my magic power on the iron ore, I found that my magic was able to permeate and enter the inside of the metal.
In the case of the wood, it penetrated as if crawling through many layers of trenches evenly, but in the case of the iron ore, it was divided into two parts: a layer where the magic power a while to penetrate and a core where it penetrated instantly.

 On a whim, I turned the part that was easier to penetrate into a fine sand and separated it from the rest of the iron ore.

 Something metallic, and only a third of the original size, was left behind.

“To think that we’ve already acquired iron!”

 He heard Orto’s surprise and looked up.

“Although we have it, we can’t melt it down and remove its impurities, so I can’t tell how good it would be as a material.”

 As I responded, Ksara pointed to the iron with a glint in his eyes.

“Would you building me a sword with it to test it out, then? It would be good if the sword if you make the sword to be thin and double-edged!”

 The other adventurers blinked in confusion when Ksara said that.

”Did that guy like swords so much?”

“Something’s been wrong with him since last night.”

“Do you think the weapons the kid makes will sell for a lot of money later?”

 Everyone else still didn’t know that Kamsin and Till’s wooden weapons were abnormally sharp.

 Kasara smiled wryly, then laughed with an evil look on his face.

 Well, I felt sorry about the leather shield, so I humored him.

”Well, it will be one gold coin for the dagger.
Two gold coins for a long sword.”

“So cheap! Then I’ll order one dagger and long sword each, please!”

 It was a quick decision.
I think the total price is around 1 to 2 million yen.

 While I calculated the price, Orto and the others’ expressions were subtle.

”Isn’t it a bit pricey?

I know.
They are just iron weapons, right? Generally, they would go for about five to eight large silver coins.

 What an expensive price… is what they must be thinking.

 But Ksara opens his mouth with a deepening smile.

”Hmph… I don’t know if I’ll regret it.
Then, boy.
I’ll give you three gold coins.”

 Ksara happily brought out three gold coins and paid me with them, and while I began to visualize the weapons I would make, I touched the iron.

 Now that I have enough materials, I can start making the first item, a dagger.

 Now, how shall I make it?

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