family did not change.
The second and third sons were not amused, but in the end, they mocked Murcia for his age difference rather than his ability, and the harassment continued.

 In the midst of this, I, at the age of eight, was to be evaluated for my magical aptitude.
I’ve been told from an early age that I’m different from the norm, making my father’s expectations high.

 However, the result of the appraisal was that I was a production magic user of the lowest order.

 My father was greatly disappointed, and the second and third sons, who were wary of my perceived talent, were pleased to the point of smiling.

 Murcia was simply sympathetic.

”Incredible, a production user! Surely he will lead our noble house to new heights… not.
What would I eve-“
Note: I took a bit of liberty when translating this part because the raw MTL was just indecipherable word soup.
I will post the original below to see if anyone can find a better way to translate it.)

 Murcia interrupted his father’s words, which were turning a bit disturbing, with a smile.

“Yes! Father, there was that outlying village! A village that is within the territory of our Marquess family, but is completely unable to develop due to its location.
Why don’t we leave that place to Van?”(T.L.
Note: Van is the fourth son, and the MC)

“That unnamed village? Why?”

 When my father wondered, Murcia answered with a smile.

”Bordering the village is the Kingdom of Yelinetta.
On the opposite border is Count Ferdinand’s territory.
It’s quite far away, but it is fortified, a defensive base.
In other words, the village has strategic value.
It has been used for the training of expeditions against count Ferdinand, to the point that is has become like a military encampment.

“I know that.
There are only about a hundred people native inhabitants.
There are no special products, and the Wolfsburg Mountains to the north are home to such powerful magical beasts that we can’t even hunt them for resources.
It is a territory taken from count Ferdinand during our rise in peerage, he still holds a grudge.
Because of this, his knights are occasional sent to harass the territory.”

 My father interrupted Murcia’s words to say this, then looked up in realization.

”I see! I understand.
In other words, if we leave the frontier village to Van, it will give use justification to set up a knightly order in the territory near the count.
Additionally, the newly acquired territory is still not very loyal to my house.
If my flesh and blood son is posted there, even if only in form…….I see.
That’s as good as it gets, Murcia.
I’ve found a use for the useless.”

 Murcia bowed solemnly bowed his head in reply.

 And so my father ordered me to assume the position of lord in the frontier village.
My father and the second and third sons, who were in a good mood, left, leaving me and Murcia alone in the room.


 When I called him that, Murcia’s smile from earlier became a sad expression as the smile were a lie.
When he walks right up to me, he bows his head to me, who is ten years younger than him, and apologizes.

“I’m sorry.
I believe that Van will be a wise and capable nobleman even if he doesn’t have any magic.
That’s why I made such a seemingly reckless proposal to father.
If you want hate me, you can hate me.”

 I chuckled at such a clumsy explanation and shook my head from side to side.

”Not quite, you saved me, didn’t you? If it hadn’t been for your intervention, they would have locked me up, or killed me, or in the worst case scenario, pulled out my tongue and made me a slave.
There was a chance that they could have done that to me.
I will never forfeit the opportunity you gave me, one given in such a dire situation.”

 As I answered that, Murcia looked up and stared at me, his eyes round and wide.

”……I guess Van is a genius after all.
I suppose our family will regret sending you off to the frontier.

 When I said that with a bitter smile, Murcia gazed at me with a serious expression.

“I know that there is little I can do, but I will do what I can, the best I can.
Even if it is just a little… for Van’s sake I hope….”

“Thank you, brother”

 When I reply with a smile, Murcia laughs dryly.

“You have always been an odd child.
You seemed to be sensitive to the subtleties of the adult mind, and seemed to study and think more deeply than I had.
The butler Espada and the personal maid Till have been happily telling me of your exploits for a long time”

 Murcia said happily, and squinted his eyes nostalgically.

Original Author’s Note: Next time I’ll post six chapters in a row of the past!

The original of the word soup which I mentioned earlier:
”We’re going to develop even bigger from now on, a production-based sorcerer from a marquis family that will develop even bigger, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on.
I can’t … well, I better.”

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