Frost [BL]

Don\'t go outside.

It was the start of winter break that would send kids home from many schools, the much-needed break for workers who needed some rest (of course, they wouldn get much rest if they had young children), and it was the busiest time for streamers and esports players because they received the most traffic.

Xiao Yi swung open the door to the two-bedroom apartment and the bag slid down his arm and into the corner lazily. He didn usually take his bag with him when he went to school, but since the teachers were handing out assignments and he couldn refuse to take them he had stuffed them and the rest of the long overdue assignments from his locker into his bag. The door shut with a soft click behind him.

e home? Its quite late, did you fall asleep? ” Xiao Qiu glanced back from his desk toward the door and saw his lazy younger brother standing in a daze as if he were to tumble over from a gust of wind. He smiled and moved over to the loveseat.

It was odd for esports players to not have an ergonomic chair, every streamer did as well, and Xiao Qiu was both an esports player and a streamer. He did have a chair, but he only used it for the hours that his brother was at school and then hed push it away and pull the loveseat up to the monitor.

Xiao Yi lifted his bright blue eyes toward his brother – no – he was clearly gazing longingly at the chair… He stiffly turned to his bedroom and changed into an oversized hoodie that his brother had outgrown and handed down to him and put on a pair of joggers. Xiao Qiu was talking to his chat when he walked out and he sat down next to his brother.

Xiao Qiu wasn a normal esports player and streamer. 99% of the time he was streaming there was a guest. His brother was that guest. And his brother had been named by the community as Sleeping God. Why? Because whenever he sat down next to his brother, he would sleep. And he had no problem falling asleep on camera. He was like a cat.

Xiao Yi curled up on his side of the sofa and instead of using the pillow prepared for him, his head fell straight onto Xiao Qius shoulder, his black hair falling over his face and obstructing the view from the audience.

[Sleeping God! Did he have a good day at school?]


[It doesn matter where I am – I will sleep]

[Did his brother say he slept at school too? When DOESNT he sleep?]

[Heres a gift for little brother, I hope he sleeps well. (This fan sent a $100 tip)]

Xiao Qiu laughed helplessly as he adjusted his position with the newfound weight on his shoulder.

”He probably didn have much of a chance to rest at school today since they would be cleaning out their lockers… Yes, he does usually sleep at school… No no, it doesn affect his studies, my youngest is the smartest in his class! ” He replied to his barrage chat as he effortlessly bragged about his only (and cutest) sibling.

His fans were his brothers fans, and his brother even had more fans than he did who were constantly probing about him in his chat, but he didn mind. His brother was indeed the cutest. His brother was absolutely the sleepiest. He deserved to have so many mother fans. Although he was a constant in his streams for the past three years, he also had no haters. He deserved to do whatever made him happy, and to him, that meant that he deserved to sleep.

Two years ago his brother didn sleep. For most of his life, hed had severe insomnia which only got worse during that time. The esports world lost two godly talents at once, one was alive and sleeping on his shoulder, and the other… This caused the once global champion to break into shards and become the boy who couldn sleep unless he was in a noisy environment or around others. Xiao Qiu looked down at his brother who was sleeping soundly and smiled slightly. Theyd both lost a close friend, but Xiao Yi – lost a part of his soul and he made a life-changing sacrifice, he was only 15 at the time.

”Lets hold a poll – do you guys want to watch me play games or should we commentate on the global cup today? ” Qiu set up a poll to ask his chat, although he already knew the answer and had closed the game when Yi came home.

”Alright, lets go get some snacks while we
e waiting yeah? Ill be right back, don bully my brother while Im gone! ” He enlarged the tournament and changed the camera angle to the top of the screen, leaving the audio from the video playing for entertainment for both the chat and background sound for Yi, and went to the kitchen after softly laying him to the side.

[Lets hold predictions on if Sleeping God will commentate?]

[I just want to hear his voice Im innocent!]

[SG, who do you think will win?]

All of the questions went unanswered as Xiao Yi slept peacefully. Hed had a rough day, he hadn been able to close his eyes at all at school and had been awake all night. He was sleepy.

Xiao Yi wasn unaware of the misconceptions that he spent his life sleeping. Even his brother thought so. It was just the fact that he had nightmares at night and spent most of his time TRYING to sleep instead of actually sleeping. He had no plans on clearing it up because he knew his older brother would feel even more guilty about him, and there was nothing he would be able to do if he knew.

He was never truly in a deep sleep when he was able to sleep, but it was peaceful to hear sounds around him. So he heard everything his brother said, and he felt that – well – he was also hungry. Was he also getting food even though he was sleeping? Whose game were they going to watch? Whats with… All those weird text-to-speech… Cute? Who said that? Brother, please scold them.

His thoughts were running but he only caught a few sounds while he slept, he started to fall deeper when suddenly there was something pushed against his lips. He fluttered his eyes open and took the chip into his mouth. He blinked softly, dazed, but obediently ate the chip while he sat up. He looked at his brother who was standing behind the chair and saw a bright grin on his face.

Xiao Qiu moved to sit next to him with the two bowls.

”Did you have a good day today? ”

Shrug. It was a fairly normal day aside from the fact he hadn slept.

He was fed a chip.

”Did you anger any teachers today? ”

Shake head. The teachers didn pay much attention.

He was fed another chip.

”Do you want to watch the game? ”

Nod. Whos playing though?

Another chip.

”Will you stay awake? ”

Shrug. If it is exciting enough, but if not Im sleeping.

Another chip.

Xiao Yi came off as cold to others because of his aura, his face was mainly static and he never talked. He would only speak once in a while, it wasn because he couldn , but he would rather not talk. Xiao Qiu was used to it and asked questions while rewarding him with chips, he was also the most obedient when he woke up and when he got food so he coaxed him into answering. He was definitely sly, but he couldn help it.

The chat was going wild.

[Sleeping Gods awake! Hes so cute!]

[Such an obedient brother]

[Can we trade siblings?]

[He woke up, AND he answered questions!!!!!!!]

Xiao Yi stared at the chat. Maybe… Should he have not answered the questions?

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