Frost [BL]

\"Sleeping God\"

Late into the night after Xiao Qiu fell asleep Xiao Yi lay on his bed, opened up his laptop, and logged onto Weibo. He had created an official account long ago, but he wasn one to post or even browse.

His last post was one from three years before.

3y [@X-Frost: Im retiring.]

It was on a forwarded official notice from the company.

[@XStudio: @X-Frost @X-Flame @SLR-Moon @RED-Venus @SLR-Neptune

We have decided to disband the X team and we will be closing our doors. Thank you to all fans who have supported our teams through the years and all employees who have worked to provide the team and fans with the best service. We are happy to have won the global championship for China and hope other teams will continue this glory.

Neptune, Venus, and Moon have decided to go to the USA, we wish you the best of luck.]

He had too many messages to read through, over 100 from the last hour alone.

He sighed and sat up a bit on his bed, leaning his back against the wall, and pulled his hair up in a hairband out of his eyes. He also remembered that he needed to cut it soon, it was getting annoying.

He scrolled through the messages, and many of them were talking about the words said after the game and asking him to either give an update to the fans or to his teammates or directly ask him to come back to the game.

He then scrolled through the trending section and saw Weibo posts from all the top pro gamers including some directly from companies.

[@RED-Venus: Where are you? I may not be in China – BUT I CAN COME TO CHINA.] He imagined Li Hao sitting on his phone and his manager trying to stop him from sending the message. Li Hao was shorter than he was, he had short black hair and deep brown eyes, and he was the most childish of his friends. He was always causing trouble.

[@SLR-Neptune: Kid stop worrying us.] Tang An was probably sitting on his phone in silk pajamas with a notebook next to him. He was often the good kid of the class, always studying, and he carried that trait into esports. But, he didn look like a nerd – he was tall and had the body of a model, even having toned muscle. He didn look like he worked out.

[@SLR-Moon: We won for you. We came back to China for you. Come back.] He imagined Mu Yichen looking at his phone with a complicated face while smoking. He had the personality of a CEO, he was very strict, but he also cared deeply for his friends.

He read some of the other responses.

[@SLR-Ash: Save me, Frost! Neptune and Moon are so scary.]

[@RED: We stand with Venus – we have no problem going to China to pick up Frost and welcome him to our team.]

[@FDS: Are you saying we were beaten so badly so you could have Frost back? Fair game. We also want Frost. ]

[@XXF: We all remember getting hammered into seclusion by Frosts Aphelios 4 years ago. We want to witness it again. We aren masochists, we want a great god]

[@SOLAR: Frost is ours.]

… Shameless.

He continued to scroll.

Fans were posting compilations of Xs past games with a wanted mentality as if they were going to tear apart the planet to find him. His fingers stopped at a picture of the team, a younger him sat in the middle of the team with ice-blue eyes that seemed sharp enough to cut and wore a mask. Next to him, was another beautiful man who had bleached blonde hair and piercings on his ear. He was smiling softly, his eyes were gentle and he was looking at Frost and he was waiting to respawn. He had just gotten a penta kill on screen.

”Xiao Yi we won! You did good! ” He imagined the joyful voice saying in his mind.

Xiao Yis heart dropped to the floor. He never noticed, he was so focused on the game. He clicked on the photo to save it and stared at it for a long time.

He could vaguely guess that it was taken during the last game for the playoffs before the championships. They dared to not ban Aphelios, so Xiao Yi dared to take it and he went into monster mode. Xiao Yi was normally calm, but once he was put into the game he never showed mercy.

He clicked off the photo and went to his Weibo and started typing.

[@X-Frost: Im still retired and I will stay retired.]

Xiao Yi let out a low chuckle as he clicked send. Now that they left, now that he left, now that he can play they want him? Even if he wanted to go back to esports he couldn . They had unknowingly sowed that for him.

No one could find Frost because no one aside from his teammates and past managers knew what he looked like. They only knew he had ice-cold blue eyes that could see into the soul.

He opened up League on his computer and logged into his account. It wasn X-Frost, it was just, Frost.

He didn plan to hide, he didn make a new account, he didn change his name, and he had always been using the first account that he made back in the Internet cafe. The others just never used their old accounts after they joined teams.

He looked through his friends. It was only them that he had added. None of them were online, and none of them had been online in 3 years.

He entered the queue and ended up playing a few games before someone asked in chat,

[Team: Are you the Frost Weibo is going crazy over?]

[Frost: Thats funny, Im just a jungler. The Frost they want is an ADC.]

[Team: Oh, okay.]

He chose Kayn as he usually did. He wasn a very popular champion in ranked, so the other team normally never banned him.

[Team: How good are you at Kayn?]

[Frost: I can carry you if you want.]

[Team: Hahaha]

The match started and he really did as he said, the team he was put in really had to do nothing except suppress the enemy until he was fat enough, and he carried the game.

He ended the game with an 11/0/5. In 17 minutes.

He didn realize that the girl who asked the questions in the team chat was streaming and he was soon all over the hot search.

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