connected to their parents.
Even if they are my minions, I can’t let my guard down.
It would be a disaster if I were to be exposed and worshipped as a child prodigy.

 I jumped into the carriage that was prepared for me and headed for the nearby forest without taking a detour.

 It was located just outside the city, and the territory’s inhabitants could be seen.
That’s how safe it is.
Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been able to get permission.

“Are there any monsters around?”

 Gyre said, with a sense of excitement.
For the time being, each of them has a wooden sword for self-defence.

“Well, are there monsters here? That’s a bit scary.”

 Christopher, on the other hand, seems worried.
This one seems more cautious.
Gyre seems to be more suited to attack, while Christopher is more suited to defence.
You have to be very careful with them.

“There are, but only slime will come out.
Besides, even if you meet a monster, the escort will clean it up immediately.”

“‘Yes, of course!”

“That’s boring.”

 A relieved Christopher.
A disappointed Gyre.
They were opposites, but they got on well.

 While we were talking, we arrived at a nearby forest.
From here we are on foot.
We can’t find medicinal herbs from inside the carriage.

 As I got off the carriage, I could smell the scent of fresh greenery.
The air seems to be clearer.
Perhaps it was just my imagination.
The two people who had gone down before us were also very curious and looked to the left and right.

“Then let’s get going.”


“Ha, yes!”

 Two people stood in front of me.
Yeah, they seem to have a good understanding of their position.
Watch your step.
There could be valuable material in there.

 We walked through the forest for about an hour.
When we were much further into the forest, we finally found some medicinal herbs.

“I knew I had to go deep to get it.”

“Is this a medicinal herb? It’s the first time I’ve seen it.”

“It just looks like grass to me.”

 Gyre doesn’t seem interested.
I don’t mind that, but I’d like them to be able to tell the difference.

“Bring me a jute bag.
I’ll dig it up so don’t touch it.”

“Yes!? I will do it.”

“No, Christopher can’t do it yet.
Let’s just accept his feelings.”

 Christopher is a wimp, but if he does it, he will definitely fail.
That’s how delicate transplanting medicinal herbs is.
I have the ‘transplanting’ skills, so I’m sure I’ll succeed, but it wouldn’t be the same for anyone else.

 That’s how I got some medicinal herb seedlings.

“This is anti-poison weed! I finally found it.
I must take this home with me.”

 I went deep into the forest, but I could only find medicinal herbs.
Just when I was about to give up on the idea that they do not grow in this forest, a distinctive yellow leaf caught my eye.

 At that moment, the nearby bushes moved with a  rustle.

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