Chapter 16: Defeat the Goblin Army!

Knights and adventurers gathered in the village closest to the forest where monsters live.
The village is the closest to the goblin settlement discovered by the Adventurer’s Guild.

A simple fence made of wood had already been built around the village in case of emergency.

“Once again, I will explain the plan: adventurers of rank B or higher and the Knights will enter the goblin settlement and, at the same time, throw the “Numb Ball” magic potion, which was kept in the possession of the Margrave Heine Knights, into the position where the goblins are densely concentrated.”

Lionel was standing on a platform, explaining the situation to the knights and adventurers.
Lionel was going to let me explain, but I convinced him, “As expected, no one takes a seven-year-old boy’s talk seriously.

I may be trusted by the Knights Order, but that is only among my people.

“The effect is as I confirmed yesterday.
Immediately, the “numbness ball” will burst and the goblins around it will be incapacitated.”

As a precaution, a demonstration of the Numb Ball was given yesterday.
The effect was outstanding; even A-rank adventurers had been slowed down.
Seeing this, no one doubted the effectiveness of the numbing balls.

“After confirming that the goblins are incapacitated, we and you will attack the higher species of goblins.”

The people who seemed to be B-ranked or higher adventurers, dressed in more splendid equipment than other adventurers, nodded.

“Remaining adventurers, please wipe out all the goblins that have become incapacitated.”

Everyone present nodded their heads.

For the final check, Lionel and the others confirmed the position to throw the “numbness ball”.

The strategy is simple.
Paralyze the goblins and annihilate them in the meantime.

As I was thinking about minimizing the damage to us and destroying the goblin army, I had an epiphany.
Come to think of it, I had harvested numb mushrooms and dust mushrooms the other day when I went to the monster forest.

With these two types of mushrooms, they could have created an item that bursts upon impact, spreading an anomaly that slows their movement.

I immediately told Lionel about it and had the entire knighthood working to collect the mushrooms.

Thanks to that, I was able to collect quite a few materials.
The problem is how to make it… but the current situation of the Margrave Heine family helped me.

Grandmother is in the royal capital.
If that is the case, could we use the room and equipment that Grandma uses to make magic potions?

Lionel was surprised at first, but he soon followed my opinion.
The room was soon filled with mushrooms and I spent the rest of the day making numb balls.

As a seven-year-old child, I fell into a lack of magical power.
However, I managed to overcome it with the “Elementary Magic Recovery Medicine” using the magic grass that was finally harvested.

That’s how I set up this strategy based on the completed numbness ball.

The village is surrounded by wooden fences in case of failure.
This is to evacuate the residents while being besieged.

Well, if that happens, I’m going to clean it all up with magic.
I can only see the future when I’m called “Margrave Heine’s child prodigy” and cause family troubles, but I can’t make sacrifices to the people of the territory.

“Julius-sama, is everything all right?”

As I was seeing off the departing “goblin extermination team,” Christopher, who was standing next to me, asked me with a tremble in his voice.

“It’ll work out”

“As expected of Julius-sama.”

Gyre’s voice is bouncing.
This one seems to have a lot of leeway.
Well, even if we miss, we’ll have done a lot of damage to them, and I think we can handle it.

There were birds flying away from the forest of monsters, gaping and screaming.

Has it been two hours since then? The knight scouts have returned.
His face is bright.

“Julius-sama, I report! The operation was a success! We are now rescuing the wounded and recovering the magic stones.
The goblin army had a goblin lord, but the knights and adventurers worked together to take him out! There were some wounded, but not a single death.”

Wow! And the villagers cheered.
The village chief and the knights, who remained on guard, raised their voices together and exchanged high fives.

“Well done.
Tell them to spare no expense in providing the magic potions.”

“As you wish!”

After saying that, he bowed his head and immediately returned to the forest.
We were very lucky that no one died.
My stomach had been in knots since yesterday because I thought there would be some casualties.

Well, I think I can finally feel at ease now.
His legs were weak and he sat down on the chair.


“It’s all right, Gyre.
I’ve just loosened up a bit, that’s all.”

“I’ll bring you a drink right away!”

Christopher rushed out.
I wish he didn’t have to worry so much.
But you two are watching me very closely.
As expected of my subordinates, isn’t it?

“Julius-sama, how should I express my gratitude……”

“Village chief, as I said yesterday, this village is not at fault.
We cleaned up the situation before it happened.
Didn’t we?”

“Certainly, if you just look at the facts, what would have happened to this village in the future if Julius-sama hadn’t noticed…”

“No, it wasn’t me who noticed, it was Lionel.”

“Even if you say so, everyone says it’s all thanks to Julius-sama.”

How did this happen? Who gave you that information? Lionel? It’s Lionel, isn’t it? Although he should take credit for it, he’s a law-abiding man in a weird way.
He’s probably looked up to by his people as a stubborn old man.
He’s a troubled guy.

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