ing commanded by a seven year old? In all likelihood, shouldn’t Lionel, the Knight Commander, be in command?

Ah, I see.
Do you want me to appoint Lionel as commander with my authority? In that case, the Heine Margrave family took the lead and wielded their power.
From the people of the territory, “Margrave Heine is amazing! You can rely on him!”

And if it fails, will you blame Lionel? …this can’t go wrong.
That said, I can’t stand in the lead and command.

“Lionel, I am appointing you Acting Commander in Chief in the event of an emergency.
From now on, Lionel’s orders are my orders.
Everyone, be ready for that.”

“Yeah! Why don’t you just lead it as it is, Julius-sama? Everyone will follow.”


I looked around and everyone was looking at me with expectant eyes.
Stop, don’t look at me like that.

“No, no, no.
You have to deal with the Adventurers’ Guild, don’t you? I need Lionel’s help to make that go smoothly.
Besides, you see, I have the important job of taking care of my sister.
Plus, I have to make magic potions, right?”

Through my desperate persuasion, Lionel and the others agreed, albeit reluctantly.
Why do you people look at a seven-year-old like that? Is it bullying? Could it be a new kind of bullying?

After transitioning to the new system, I thought I could finally take a breather, but that didn’t happen.
After lunch was over and I had put my sister to bed, I received an urgent call from the Knight Commander.
Apparently, a report had come in from the Adventurers’ Guild.

I hurriedly headed to the Knights Commander’s office.

There were members of the squad with stern faces.

“Lionel, please report.”

I have a bad feeling about this, but I have to ask.
And we must decide on a policy.

“According to reports from the Adventurer’s Guild, there is a large goblin settlement at this point in the Monster Forest.
There are 300 goblins.”

“S-three hundred!?”

And among them, the existence of higher species of goblins has been confirmed.
According to the guild master, there may be goblin kings and goblin lords.”

That would be a dark look.
This can’t be done by the Knights alone.
We need to call in the troops.
Even though I’ve been entrusted with full authority, if I’m going to move soldiers, I need to formalize it.

We have to report to the government, and we also need to get the word out to the surrounding territories.
If the goblin army comes out of the forest before then, it will cause tremendous damage.

“How should we proceed?”

“Let’s ask the Adventurer’s Guild for reinforcements.
The Heine Margrave Knights and the Adventurer’s Guild will deal with the matter together.
Even if annihilation is impossible, if we can reduce the number, we can at least buy time.
If we can do that, we can call up troops in the meantime.
As long as we can do that, we won’t lose.”

“That would leave the adventurers as pawns to be discarded…”

“I guess so.
What’s wrong ……”

Hmmm, everyone present pondered.

If I could just hit them with my annihilation magic, that would be the end of it.
I don’t know what to do.

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