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“Is it difficult?”

“Yeah, it’s difficult.”


Saying that, my sister resumed eating.
Was she convinced? But she seemed to lose interest.
We then continued our conversation, which was nothing special.

After the meal, it’s time for a bath.
I was supposed to be able to relax at this time.


My sister broke in.
Normally, my sister would never come into the bath I was taking because of the two big stoppers, my mother and grandmother.
I was completely caught off guard.

However, I couldn’t kick her out now, so we had to take a bath together.

“Rosalia, don’t tell everyone.”


I wonder if she really know what she’s doing.
I’m very worried.
I’m glad I’m a seven year old.
Usually a servant would come in and wash my body, but she didn’t seem to come in, perhaps out of concern.
I have no choice but to pull my sister out of the bathtub and wash her body.

“Oniisama, I have a magic tool that I want.”

“Hee, what kind of magic tool is it?”

Apparently, they were not done talking about magical tools.
Rosalia was looking at me with a twinkle in her eye.
It seems that I have given her a lot of expectations because of what I said about magical tools.

“I want a magic tool that can create stars!”

“I’ll make you a star.”

In short, you want a planetarium.
If it were that simple, could I make one quickly? I think it can be done easily by making numerous small holes in a steel plate and securing a light source with the magic circle used in the lamp’s magical tool.

“Can you make it?”

“Hmmm, let’s give it a shot, shall we?”

“Really?! Thank you, Oniisama!”

She hugged me naked as she was.
Well, this is the case.
I’m glad no one saw it.

After getting out of the bath, I immediately began to create the planetarium’s magical equipment.
I made countless holes in a steel plate and formed it into a sphere.
I then drew a magic circle inside the sphere that would be the source of light.

The magic stone, which is the source of energy, was placed directly inside.
When I rolled it, I heard a clattering sound.

Oops, I forgot the switch.
I built a magic circle on the outside that toggles on and off with each touch.
When I touched it, a light came on in the center of the sphere.

Yeah, it looks okay.
I took the finished magic tool and headed to my sister’s room.

“Rosalia, I brought you an apology from yesterday and today.”

“An apology item?”

A cute younger sister who tilts her head.
Rosalia’s exclusive servant was waiting in the room.
As expected, we cannot eliminate her, so I’m sorry to ask her to become a wallflower as it is.

This is it.”

I held out the planetarium magical tool I had just created.
Rosalia looked at it with a curious expression.

“Can you turn off the light?”

She hesitated at my command, but turned off the lights.
I manipulated the magical tool in Rosalia’s hand and generated a starry sky in the room.

“Wow! It’s a star!”

“That’s right.
It’s a star.”

It was projected not only on the ceiling, but also on the four walls.

Of course, I didn’t reproduce the starry sky of this world, I just made small holes randomly.
Even so, at a first glance, it looked like the starry sky of some other world.

“Oniisama, thank you!”

Her face was too dark to see, but her voice was resounding.
I hope this helped to distract you a little from the loneliness of your mother’s absence.

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