it would be better to ask adventurers to help us maintain our relationship with the Adventurers’ Guild.
Besides, they are familiar with the monster forests.

“How shall I write it?”

“I was passing by the monster forest on my own accord and saw several goblins in the area where the monsters were subjugated.
I was suspicious and followed them and found a village, so I destroyed it.
There may be more settlements, so I want to investigate.
What do you think?”

If they had no choice but to go near the demon forest because of my selfishness, the guards would not have caused offense.

“Isn’t it going to hurt Julius-sama’s reputation?”

“I don’t care how much my reputation is damaged, as long as the damage to my people is kept to a minimum.”

“…… I understand.
As you wish.”

“You got it, Lionel.”

Lionel, who seems to be reluctant to do so.
I hope I didn’t do anything unnecessary……We need to act quickly on this one.
If an army of goblins were to come into a town or village all at once, it would be no joke.

As soon as we returned to the mansion, we planted the magic grass seedlings.
Everything was ready for this day.
I was covered in mud, but managed to finish planting all the seedlings by nightfall.

And when the servants saw me covered in mud, they were furious.

Julius apparently sent a letter to his father in the Royal Capital that day.
And the next day, he asked the Adventurers’ Guild for a request to investigate the Monster Forest.

When asked what he would do about the money, he said that his father kept some money that he could use freely.
Apparently, he used the money to commission adventurers.

In that case, wouldn’t it have been better to report to father after the results of the investigation request came out? No, if that’s the case, will it go backwards? It’s difficult to judge the situation accurately.
I wish I could have been a smart tactician at a time like this.

It will take at least three days for the letter to return from the royal capital.
On top of that, it may take more than three days to get the results of the investigation from the Adventurer’s Guild.

In the meantime, I’m thinking of making a magic tool.
It’s a magic tool for long-term storage of materials for magic potions that have been collected.

“Take this money and go buy me a steel plate.
Also, some magic ink.”


The servant bows his head and leaves the room.

I should have everything I need now.
If my knowledge of the game is still intact, I should be able to encapsulate any magic I want in a magic circle drawn with magic ink.

Each one has the drawback that I have to contain the magic, but that makes it more versatile.
Hopefully it works.

After all, it’s my first time making magic tools in this world.
I’m a little worried.


A voice can be heard along with a small knocking sound.
It’s my sister, Rosalia.
“I have to give her a lot of attention today because I didn’t give her any yesterday,” she said.
I don’t want my cute little sister to hate me.

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