the title : The disciple looks at the teacher, and the teacher comforts the disciple (2)

Damho was lying down on the floor and did not move for a while.
Everyone thought that Damho couldn’t get up.
Among the disciples, there were those who looked at Soo-kyung’s hands with an expression that he was excessive.

Soo-kyung didn’t look comfortable either.
This is because he could not suppress it with the pure five-element technique, and took advantage of Damho’s weakness by releasing the plum blossoms fist.

Sukyung sighed softly.

“It would have been now.
Anymore… … .”

At that moment, Damho, who had been lying around without a move, barely got up.
Blood was dripping from his nose and mouth.
Still, Dam-ho’s determination to look at Soo-kyung was not broken.

Sukyung said.

“junior, it’s time to stop… … .”


At that moment, Jin-in’s voice resounded.

Soo-kyung looked at Hyeongeom Jin-in.

“However… … .”

“The fighting spirit of heaven has not been broken yet.
If your opponent didn’t surrender, are you going to finish it yourself? I don’t want to pass on martial arts to someone so loose.”

Soo-kyung clenched his teeth.

Hyeongeom Jinin’s intentions were clear.

reaking Dam-ho’s will, and thus eliminating his obsession with martial arts.
I think that’s the best thing for Damho.

‘Do not blame me, junior.’

Soo-kyung grabbed the wooden sword that was nearby and rushed towards Damho.

Damho’s eyes were dazzled by the dazzling gait technique like a messy plum blossom.
Damho took a step back.
It meant that he wanted to understand the intentions of the other party by widening the distance.


Soo-kyung’s feet passed the tip of his nose.

Leaf Sweep technique.

The kicks of the water element cut through the air as if they were sweeping the leaves that had piled up on the floor.
his foot, which he thought was passing by the foot, was bent at a bizarre angle and fell straight down towards the top of his head.


Damho crossed his hands to prevent Sookyung kick

A strong shock spread through his forearms and throughout his body.
Damho’s face was distorted by the intense pain.

Soo-kyung attacked by mixing the Leaf Sweep method and the twenty-four plum blossom swords.
Damho couldn’t respond properly to the sharp sword and flashy kicks and seemed to retreat helplessly.

“I, me?”

A sad light appeared on the faces of the great disciples who were watching.
Many of them didn’t like Damho very much, but seeing him unilaterally driven like that still makes them sympathetic.

Ungyeong said to Mukyung.

“That is the reality.
No matter how strong you are, you cannot overcome the essential difference.
The path of the martial art is not suitable for the students”

“still… … .”

“The senior is the one who will lead the mount hua of the future.”

At the end of those words, Unkyung bit his lips firmly.
However, his intentions were clearly communicated to Mu-kyung.


Mu-kyung clicked his tongue.

Meanwhile, Soo-kyung was pushing Dam-ho even more terribly.
Damho couldn’t find a place to retreat any longer due to the attack of his sword and legs, and his body was curled up.

“It’s over.”

Soo-kyung’s sword was fired at Damho.

It was the move of the plum blossoms in full bloom.

It was a methode that evoked the illusion that the numerous plum blossoms of the mount hua were in full bloom all at once.

Damho, who was exposed to plum blossoms, had no place to escape.

Soo-kyung was sure of his victory.


That was the moment when Damho’s eyes lit up.

Sugyeong’s action grew bigger because he was excited.

Because of that, the collapse occurred.


Dam Ho smashed the ground with his right foot.

Only one step forward, and only one punch.


Dam-ho’s fist pierced through the full bloom of plum blossoms and clearly exploded in Su-gyeong’s chest.
Fortunately, he was protected by the inner qi, so he didn’t take any major damage.

For the first time, a bewildered light appeared on Soo-kyung’s face.
If Damho’s fist had enough qi , this blow would have shattered his chest.

It was a blow that pierced the loophole, and it was a bitter counterattack.

Soo-kyung felt his chest become cold.

he thought he was lame, that why was something unexpected.
And that one move was powerful enough to cool Sugyeong’s spine.

‘If there was a qi in his fist, I would be killed by this blow.’

Soo-kyung looked at Hyeongeom Jin-in, unconsciously.
he could see Hyun Sword Jin-in making a dissatisfied expression.
But he didn’t seem to have any intention of ending the fight.

‘so what!!!?’

There was still a chance.

Soo-kyung patted Dam-ho’s waist with the sword.


Damho’s face contorted.
It was because the pain was so great that his back broke.

Dark red blood flowed down Damho’s lips.
It was evidence that he suffered a deep internal trauma, not just a simple trauma.

Jin-in’s voice resounded through Dam-ho’s ears.

“You obviously have an amazing talent.
The time you were able to hold out is proof of that.
However, this amazing talent is useless if it is not supported by your body and inner qi.
This is the reality.
So, realize itand give up.”

“I do… … It cannot be.”

Dam Ho shook his head.

He bit his lip so much that it burst and his blood flowed.

his whole body hurt.
he felt as if was constantly being beaten with a sledgehammer.
Especially his left knee hurt.
he desperately wanted to lay down like this.
he thought it would be easier.

But Damho persevered.

It wasn’t difficult to admit the reality as Jin-in Hyeon-geom said.
But when he does, he denies his own identity.

The will to become a strong warrior, all efforts so far will be in vain.

Dam-ho’s unchanging, stubborn gaze shone even colder at Hyun-gum Jin-in’s eyes.

“What are you doing?.
The fight isn’t over yet.
How long do you plan to stand so far away?”

Soo-kyung’s shoulders twitched at the frosty voice of Hyeongeom Jin-in


Sukyung clenched his teeth and attacked Damho with a single blow..

Damho had already lost the ability to protect himself with a single blow.

Are you going to keep fighting against such a person? He meant merciless violence against those who could not protect themselves.


Soo-kyung’s leaf blade pounded Dam-ho’s whole body.
Each time, Damho’s body shook like a leather bag.

There was the sound of his bones breaking and his whole body was covered in black and red blood bruises, but Damho stood up to the end.

If it was too much, Sukyung shouted.

“Please give up, Dam-ho.”

He didn’t feel comfortable hitting him in such a violent manner.

What he wanted was just fair fight, not this ruthless violence.

However, the cold eyes of Hyunjin Jin-in made him unable to stop.



It was so brutal that many of his disciples turned their heads and turned their heads away.
Among them, there was Ungyeong, who opposed Damho’s training in martial arts.

“Just fall down.”

Unkyung said?

Damho’s appearance was so miserable.

The veins in his eyes burst open and the whole world looked red.
Pain was no longer felt in the blurring world.
The pain paralyzed even the nerves.


Dam Ho spewed out his blood.
The black blood on his chest showed that the wounds he had suffered were dangerous.

Dam-ho knew he couldn’t stand it any longer.
His will was still strong, but his body had already reached a point where it couldn’t stand.

Dam-ho looked at Hyeongeom Jin-in, for the last time.
Just a moment, Hyeon Sword Jin-in was startled.

It’s because of Damho’s two eyes that looking at him.

The desperation, dreadful life, and unbreakable darkness in those eyes touched the heart of Jin-in Hyeon-geom.

Jin-in Hyeon-geom, bit his lip at the desperate look that did not match the mount hua sect, a pure Daoist sect.

An instinctive sense of rejection that rises from the depths of the heart.
His heart was rejecting the existence of Damho.

He knew it was time to stop.

If he crosses the line any longer, Damho will not be able to live any longer.

‘However… … .’

A feeling of rejection in his heart covered his mouth.
Meanwhile, Dam-ho allowed Soo-kyung to use a few more leaf blades.

Dam Ho barely licked his lips.

“I… would… never give up… … .”


At that moment, Soo-kyung’s final blow exploded in his temple.

The thread that was holding Dam-Ho’s mind was cut off.
Damho flew like a kite.


Then Mu-kyung and Han So-yu ran towards Dam-ho.

Soo-kyung closed her eyes and raised her head.
Sweat or tears were running down his forehead.

At that moment, Hyeongeom Jin-ins voice echoed through the hall.

“What are you doing? get the disciples off of the stage.”

Hyeongeom Jin-in said without looking back.

“Continue the fight.”




A few great disciples ran into Hyeonso Jinin’s residence.
One of them had a wrecked damho on his back.

Hyeonso Jin-in was startled and jumped off the platform.

Hoya! How did this happen?”

“it was during the competition… … .”

“competition? how is this the body of someone fought in competition..
… .
Come on, lie down.”

the great disciples hurriedly laid Damho on the floor.

Damho’s condition was not good.
No, it was the worst.

The breath was severe, and blood was constantly dripping from his nose and mouth.
It was surprising that he was still alive in this state.

“like… … hey! Can you hear my voice?”

Hyeonso Jinin’s voice trembled wildly.
In front of the safety of his one and only disciple, Hyeonso Jinin’s immobility was shaking

Damho didn’t answer.
No, he couldn’t.
He was now wandering through the dead.

“Who the hell made you like this?”

“Sorry, please cure him.”

“cure? Yes, I must cure him by any means”

Hyeonso Jin-in looked around his arms with trembling hands.
Then a small wooden box was caught.

When the wooden box was opened, a black Danhwan appeared.
Hyeonso Jin-in hurriedly folded the danhwan in water and poured it into Damho’s mouth little by little.

“Hoya! must live Hoya! Where are you going to leave this master?”

Jin-in Hyeon-so, who gave all the drugs, hastily started rubbing Dam-ho’s whole body.

“Hoya, just who made like this… … .”

Hyeonso Jinin’s cry resounded in the night sky.

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