the title : The disciple looks at the master, the master comforts the disciple (1)

The winner of the first match was Sumkyung.

Seomgyeong neutralized Ungyeong’s seven-star sword technique by using the Plum blossom fist

Hyeon-geom Jin-in proceeded with the next fight without saying anything even after the confrontation was over.

There were winners and losers, and there were joys and losses.

The winner was delighted with the possibility of inheriting the spirit of Jin-in Hyeon-geom, and the loser was discouraged.
A strange heat filled the palace.

The longing for victory, the desire to be strong, was eroding people’s reason.
Even in the eyes of the disciples who did not attend the fight in person, the heat was shimmering.

Damho frowned.

It was the first time in my five years in the mount hua sect that this strange heat was felt.
The mount hua was basically a martial sect, but it was also a gate.
Because of this, a quiet atmosphere was always dominant, but now, on the contrary, it is getting hotter.

‘Did you mean it? This kind of atmosphere.’

Dam-ho looked at JHyeongeom Jin-in on the side of the vacant lot.

Contrary to the atmosphere where even the madness was felt, Hyunjin Jin-in was still standing there without losing his coolness like the first time.

Perhaps he felt Dam-ho’s gaze, the gaze of Hyeon-geom Jin-in turned to him.
As soon as his eyes met with Jin-in, he was shocked and staggered as if he was digging his eyes with an awl.
However, he did not avoid the gaze of Hyeon-geom Jin-in.

At Dam-ho’s reaction, a bright smile appeared in the eyes of Hyeon-geom Jin-in.
However, for a moment, he shifted his gaze to the fight is.

In the battleground, Han So-Yu and another great disciple were fighting.

Twenty Four Hand Plum Blossom Swords were unfolding in her hand.
Every time she moved her white hands like her smelt, plum blossoms were blooming in her air.
Conversely, her opponent flinched and pushed back.

It was a beautiful and efficient technique even for Damho, who was not familiar with plum swords.

“Oh oh!”

Shouts erupted from everywhere.
However, Hyunjin Jin-in frowned slightly as to what he didn’t like.
However, most people did not realize that because they were so absorbed in Han So-Yu’s confrontation.


Finally, after Han So-Yoo’s sword cut off the hem of his great disciple, the battle was over.
The great disciple, who admitted defeat, looked at the long slit hem of his chest.

If he had been cut two inches deeper, he would not have been of this world.

“Sister, thank you, It was grat fight.”

“senior was great too.”

The two exchanged ceremonial greetings and then returned to their seats.

Dam-ho looked at Han So-yu, who was standing next to Mu-kyung, with a recalled face.

‘Twenty Four Hand Plum Blossom Sword Technique of the sister is amazing.
How can you unleash a move in such a brilliant way?’

Han So-Yu was the only person who could spread the twenty-four plum blossom swords like that.
Because she was a woman, she lacked muscle strength, and it was a choice to make up for it.

Even with the same martial arts, it was up to them to have different powers depending on what kind of spirit they gained and how they indersand it.

It wasn’t perfect yet, but Soyu Han was on her way to finding her own plum sword.

Damho was quite surprised by Soyu Han’s ability, which was far superior to what he had right now.
But he didn’t feel envious.
Although it was slow, he knew he would one day be like that too.

At that moment, the voice of Jin-in Hyeon-geom was heard.

“Next is the turn of Sugyeong and Cheonkyung (his nickname).”

Damho raised his head at the sound of calling him.

Sugyeong was one of the most powerful among his disciples.
His personality was very determined and straightforward, so many of his disciples feared him.

Damho went out to the field.
Hyeon-geom Jin-in looked at Dam-ho then frowned.
It was because Damho was seen limping slightly.

Dam-ho took the sway towards Sugyeong.


Sugyeong’s expression was distorted.

It was Soo-kyung’s honest heart that he wanted to meet the right opponent and show off his skills to Hyun-geom Jin-in.
He had nothing to brag about when he beat the lame.

Soo-kyung looked at Jin-in, Hyun-soo.
His eyes were asking if he could fight Damho.
He may not have read the meaning in his eyes, but the real sword Jin-in walked in front of Dam-ho.


“You are the disciple that Hyeon-so took .”

“That’s right.”


Jin-in’s eyes become even colder.

Damho’s eyes also subsided.
He didn’t say any more, but he could sense that he didn’t like him.

“You can just go back.”

“… … .”

“Did you not hear me? Go back.”

“why… … May I ask why?

“Are you asking because you don’t know?”

“That’s right.”

A chill began to flow in Hyungyeom Jinin’s eyes, probably because Damho’s answer seemed daunting.

Jin-in’s eyes were terrifying, but Dam-ho did not avoid it.

Hyeongeom Jin-in, who stared at Dam-ho for a moment, clicked his tongue.

“It’s quite obvious.
If you’re a man, that’s what it should be.
However, you have a very large reason for disqualification as a martial artist.”

“Is it because of my leg?”


Damho’s eyes fluttered at the expected answer.
On the one hand, he was disappointed.
Still, I thought that if he was the best expert in the mount hua sect, he would have a unique look, because he was different from the others.

“It is not easy enough for my techniques to be learn by lame.”

Hyeonso Jin-in’s voice contained a vast pride for his sword.
But Damho’s heart was being ripped to pieces.

Damho opened his eyes.

“I am also a great disciple of the mount hua Sect.”

“If you are a student of a student, it is right to follow the path of a student.
If you follow the path of a student, you will also be respected by writers like Hyeonso.”

“Are you telling me to give up martial arts now?”

“Aren’t you already experiencing your limits? You must have tried to overcome your physical limitations somehow?”

Hyeongeom Jin-in’s gaze turned to Dam-ho’s leg.
Although it was covered by clothes, his right leg, which was much thicker than his other disciples, caught his eye.

None of the disciples of the Volcano group had the same right leg as Damho.
I could see how hard he had put in his hard work and discipline.
However, Damho’s left leg was weak.

“However, no matter how hard you train, you can never overcome serious imbalances in your body.
You will never reach the level of ascension.
Rather than making any more useless effort than this, find another way early.
That is the only advice I can give you.”

“It cannot be.”

At Dam-ho’s resolute answer, Hyun-geom Jin-in frowned.

If he was an ordinary person, just looking into his eyes would make him feel embarrassed, but Damhu didn’t hold back.

“You mean you won’t back down?”

“I want to at least be given the same opportunity as everyone else.”

“good luck.
If your will is true… … .”

At Dam-ho’s insistence, Hyeon-geom Jin-in raised his anger.

He stepped back and said to Sugyeong .

“fight him seriously.”

“but…a a… .”

“Let the child realize the reality.
That’s good for that kid too.”

“egg… … I will.”

Sugyeong nodded his head as if there was nothing he could do about the resolute voice of Hyunsom Jin-in.

Sugyeong pointed his fist at Dam-ho.

“Junior, don’t blame me.”

It was the shape the Five Elements fist , one of the mont hua techniques.

It is not easy to learn to use the attack according to the principle of the five elements, but once it becomes strong, it has tremendous power that can crush large rocks with one punch.

Damho took a deep breath and held the ceremony of raising the Jukyeopso.
The martial art he learned the longest was Jukyeopso.
His power cannot be compared to that of Lee Hyung-gwon of the five elements fist, but Dam-ho believed in his own bamboo leaves.

Han So-yu’s face turned white at the sight of the two of them.

“Would it be okay? Shouldn’t it be withdrawal? Jukyeopso will never beat the power of five elements.”

“It is the decision of the current swordsman, Hyeongeom Jin-in, and not anyone else.
No one can overturn his decision.”

Hyun-Cheon Jin-In was very attentive.
There was no way the disciples could overturn this businessman’s decision.

Fortune helped.

“Hyeongeom Jin-in’s decision is correct.
Even now, for the sake of Dam-ho, we need to make him realize the reality.”

“senior brother?”

“How long are you going to make him dream? Think again about what truly the heaven want.”

Han So-yu bit her lip at Un-kyung’s cold words.

At that moment, Soo-kyung and Dam-ho collided.


Soo-kyung and Dam-ho’s hands collided.

When the great disciples saw this, their eyes widened.
Contrary to expecting that Damho would fall in just a few seconds, he was able to block Five Elements Hyungwon quite well.

“Is the senior at that level?”

“Jukyeopso are the opponents of the five elements fist.”

They murmured in surprise.

What surprised them the most was Soo-kyung, who was directly dealing with Dam-ho.
It was because the anti-reaction force felt in Damho’s hand was not normal.

It was surprising that he was able to deal with his five-element fist with Jukyeopso, the most basic move of the mount hua, but it also hurt his pride.

‘you dare!’

Soo-kyung’s eyebrows rose.

His hands moved faster.
The air seemed to be full of his fists.
It was the Mokgeuktosal (wood elemnt), one of the essential elements of the Five Elements fist.

It was a movement with a powerful wooden energy, that could break the ground


Dam-ho burst into a soft divine voice at the shock from his hand.
But Yongke did not back down.

Soo-kyung’s technique was dazzling.
On the other hand, Damho’s Jukyeopso were very simple.
But it was solid.
like his strong will.

‘I was never wrong.’

Damho clenched his teeth.

he wanted to prove that there is no problem in learning martial arts even if the legs are uncomfortable.


At that moment, Sukyung’s fist hit his side.
Dam-ho’s face contorted at the shock of his suffocation.
But even in that situation, Dam-ho pushed out the Jukyeopso and pushed Soo-kyung’s chest.


Soo-kyung’s complexion changed.
There was no shock since it was a blow with little inner qi, but it was because he didn’t know that he would allow Damho to give him a single fist.


Suddenly, Damho’s mood changed.
The lightness he had before was thrown away and the heaviness came instead.
It was converted from Jukyeopso to Dangong .

Dam-ho vigorously stepped forward with his right foot, and his left foot as an axis, and thrown a powerful fist.


Damho’s blow exploded over Sukyung’s forearm.
Soo-kyung’s forearms quickly swelled up.
It suffered damage from an unexpected blow.

Soo Kyung’s complexion changed.
He saw Jin-In Hyun-Gum’s displeased face.
If he continues to do so, being his disciple will be impossible

‘damn! I don’t want to, but… … .’

the movement of Soo Kyung has changed.

It was an unpredictable gait, the plum blossom fist, as if the plum blossoms were blown away by the wind.

Soo-kyung hovered around Dam-ho’s body.
Damho used his left foot as an axis to fix his body firmly on the ground and pay attention to defense.
However, it was not enough to respond to Sukyung’s plum blossom fist.

He backed away and repeated his approach.
Damho’s movements were greatly shaken by Sugyeong’s unpredictable movements.
Soo-kyung digs in without missing the gap of his moment.

gold suppressing flame strake, explodes on Damhus chest.


Damho’s body flew backwards.

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