the title : Some things change, some things don't change (1)

The first thing Damho did when he got up early in the morning was to prepare a meal for Jinin Hyeonso.
He washed the rice and chopped some herbs.

Since it was something he had been doing for a long time, Damho’s movements were very good.

Hyeonso Jin-in did not have a lot of food and was not picky in taste.
He strictly observed the duties of the Tao, and did not eat foods with strong scents or contrary to the teachings.
Thanks to that, Damho didn’t have much to prepare.

Dam-ho quickly put on a dress and went into Hyun-so Jin-in’s room.
Hyeonso Jin-in was already up and reading the Do-kyung.

“Master, let’s eat.”

“Is that time already?”

Hyeonso Jin-in covered Do-kyung and smiled.

Damho put the Maine plate down in front of Hyunso Jinin.
Some of the side dishes made of rice and vegetables, it was unpretentious.

“It will be delicious.”

Come on, let’s eat.”


Hyeonso Jinin took the spoon first, and then Damho also started eating.

The master was silent, and the disciple remained silent.

Only the sound of two people eating food reverberated in the room.

Hyeonso Jinin opened his mouth after finishing all the meals.
He wiped his lips and opened his mouth.



“I ate well.
Thanks to you”

“No, Master.
This is what a disciple is supposed to do.
Without Master, I would not be where I am today.”

If Jinin Hyeonso did not save him five years ago, the current Damho could not exist.
In addition, even when many of the sect rejected Damho or secretly ridiculed him, only Hyeonso Jin-in treated him with a sincere heart.

To Damho, Hyeonso Jinin was more like a parent than a teacher.
For that reason, his attitude toward Hyeonso Jin-in was always hospitable.



“Do you want to learn martial arts that much?”


Damho answered without hesitation.
Seeing such a damho, Hyunso Jinin sighed softly.

“This master is incompetent and you are suffering.”



“Master, don’t say that.”

“Did you know that this master is a student?”


“Then do you know what a student does?”

“That is the study of the Taoist sutras… … .”

“Everyone knows that.”

“Then you mean no?”

“Do you know who this master’s master is?”

“Isn’t that the old man Cheongungja?”

Cheongungja, who was called the strongest expert in the mount hua Sect, was my master.”

Cheon-gung-ja was the former master of the now-legendary mount hua Sect.
Because of Chungungja, the sect was able to enjoy its best heyday.

He was also such a terrifying martial artist that he handed over the post of a long swordsman to his priest, Il Gongzi , and devoted himself to martial arts.

“When I first became my master’s disciple, everyone had high expectations.
Everyone thought I was talnted.
Of course.
It doesn’t make sense unless the disciple of the famous Chun-gung-ja in the world wasn’t a writer.
But the absurd thing happened.”

An old-fashioned smile appeared on Hyunso Jin-in’s face.
It was a smile that seemed to be bitter and sweet.

“Unlike my master who was called a genius, I don’t have much talent for martial arts.
My head will understand it to some extent, but my body doesn’t follow the spirit.
It was impossible from the beginning to learn the martial arts from the master.”

Damho held his breath.

he has been with him for five years, but this is the first time he has heard of it.

“The master is like the sun in the sky, while the disciple has a weak talent.
Of course, there was a lot of talk even within the mount hua sect.
I also wondered why the master chose me.
So I asked.
Why did you accept me as a disciple? Then do you know what the master said?

“… … .”

“‘What the mount need needs now is not a person with strong martial arts, but a person with a strong heart.
A person who will preserve the spirit of the mount hua and pass it on to future generations.
Hyunso, you have to play that role.” With that said, he recommended the path of a student.
Do you understand what he is saying?”

Damho shook his head.

mount hua sect was walking on the path of Daoism,it was absolutely invincible.
He was one of the Old Daemun factions

how the mount huawas counted as one of the world’s oldest sects? In such a powrful sect, how could Cheon Gung-ja, who is no one else and the best expert in the sect, recommend to his disciple the path of a student?

A student is a person who literally walks the path of the Dao through the Dogyeong.
Searching the truth, It was also an unsuitable position for the current mount hua sect.

As it was in the past, in the current mount hua, the student was perceived as an almost useless position.
Fortunately, since Hyeonso Jinin is a disciple of Chun Gung-ja, he was treated as much as he did, otherwise he would not have received a proper residence.

“At first, I really resented him a lot.
The disciple of Cheongungja, who is the best in mount hua, is a student.”

If the expectations were high, the disappointment would also be great.

The sect warriors were disappointed with the treatment of Chun-gung-ja, and looked at Hyeon-so Jin-in with sympathy.
In this way, Hyeonso Jin-in began to walk the path of a scholar, and has reached the present day.

“I have spent many nights sleepless.
As I read the scriptures, I couldn’t contain my anger.
As time passed, the flames of anger burning in my heart slowly subsided.
and realized That I don’t have to master the sword to reach the Dao.
There are many other ways to realize it.
It was then that I vaguely understood why Master led me to the path of a student.”

Damho looked at Jinin Hyeonso without saying a word.
Today, for the first time, he found out that his respected master had such a past.

“Most people think that a student is simply a person who studies the scriptures, but that is wrong.
mount hua scholars have a responsibility to fully pass on the martial arts of the sect to future generations.”

“What is that?”

A curious light appeared on Damho’s face.
Because it’s the first time he has ever heard of it.

“Scholars also study the scriptures, but they are responsible for fully recording the martial arts of the sect, systematically classifying them, and passing them on to future generations.
In the worst case, you have to memorize all martial arts in case the yangbo place, which stores the volcanic martial arts, burns, or the rare Jeolhak is cut off.
That is the true duty of a student.”

Damho’s eyes changed.

It was because he found out for the first time today that the position of a student is like that.

“I didn’t know that the true duty of a student was like that.”

“This is a fact that even the current long-time writers do not know.
Because the former long-time writer died before I even told him that.”

“Why didn’t you tell the long story to the man? If he had known such a fact, he would have been treated you more properly.”

“Do I need to tell you? It’s enough to find a proper successor and pass on my knowledge.
Knowledge is passed down so quietly.”


Hyunso Jinin smiled kindly.

“More than that.”


“You don’t have to stick to just one path.
Even a student is not a bad choice.”

Damho bit his lip at Hyeonso Jinin’s words.
It is instinctively rejecting the path of a student.
However, Hyunso Jin-in smiled as if she knew it would.

“Yeah, there’s no way you can sit in your castle and dig up the scriptures and sort out non-government books in your head.”


Your will is so firm, I will not change it.”


“I know that the volcanic attack is not for you.
The volcanic wave’s martial arts are so changeable that even people with intact legs cannot learn it easily.
Besides, your legs are very uncomfortable.
In that state, you can never do great.
Do you know?”

“But I will never give up.”

“You are never a child to give up.
If you were a child like that, you would have died instantly five years ago.


Suddenly, Hyeonso Jin-in reached out and touched Dam-ho’s head.
It was an unexpected move, but Damho did not avoid Hyeonso Jinin’s hand.

The master’s hand caressing his hair was very warm.

“I believe you.”

“… … .”

In an instant, Damho’s shoulders convulsed.

Something hot rose from his chest.
Damho was perplexed by the emotions he couldn’t even understand himself.

Hyeonso Jinin took her hand off Damho’s head and stood up.
Damho looked blankly at Hyunso Jinin.

Hyeonso Jin-in pulled out an old book from the closet in the back.

“Take it.”


“I found it by accident while cleaning up the Gyeongbokgung Palace a long time ago.”

Damho accepted the book.

The cover was tattered like a rag from how old it was, and it looked precarious as if it would break with a little force.

“It’s called the middle heaven.”

“middle sky technique?”

A light of suspicion appeared on Damho’s face.
It was the first time he had ever heard of this name

“Are you hearing this for the first time? I did too when I first discovered it.
Looking at the records, it turns out that this was a method made in the early days when mount hua sect were established on mount hua.”

“But why is it named middle sky technique?”

Damho asked with an expression that he did not understand.

Mugong name tends to contain the characteristics of non-gong.

The characteristic of the name Jungcheonsimgyeol (middle sky technique)is its heaviness.
A sense of alienation was felt, different from the martial arts of the mount hua sect, which advocated diversity and magnanimity.

“There are rumors all over the world that the mount hua sect sword is fierce and changeable, but was it like that from the beginning? The early martial arts of the sect must have been solemn.
Like the giant rocks of that volcano.
However, many changes have occurred over the course of hundreds of years, and it must have developed into what it is today.”

Hyeonso Jin-in did not learn martial arts by herself.
However, as a student, he organized and remembered numerous martial arts books, so he had little knowledge of martial arts.

“There are things in the world that never change, but there are also things that change over time.
If we take a look at the mount hua sect’s defenselessness, it can be said that it is the latter.
It is refined, changed, advanced, and … … .
So the current mount hua sect Mugong would have been created.
Everyone wants something new.
But does that mean that the old is necessarily useless? I do not think so.”

At this moment, Hyunso Jin-in was thinking of his master, Chun-gung-ja.

Cheon Goongja was a genius.

He advanced the martial arts of the mount hua sect.
It is safe to say that the current sect is trapped in the remnants of the outstanding existence of the Cheongoongja.

Chun Goong-ja wanted the disciples of the Sect to find something different from him.
So, it may have been that he made his only disciple, Hyeonso Jinin, follow the path of becoming a student.

“Hoya, the old teachings of the mount hua sect are contained within this technique(middle sky technique).
I don’t know what you’ll find in it, but you’ll definitely get what you want.”


“If you can’t get what you want in the present mount hua sect, find what you want in the old mount hua sect.”

“Yes… … .”

Damho hugged the middle sky technique in his arms.

No one really knew that in this he could find what he was looking for.
However, with just Hyunso Jinin’s warm consideration, Damho seemed to have won the whole world.

Seeing such a damho, Hyunso Jinin smiled.

‘Yeah, that’s it.’



Damho entered his room and carefully opened his old book.

When he turned over the cover, there was a faint text on the inside that read: Jungcheon Simgyeol (middle heaven technique).
Damho touched the letters with his fingertips for a moment.

‘middle heaven.’

Damho carefully turned to the next page.

moutains are tall and straight.

Its appearance is like a sword, but be careful, people.

Although the volcano has the shape of a sword, it is a rock mountain in itself.

Because it has the weight of billions of eons, it can maintain its straightness.

Heaviness comes first, lightness comes next.

The heart should always be heavy and not easily shaken.

The sky seems empty, but it is full, and its heaviness can cover the earth.

A person’s heart is also like the sky, so if it can contain its heaviness, it will not be shaken by any wind.

Damho turned over his book, putting every word in his chest.

Simsangsangcheon (heartsangsangcheon) – holding the image of the sky in your heart,

心中中天 (heavy heaven) – contains the weight of the sky in the heart.

Dongsimcheon – If your mind moves, you can rule the sky.

middle heavenly movement – A heavy heart moves the sky.

The forgotten martial arts of the old mount hua sect were revealing their reality in front of him

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