Spring Comes to mount hua sect (3)

Damho left yangbo place after a long time had passed even after the sun had set.
Lanterns were lit all over the mount hua where darkness came.

The plum blossoms reflected in the lanterns sparkled like snowflakes.
Damho stood still and looked at the scene for a long time.

The wind blew and the plum blossom petals flew.
Oddly enough, it was engraved deeply in his mind.

Just because it’s night doesn’t mean the mount hua ‘s routine is over.
The lines scattered throughout the mount were lit up brightly, and the masters were still busy.

Then a group of people approached Damho.

They were swordsmen in robes.
Unusual energy was emanating from their bodies.

Damho bowed his head towards them.

They were the great disciples of the Volcano Sect.
The master in his mid-thirties at the forefront was Mu-kyung, a disciple of Jinin Hyeoncheon, a long-distance scholar of the mount hua sect.

From a young age, Mu-kyung was very talented, and the entire sect expected a lot from him

He was also excellent at achieving martial arts, and rumors were circulating that he had already entered the Taecheong Simgyeol that only elders and above could learn.

there was no disciple of the mount hua Sect who did not respect him.

Next to Mu-kyung were Woon-kyung and Han So-yu, who could be said to be his closest aides.

Ungyeong was also a priest of no-gyeong and the head of groupe of the plum blossom thirty-six swordsman, the pride of the mount hua.
His cold, subdued eyes spoke of his character.

Han So-yu was a female disciple rarely seen in the volcanic group.
She also boasted of her outstanding achievements to such an extent that she was ranked as one of the thirty-six swordsmen of plum blossoms.

Mukyung smiled.

“Are you going back to your home?”

“That’s right, senior” Damho replied

“Are you doing well with Hyeonso’s private residence?”


“It’s good.
I have to look for it once, but I don’t have much time because I have a lot of work to do.”

“my master will understand.”

At Dam-ho’s answer, Mu-kyung’s smile widened.
But Unkyung, who was next to him, looked at Damho with cold eyes, wondering what he didn’t like.

His eyes, as cold as snakes, without emotion, ran across Damho’s whole body.

“How about your legs?”

“It’s the same.”

“Are you still obsessed with martial arts? although the limits are clear.
How about instead of focusing on martial arts,you become like Hyeonso Sasuk(his master)?”


Mu-kyung was startled by Woon-kyung’s venomous remarks.
However, there was not a single change in Unkyung’s expression.

“There is nothing so foolish as wasting time on vain things.
mark my words.”

“Thanks for the death penalty.
I will listen to it deeply.”

Damho bowed his head

wwokyung looked at Damho with cool eyes.
As if Mu-kyung couldn’t stop his attitude, then he shrugged his shoulders and looked at Han So-yu.

Han So-yu approached Dam-ho gently.
Then, a faint scent stimulated the sense of smell.

Dam-ho raised his head and looked at Han So-yu.
Then he saw Soyu Han’s elegant face that looked like a plum blossom

“Don’t misunderstand the advice of woongyeong, .
Not because senior Eunkyung is bad.”

“I know.”

“Come to me anytime when you find a problem with your martial arts.
I will do my best to help as much as I can.”

“thank you.”

“I trust you.”

Han So-yu showed a fresh smile.
It was a charming smile that can shook the hearts of many men.

“Then let’s go.”

Damho took the way of the three and then moved on.

The three of them looked at Damho’s back as he moved away.
A sad light appeared on Mu-kyung’s face as he looked at Dam-ho’s crippled back.

Mu-kyung turned his head toward woon-kyung.

“Did you know that sometimes when I hear what you say, my feelings drop? How can you say such a thing in front of the person in question?”

“It’s all for the sake of heaven.”

“What kind of heaven are you talking about?, how heartbreaking a child with a lame leg would be.”

“What he needs is not vain comfort and encouragement, but cool advice.”


“Honestly, what is the probability that Cheon-kyung (his nickname)will learn the martial arts of the mount hua properly? A warrior who can’t learn footwork is only half man.
And now the sect doesn’t need a half-man.”

“Wow! You are really cool.”

“I have no choice.
It’s my job to think and judge with a cool mind in any situation.”

“really… … .”

Mukyung shook his head.
But it wasn’t a bad face at all.

If mukyeong symbolizes force as a great disciple of the Hwasan faction, woonkyung was in a position to give him endless advice with his cool reason.

he was raised that way in the first place, and it was thought that it was best for the mount hua.

Han So-yu laughed and interrupted their conversation.

“now! Stop talking about heaven.
There are a lot more important things than that.”

“To do… … .”

Mukyung nodded his head.

Now the sect at a very important crossroads.

It was necessary to select useful ones from among the subordinate disciples and accept them as the graet disciples.
It does not end with accepting the main disciple.
we had to make them truly expert.

The current sect desperately needed new power.
great disciples such as Mukyeong and Woongyeong had to work diligently.

“Come on, let’s go.”

Mu-kyung took the lead and walked.
Damho’s image was no longer in his mind.

Damho walked at night, relying on the moonlight.
The place he headed for was a small valley located below Undaebong Peak.

There was a fairly large spot at the bottom of the valley.
It was a place that even the masters of the mount hua rarely visited because the road to get there was not easy.
It was a hiding place that Dam-ho looked for when his heart was heavy.

Damho threw off his clothes and went into the spot.

Even though it was spring, it was still the valley water that was still chilled.
When the cold water touched him, he was awakened.

‘Okay, about this… … .’

Not only the skin but also the bones were cold from the severe cold.
Still, Dam-ho did not come out of the water, but rather immersed his head in the water.

Damho sat cross-legged in the water.

Numerous thoughts ran through his mind.

A peaceful daily life, the peace of an everyday life destroyed by bandits’ attacks in an instant.
And unexpected salvation and life in a mount hua.

His limbs were broken and for the first few months he was unable to move on his own.
The person who cared for and treated him was his master, Hyeonso Jinin.

Without Hyeonso Jinin’s generous care, he would not have been able to walk on his own like this.
Although he was limp in one of his legs, he was still alive.

The fact that he was alive was important to Damho.
With his life, he can make a promise for the future.

‘Father, mother, for example.’

Their images vividly come into Damho’s mind.

Damho couldn’t protect them.

At the young age of twelve, lack of strength was only an excuse.
They were no longer of this world, and they are dead.

There were things I had to do to be alive.
To do that, power was needed.


Damho rose up and water splashed in all directions.

“Woo-wook! Whoo!”

Damho took a deep breath.

His gaze turned to his left leg.
He was incomparably shabby with his healthy and strong right leg.
Although he had climbed up and down the mountain so many times, his muscles didn’t attach that much.

With such a bridge, the mount hua’s flashy footwork could not be properly performed.

“The mount hua method doesn’t suit me.
I need something else.”

Over the past five years, Damho has felt that fact deeply.

The problem is that he don’t know how to solve it.

It would have been nice to have a good teacher to lead the way at this time, but unfortunately, there was only Hyeonso Jin-in around him.

In the end, he had to find a way out on his own.

“Once you do, everything will be solved.”

Dam Ho moved his left foot back and forth in the water.
Because it was in the water, I felt quite heavy resistance.

Up to his thighs are normal.
The problem is the knee.

Cartilage and muscles are crushed, so movement is not possible.
it was a wound that could not be healed by any elixir.
If there is one possibility, it is to experience the legendary metamorphosis.
However, it is an impossible task that can only be expected in a dream.

“I further strengthen and train the strength of my left leg.
Let’s think about what’s next.”

Damho came out of the water.

He dried off the water and put on his clothes.

He felt a chill, but his mind was clear.
The memory of being ignored by his seniors remained in his mind.

A sandbag was attached to Damho’s left ankle, which started going up and down the mountain the next day.

“Hook Hook!”

A harsh breath escaped Damho’s lips.
His weight only increased a little, but the weight he felt was beyond imagination.
It was as if he had a large lump of iron on his ankle.

Damho clenched his teeth and moved his steps.
Thick drops of sweat flowed non-stop down his back.


There was a person who secretly sighed as he looked at Damho like that.
It was Hyeonso Jinin, Damho’s master.

“There is no end to that child’s devotion to martial arts.
How do you do this?”

Hyeonso Jinin’s sigh was scattered in the wind.

It was a day that the master, Cheon Gung-zi, who had climbed the mountain a long time ago, wanted to see it.

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