the title : Spring Comes to mount hua sect (2)

The springs in the mount hua with bladed peaks were fragrant.
The strong scent of plum blossoms is carried in the wind.

Damho was walking in the scent of plum blossoms.
It seemed as if plum blossoms were falling on all his body

Damho paused for a moment and looked around him.

The whole place was filled with plum blossoms.
The plum blossoms in bloom boasted their splendid appearance.

Damho stretched out his hand.
Then, like a magic, plum petals were carried by the wind and landed on his palm.
Damho looked at the plum blossom petals for a long time.

In spring, the plum blossoms are at their peak.
So, when people think of the mount hua, they think of plum blossoms.
I don’t know why, but there were many martial arts with plum blossoms in the mount hua

The plum blossoms fist fand the twenty-four plum blossoms were representative examples.

Perhaps because of this, the preconceived notion that the mount mua’s martial arts was light and elusive arose.
In fact, many martial artists occupied several martial arts in the mount hua.

The wind blew again and blew the plum blossom petals from Damho’s palms.
Dam Ho reached out his hand to grab the plum blossom petals.
But the plum blossom petals gently slipped through Damho’s fingers.

Dam Ho clenched his fists.

To him, the martial arts of the mount hua were like those plum blossoms.
Appears to be caught, but not caught.

Damho shook his head and started walking again.

After a long walk, he arrived at Taiping Palace.

Taiping Palace was located on the widest flat land with topographical characteristics like a blade.

Taiping Palace, which was modeled after the Thirty-Six Thousands Heavens, was very large.
The great events of the mount hua Sect took place here, and it was also at Taiping Palace where the disciples of the mount hua Sect practiced martial arts.

In the Taiping Palace, many people were practicing.
Their appearance was different, and they were on different ages.

The youngest-looking one appeared to be about 12 years old, and the most-looking ones appeared to be in their mid-twenties.

“synthesis! synthesis!”

Thick drops of sweat flowed non-stop on their faces as they exhaled their spirits.

The people who practice the boghogwon, the simplest of Mount Hua technique, were the subordinate disciples (second-rate).
There was someone who let out a roar towards those bastards.

“When you raise your fist, you have to be sure to apply force.
Use the muscles of your body to the fullest, just like a lying down tiger jumping out.”


The disciples, who were practicing, answered all at once to his chirping voice like a tiger.

“Transition from the ho-ho-chul-dong to the great ho-chulse.”


With the answer, the energy from the young disciples changed.
As if a tiger had left a cave and ran towards the world, a violent but fierce momentum erupted.

Damho paused for a moment and looked at their practice scene.

Gyo-doo, who taught the subordinate disciples, was a great disciple (first-rate) of the Jin-gyeong and Hwa-san group, and was called a master of plum blossoms.

He is usually a pleasant person, but when he’s teaching martial arts, he becomes a cold-blooded person without blood or tears.

Jinkyung, who was in the midst of guiding his disciples, suddenly waved his hand toward Damho.

“The Celestial Priest.”

Mu-in, who had just had the momentum of frost until recently, disappeared out of nowhere, and had a nice smile on his face.
Damho shook his head slightly.

It was the name he had received from the mount hua.

It had been three years since he received the name, but he was still not used to it.
He was just uncomfortable, as if he was wearing someone else’s clothes.

However, Damho approached Jinkyung without revealing his true intentions.

“What are you doing here? Did you come to see this senior?”

“I was on my way to Yeongbo Palace..”

“Yeongbo Palace.?”

A twinkle appeared in Jinkyung’s eyes.

Yeongbo Palace.
was a place where there were books that summarized the martial arts of the mount hua.
As it was one of the most important locations of the sect, the boundaries were strict and the qualifications to enter were also strict.

Of course, subordinate disciples were forbidden to enter, and only senior disciples or above were allowed to be among the main disciples.

Although he is Jin-kyung’s youngest brother, Dam-ho was also a great disciple of the Hwasan faction.
Of course, entry was allowed.
However, there were not many martial arts books available at Yeongbo Palace..
Most of the books were Taoists related to Taoism.

The true discipline of mount hua could not be learned through books.
Experiences and realizations that cannot be conveyed in a few lines can only be achieved through direct teaching.

The reason that the mount hua Sect, which had been at its peak as one of the Old Daemun sects, was greatly atrophied at one time was because they lost all the mas previous generation who could pass on their enlightenment.

the sect was slowly regaining its former strength now, but it still lacked much compared to its peak.
It was said that there were not enough experts who could give proper instructions.

Above all, Jin-in Hyeon-so, who took Dam-ho as a disciple, did not learn martial arts for some reason.
He was the only scholar (priest) in the mount hua

It was for the same reason that everyone objected when he said that he would take Dam-ho as a disciple.

What is needed for the current mount hua is a powerful martial artist.

However, it was not that the other elders could not afford to care about Hyeonso Jinin’s disciple.
Moreover, Damho had a fatal weakness to learn martial arts.

Hyeonso Jin-in accepted Dam-ho as a disciple despite everyone’s opposition.
Damho also became a great disciple of mount hua thanks to Hyeonso Jinin, the elder of the Hwasan faction, but it was a big obstacle in being able to learn martial arts on the contrary.
This is because the elders who opposed it are reluctant to pass on the martial arts to Damho.

“You are very passionate.
If you work hard like that, you will definitely be able to overcome your limits someday.”

Jinkyung’s gaze unconsciously turned to Damho’s left leg.

A fatal weakness as an martial artist.
It was a fact that everyone who had been involved in the mount hua knew it.

He said so, but Jinkyung did not think that Damho would be able to overcome his weakness.
This is because the martial arts was not so smooth that the lame could learn it.

Damho read the light of sympathy in Jinkyung’s eyes.
But he lowered his head as if nothing had happened.

“I will go to Yeongbo Palace.”

“Yeah, good job.”

Damho passed the field and headed towards the back of Taiping Palace.

“You mean that lame man is a great disciple of the mount hua Sect?”

“Can I do martial arts properly with a body like that?”

Looking at his back, the homeschoolers murmured.

“What kind of bastards dare to talk in the training?”

In response to Jinkyung’s anger, the subordinate disciples kept their mouths shut.
But their voices had already reached Damho’s ears.

Still, Damho didn’t stop walking.
It was a story he had heard many times before, and it was a familiar sight.
His heart was not weak enough to be shaken just like this.

He passed through Taiping Palace and arrived at Yeongbo Palace.

Although it looked ordinary from the outside, there were two guards at the entrance to Yeongbo Palace..
Unless the soldiers guarding Yeongbo Palace gave permission, no one would be able to reach him.

Yeongbo Palace belon to Jinin Hyunmu, the senior of Jinin Hyunso and one of the elders of the mount hua.
The warriors guarding Yeongbogung were the first and second generation disciples who were taught by Jinin Hyunmu.

Jung Kyung, a great disciple, recognized Damho.

“You came today.”


“Do you want to enter Yeongbogung?”


“You’re pretty cool.
Come in.”

“thank you.”

Dam Hu bowed his head to greet him and entered the Yongpo Palace.
Then Jung Kyung immediately closed the door.

In Yeongbo Palace., bookshelves lined with books.
There were various types of books, including books about the mount hua wave, as well as general miscellaneous books.

Although Yeongbo Palace.
was completely blocked off, there was no problem reading the book because a soft light came from somewhere.

Damho’s fingers scanned the books on the shelf.
It is said that Yeongbogung is a collection of all the mount hua documents, but the amount was smaller than expected.
This is because many of them have been destroyed during a major catastrophe several decades ago.

he had been here countless times during this time.
Because of this, even with his eyes closed, he could tell which book was in which position.


An old book was caught in Damho’s finger.
Without hesitation, Damho pulled out his book.


It was written that way in an old book.

Jukyeopso were one of the most basic moves of mount hua, along with the bukhogwon, yukhapgwon.
For that reason, he mainly passed it on to his descendants.
Damho, his great disciple, was not a martial artist to learn it.
Still, Dam-ho couldn’t take his eyes off the book on which the bamboo leaves were written.

Jukyeopso consist of three major moves.




Contrary to the grandiose names of moves, they were all simple and effective moves.

Damho fixed his gaze on the book and unfolded the book with his unholding hand, following the moves of Jukyeopso


A series of movements of stabbing, shoving, punching, and pulling continued without stopping.
Damho’s movement stirred the air of Yeongbo Palace.

Damho looked at the book again and fell into thoughts.

‘Jukyeopso are definitely fast.
However, it has little weight, so it has the disadvantage that it cannot produce proper qi until it reaches a certain level.’

Of course, when Jukyeopso (bamboo leaves) reach the level, they will be as powerful as hitting them with a sledgehammer.
It is said that there were some masters of the mount hua in the past who cut a large rock into two pieces using only Jukyeopso

But now it’s all a thing of the past.
Now, the disciples of the sect only think of Jukyeopso as a passing study, but do not learn it deeply.

If Damho had healthy legs, he would not have been obsessed with Jukyeopso.
Jukyeopso was one of the few mount hua martiat arts that did not require any special training.

It was the best martial art for Damho, who could not learn proper foot technique.

Damho tenaciously diged into the Jukyeopso until he imprinted it in his mind.


When he first came to the mount hua, his eyes were filled with darkness.
The darkness was so powerful that even the elders of the mount hua Sect shook their heads.

Five years passed, and in the meantime, Damho grew older.
And his eyes also became calmer than before.
So people thought that Damho had been calmed down.

But it was their mistake.
Damho was never calmed.
He just increased his patience to the point where he was able to hide his eyes.

Damho felt the beast hidden inside him.

He was infinitely ferocious, and a cruel beast was breathing with him.
The beast was just waiting for the day when Damho would take it out.

Damho suppressed the beast that existed inside him and pulled out another face.


It was a kwon-gong performed by the junior students who are now learning martial arts at the Taiping Palace.
As one of the basic weapons of mount hua, it was simple to practice like Jukyeopso and had very strong power.

Again, Damho held the book in one hand and opened the boghogwon in the other.


The air burst out of the punches that were not loaded with inner energy.

It was a quick, concise, and heavy punch.

One of the martial arts that started with the mount hua was the boghogwon.
A long time ago, when mount hua settled in this moutain,

However, as the years passed, countless moves were created with power that far surpassed the boghogwon.

In the end, like Jukyeopso, boghogwon has been reduced to a basic skill to be learned by the mount hua students.
Everyone thought of boghogwon as a stepping stone to other ascending martial arts, but did not learn it deeply.
Even the elders of the mount hua Sect.

However, Dam-ho was tenaciously digging into the boghogwon.
As his achievements deepened, he felt one question.

‘Soyo deep-gong is a mental method that is not suitable for learning the boghogwon.’

Soyo-deepgong was a basic deepgong that was learned along with Jukyeopso, bukhogwon, and yukhapgwon.
It was only after they first mastered Soyoshimgong, they were able to enter Dangong .

Soyo-deepgong was definitely a great inner qi method.
Although it was quite stable, there was no difficulty in accepting other methods

For that reason, it was suitable for low-achieving disciples or beginners to learn, but it did not fit well with the Jukyeopso or boghogwon.

‘Why the hell?’

As if everyone had taken the natural procedure, they learned how to take the qi first and then learned ukyeopso or boghogwon..
But Damho had doubts.

The doubts he had started having recently grew bigger and bigger like a snowball as time went on

Dam-ho forgot his time and fell into the boghogwon.

Numerous questions filled his head

Damho’s time was passing by like that.

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