the title : Spring Comes to mount hua sect (1)

The continuous formation of the mountains seemed like waves crashing.
Twenty masters were walking along the small mountain road that connects the mountain waves.

It was the start of spring, and a still cool wind was blowing in the bodies of the elders.
With a chilling feeling, the masters folded their robes and bowed their heads.

Suddenly, the middle-aged swordsman in the lead lifted his head, who now appears to be in his late forties, bit his molars tightly.

His eyes were red and bloodshot, and his shoulders were twitching endlessly.

“mount hua sect made great sacrifices in the war against the demons sect, but is it only jungwon’s coldness that has returned? The kindness of the world is indeed truly fleeting”


“the mount hua will be strong.
So that the world will never again look at us with scorn.”

There was a strong resonance in the statment of a middle-aged master.
The elders who followed him bowed their heads and clenched their fists.

They, too, felt the same way as the middle-aged master.

But there was only one person, a middle-aged with a clean appearance, shaking his head with his eyes closed.

‘damn it! senior brother has been poisoned.’

the middle-aged swordsman who radiates a creepy energy at the head of the party, he was the owner of the supreme status of being a long writer of the mount hua sect, Hyun-chun Jin-in

Hyun-chun Jin-in was angry.
Wherever his wrath is directed, the mount hua sect will move.

‘Where will the mount hua end up now?’

It was time for Jin-in Hyeon-so, a gentle-looking student, to sigh.

“There is smoke.”

A sudden voice awakened the thoughts of Jin-in Hyun-chun and Jin-in Hyunso.

Smoke was rising from over the hill in front of them.
The fishy smell carried by the wind wrinkled the impressions of the masters.

‘Smell of blood?’

“I want to see what’s going on.”

Hyun-chun Jin-in struggled to shake off his anger

The masters hurried over the hill.

“damn it!”

They were at a loss for words at the devastation that unfolded before their eyes.

A small town was engulfed in flames.
About thirty houses had been burned or had already collapsed into ashes, and the bodies of people were lying on the streets.

“What the hell is going on !!… … .”

“It looks like they have been attacked by a swarm of Bandits.
, I’ve heard stories of Bandits running all over the place these days.”


Hyunso Jin-in’s expression changed horribly.

‘With the fall of the demons sect, the Bandits is rampant.
What is next?’

The elders scattered and searched the village, but no survivors were found.
More than a hundred people from over thirty households, children and adults, were slaughtered.

“They are cruel people.
How can you kill all innocent villagers?”

“O Primitive Heavenly One.
Please look after them.”

As the masters prayed for the well-being of the dead, Hyeonso Jin-in heard a faint moan.
the voice was so low that he thought it was an illusion at first.


However, as soon as he heard the moaning again, Hyunso Jin-in realized that what he had heard was not an auditory hallucination.

“Where are you?”

Hyeonso Jin-in looked around looking for the place where the auditory hallucination was heard.

A place that used to be a precious home for a family, but now a faint moan could be heard in the ruins of what had been burned and torn down

Hyeonso Jinin hastily searched the wreckage.
He dug the way through the scorched pillars with his own hands.

“Hyeonso, why are you doing this?”

“Sook! how… … .”

“There are survivors in this.”

At Hyeonso Jinin’s words, the young masters joined in and cleared the wreckage.

Halfway between the ruins? The half-burned corpse of a man emerged from the ashes.

Hyeonso Jin-in frowned at the corpse of a man with a sword around his waist and a jacket made of animal skin.

“the… … Enemy?”

At first glance, clothes and appearance do not match this village.
The design of his sword is proof of that.

Hyunsoo Jinin touched the bandit’s body.
He could not feel the warmth of the living.

“It seems that the priest (who study books, not martial art) has been wrong.
he seems to have been dead for a long time.”

“But why did the bandit die? Did any of the villagers learn martial arts?”

The members spoke to Hyeon-cheon Jin-in and Hyun-so Jin-in one word at a time.
But no one can answer their questions.


Again a faint groan was heard.
This time, not only Hyunso Jinin, but everyone around him heard it.

“no way?”

Hyeonso Jinin hastily overturned the bandit’s body.

Unlike the scorched back side exposed to the ashes, the bandit’s face was intact.
The eyes of the martial arts masters gleamed as they looked at the robber’s corpse.

The thief’s neck was ripped from the flesh as if it had been bitten by a wild beast, revealing the vocal cords.
The wound on his neck seemed to be the sign.
However, it was not because of the thief’s wounds that surprised the sages.

A small boy lay under the spot where the thief had been lying.
It was simply hidden by the bandit’s heavy body.

I don’t know if it was from the beginning or it was because of the bandits, but the boy’s arms and legs were deformedly broken.
The painful wounds even looked at them, reminding them of what kind of tragedy the boy had gone through.

“what a poor child !”

Seeing the miserable appearance, the masters unknowingly coughed or turned their heads away.

The boy who had only closed his eyes as if he had died suddenly opened his eyes.


Even Jin-in Hyeon-so flinched at the empty eyes that had lost everything and the desperate life contained within.


It was time for Hyunso Jin-in to reach out to the boy with pity.
The boy struggled holding to turn his head and spit out something he had been in his mouth.


Something the size of a fist fell to the floor.
The bright red smashed object was obviously someone’s flesh.

You, you?”

A terrible silence fell on the masters of the mount hua.



after 5 years


The boy, who now looked sixteen, was struggling to climb the mountain.
The thick eyebrows under the cloth tied to his forehead, the cold and dark eyes and tightly closed lips showed that he was an extremely stubborn figure.

The boy suddenly raised his head and looked at the top of the mountain.

As if his sword had been inserted upside down, the rocky peaks soaring toward the sky caught his eye.
The rock peaks are located like a lotus flower in full bloom.
Because of its appearance, the highest peak was given the name Yeonhwabong.

Yeonhwabong , one of the old Daemun schools, is the place where the mount hua is located.
To be precise, only Okji and Sanggung, the symbols of the mount hua, exist, but people equated Yeonhwabong with the mount hua.

Unlike the shaman sect that were concentrated at the top of Mount Wudang, the mount hua were evenly distributed throughout Yeonhwabong


A harsh breath escaped the boy’s mouth.

The stairs the boy was going up now were small stone steps between the cliffs called Baekcheokhyeop .
It was very dangerous because it was so narrow and vertical that only one adult could barely pass through.
It was called Baekcheokhyup because there were almost a hundred such roads.

In order to climb the Baekcheok-hyeop, one had to climb three hundred and seventy stone steps.
This near-vertical road called Cheoncheokdang was notorious for being hard and rough.

The boy clenched his teeth and climbed a path that was difficult for even uninhabited warriors to do.
His legs were heavy, as if he had attached a ball of iron on them.

Sweat poured down his body like

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