ck then, always three steps behind the crown prince.

Not a step closer or farther.

Stay close enough to be heard and to listen, far enough to show deference and distance.

He started walking, and I followed him dutifully, keeping my head down and staring at his feet as I always do, ignoring the shouts of the reporters to look at them and demanding my name, relationship to the crown prince, and even my address.

Goodness, why am I even here?

I feel like I will dissolve into a puddle of embarrassment and shyness any moment now under the scrutiny of countless eyes around me.

Thankfully, we finally reached the hotel entrance lobby where fewer media members were waiting for us and, thankfully, members of more reputable networks and lifestyle magazines whom Magus graced with an interview.

”Your Royal Highness, What are the most important topics you want to discuss with the other members of the foreign royal dignitaries at the gala tonight? ”

I can help but be amazed at the complete change of character he just did in front of the camera as he answered the questions thrown at him smoothly.

”I will prioritize the creation of the Northern European Oil and Natural Gas Bloc so our collective nations oil and gas products can be safeguarded from the ever-changing whims of the O.P.E.C countries.

”Your Royal Highness, there are many reports of ever-increasing inequalities and societal divisions in our dominion, what can you say about it? ”

”While it is true that there are those who clamor for bridging the gap between the rural and urban cities of Arcania, the downtown and uptown districts of Arcadia, we must also not do anything hasty to unhinge the delicate balance that our dominion has found itself in for centuries. Our prime minister and his ministers are looking into it as we speak, and I am sure they will submit several viable plans to address the issue. ”

Talk about masterfully deflecting the trap question.

But still, it stings since I, of all people around him, am one of the most affected by this inequality, and he seemed oblivious to it, as is everyone from the upper crust of our society.


”Your Royal Highness, is she your date for tonight, the mystery woman of your life we keep on hearing rumors about for months living with you in the Palace of Arcadia? ”

Flashes of cameras began raining down on me once again when someone asked that question directly, making Magus grin slyly, making them all gasp and take it all wrongly.

”In a manner of speaking, you could all say that. Now, if youll excuse that. I wouldn want to be late. Please, excuse us. ”

And with that, Magus security detail began clearing the way for the two of us, and he walked smartly passed them all, still throwing him a barrage of questions about me as I followed him dutifully while wishing this evening would end quickly.

But who am I kidding?

With my luck, this will be one of the longest nights of my life.

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