Chills ran down my spine when I heard a baritone voice from inside.

”Remember the protocols, Linnea, ” after that final warning, he opened the door for me and ushered me in, then closed the door behind me, leaving me inside the lions den defenseless and all by myself.

This is the last sprint. Go for broke, Linnea.

Without lifting my head up and staring at the floor, I took several steps forward until I reached in front of the desk I cleaned yesterday before curtsying lowly, ”Your Royal Highness. ”

”Miss Linnea Feodora, Twenty Four Years Old, Royal Household Maid for two months, correct? ” the crown prince asked in a monotonous and manly voice.

”Sir. ”

”I checked the missives, and not a single report about you so far out of the ordinary. Yet suddenly, you went out of your way to break a direct and clear order forbidding you to enter this restricted room. ”

I gulped and closed my eyes as I struggled to stop myself from talking back to defend myself.

Rie said yesterday that I can shorten my suffering if I just take all the blame rather than shifting it to others who would rather die than admit it.

”That is correct, Sir. ”

I heard him chuckle patronizingly, which sent my heart beating fast, ”Trying to shorten the suffering, are we? Well, I wouldn get you away with this that fast. ”

Damn it.

”Not only did you break the rules, but you have also handled confidential files about national security matters without permission. Merely firing you will be an act of mercy and be seen as negligence to uphold the rule of the dominion law. ”

Great, just great.

I will be sent to prison.

Welp, at least the food and lodging are free.

”Look at me, Miss Linnea Feodora. ”

I followed his orders and lifted my head.

Our eyes met, and what I saw almost knocked me out of consciousness.

A man can be this perfect, right?

I saw his pictures and videos, but he is just unbelievable in person.

Clean-cut ginger hair like his younger brother with faded sides and a face straight from the model magazines. Manly and well-proportioned jaws and striking features that exude prestige and royalty.

His eyes are fiery amber that burns with passion and bores through mine as if he is reading my soul right now while his thin pink lips are smiling at me alluringly.

He is wearing the ceremonial black, and red Arcanian Royal Army uniform that makes him look like the dashing prince charming straight from the fairytale books the matron from the orphanage has read to me before bedtime.

”Where did you put my boxer briefs? ”

I blushed profusely when he asked me that with a straight face, and it took me a few seconds to answer him.

”I sent it together with other items of clothing to the laundry room, Sir. ”

”To think you have managed to clean and organized this office masterfully before dinner on your own yesterday. If I didn check the security cameras, I wouldn have believed it, ” he said musingly before pressing a button in his desk that rang a buzzer outside the room, and the door opened with my boss coming in briskly bowing his head to the crown prince respectfully, ”Ill give you a month, Fritz. Lets not give the tabloids any more reason to call me the deranged heir, shall we? ”

”It shall be done. By your leave, Your Royal Highness, ” Fritz answered quickly before turning to me and showing me the way out of the office, ”Come, Linnea. We have so much to learn, so little time. ”

”Wait, what? ” I asked in confusion as the elderly boss of mine gave me a nudge to get a move on impatiently.

When I refused to budge, the Crown Prince stood up and pointed at the door menacingly, ”Better get a move on, Secretary Lyn. ”

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