… lion, lion tail! ?

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However, for Qiu Qiu, seeing the lion’s tail that was obviously very excited behind him, what came to mind was the big lion that rushed over at the moment of life and death.

He seems to be immersed in the scene again, even feeling the palm wind near his ear at that time!

“Chirp chirp—” The

The remaining action memory instantly made Qiu Qiu flutter his wings awkwardly and fly in a panic.

“Oh my God—”

At the moment when he flew up, almost all the people in the room raised their heads and yelled, and some even grabbed pillows to catch him.

“Qiu Yiming, you bastard!”

Qiu Chongshan directly pulled the second child, who was always mischievous back by his collar.

Only then did he remember that the wings are a little weak, and what to do in case he was frightened again! ?

 “Hiss! Dad, let go quickly! Catch my brother first–”

 Qiu Yiming couldn’t help but flick his tail and chase after him to help while baring his teeth and grinning.

It’s a bit weird, watching the little dumpling flying around, he can’t help but want to pounce on him!

”B*llsht, you will stay in place for Lao Tzu from now on! ”

“Wait, don’t worry.”

However, at the moment when everyone was panicked, Qiu Jingyu unexpectedly raised his eyebrows and looked at his shoulder, and the little guy had actually landed next to his collar. 

“Here it is.

The subtle weight of the small ball was hard to ignore, and he unconsciously slowed down his movements for the fear of scaring him away.


Qiu Qiu tilted his head and hid in his eldest brother’s hair, a little aggrieved and a little flustered.

What is everyone doing?

[ Uh, it’s nothing much, you were in a coma before, and everyone is very worried about you.

The system looked at the atmosphere that changed drastically after the host woke up, and was a little confused.

The audience was obviously nervous the moment before, but now, watching Qiu Chongshan grab Qiu Yiming in the air, the father and son are no longer oppressive.

Some medical staff even covered their mouths and snickered when they saw this scene.

Even if the rest of the room didn’t laugh, they all lowered their heads and bit their lips one after another, not daring to look at this scene.

Obviously, I didn’t expect this legendary family to have such a side.

In this regard, the system is in an inexplicable mood. 

Regardless of whether he awakens into a beast or not, in short, at least for now, the influence of his own host seems to be very remarkable? 

[By the way, this is the family that the original book arranged for you after you made the wish.
Are you satisfied? Three in one go! ]


With the introduction of the system, Qiu Qiu fluttered his wings a little blankly.

[That is your father.
The one your dad is grabbing, that’s your second brother.

“Eh… then there is the eldest brother? ”


  Recalling the plot of the original book, Qiu Qiu was suddenly a little uneasy. 

“The one you’re using to hide your wings and rub the neck, it’s your eldest brother.”

…! ?

The wings suddenly froze, and Qiu Qiu couldn’t help but look up silently.

Qiu Jingyu happened to glance over at that moment, and when they looked at each other, the atmosphere was extremely delicate. 

“Is it too late for me to apologize for the offense now…?”

[Um… maybe? ]

“And…why does everyone look at me with terrible eyes?” T^T

[…Maybe they are admiring your courage.

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The system glanced at the second brother Qiu Yiming, who was staring unwillingly, father Qiu Chongshan, who coughed calmly against his fist, and the room of doctors and staff with inexplicable expressions, and made a silent guess.

“It’s weird, obviously I was there when the shell was broken, why is the favorability added to the eldest brother?? Only the eldest brother accompanies him to see the doctor?”

On the soft sofa chair not far away, Qiu Yiming, with his legs upturned, patted the table and couldn’t help but poke his head into the room. 

 “This nursing quota limit is indeed a bit unreasonable.

As a father, Qiu Chongshan also frowned and looked at the doctor beside him, knocked on the back of the chair, and seriously expressed his opinion.

But apparently the protest was ineffective.

Because one “scared” the cubs as soon as they were born, and the other couldn’t change the explosive temper that had accumulated over tens of thousands of years, Qiu Chongshan and his youngest son Qiu Yiming were directly arranged to wait on the sidelines.

And were euphemistically deprived of the qualification of escort in disguise. 

“We’re sorry, Lord Prince, and the second young master.
The young master has just been born, the cub needs a relatively gentle environment…”

The doctor on the side explained in a low voice this time.
Although he was a little nervous, he had no initial fear of the father and son. 

Hearing this, the father and son on the sofa, who obviously did not fit the word “gentle”, changed their poses uncomfortably.

One put down his long legs that were up, and the other sat up slightly straight.

“    “Moreover, My Lord, the ones you prepared, um… the cub supplies may also need to be relocated.

The nursing doctor looked at the pile of cub supplies next door, especially the three-meter cub bed that was highlighted, with an inexplicable look. 

Cough, this, I got it, I got it.”

Qiu Chongshan covered his chin in embarrassment and responded a few times.
Qiu Yiming, who was next to him, was keenly aware of this and laughed out loud, only to be seen by his father and converged his smile. 

He politely sat aside.

Goodness, it looks like they have to change it from three meters to three centimeters…?

“By the way, My Lord Prince, how do we deal with the information about the birth of the young master on the Internet? ”

The hurried arrival of the Butler Lyman made the scene more complicated. 

“Although the media have been contacted to withdraw the manuscript, and the fermentation of some remarks has been temporarily controlled, but…everyone’s enthusiasm for the young master is very high.


“What do you mean, enthusiasm is high? ? ”

Qiu Yiming directly snatched the light brain from Lyman’s hands, and the bored father and son immediately studied the content seriously. 

And Lyman, whose light brain was snatched, instantly broke out in a cold sweat.

Wait a minute, I didn’t have time to quit…

At the center of the light screen, there seems to be the most popular anthropomorphic drawing of a shapeshifted cub with the broken shell! 

In the anthropomorphic picture, a young boy was falling down in the chubby milk golden eggshell, the messy blond hair slipping down to his ears.
He was covering his head in pain, and upon a closer look, there was a teardrop glistening.

Staring at the screen blankly, it was a cuteness attack! 

There are also a bunch of comments below shouting “cute, so cute” and “so curious about the original picture”! The popularity was very high~

Even though some people shouted below that this was the cub of the Prince’s Mansion, it didn’t help, and was even quickly overwhelmed… After all, this wave of contrast was quite huge! 

“What is this following line? The most mediocre picture you have ever seen… a cub breaking the shell? ”

Qiu Chongshan, who had never seen these things, was a little confused.

What are these young people doing nowadays?

“After contacting the media to withdraw the manuscript, cough, all the photos and videos of the young master have been removed due to copyright issues, but this kind of privately drawn pictures seems to have gained quite a lot of popularity.”

Lyman explained carefully, for fear that his unfavorable handling of the situation would cause some unimaginable consequences. 

After all, no one expected that the popularity would be so high, and that after withdrawing the manuscript, some people who had not seen it will become curious…

“BS! How could my little brother be like this?? This is simply an insult to my brother! Who drew this?”

At the moment when the audience was silent, Qiu Yiming stood up angrily.

How sad my brother will be if he saw this? ? ?

 Which beast would be willing to have pictures of him shedding tears spread all over the Internet? ?

This is simply doubting his brother’s strength.

“Ah, second young master, what are you doing—”

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Seeing that Qiu Yiming had logged in to his account, Lyman opened the forum.

He 1drafted a new message seriously and quite quickly, clicked, and sent it. 

[The strongest V in the whole universe: Don’t draw unrealistic things, my brother will only grow like this [screenshot 018234][Shell Breaking Birthday Picture.jpg]]

“Yes, this new one looks pleasing to the eye.
Although the old one is strangely good-looking, it just doesn’t feel good.”

Qiu Chongshan, who was beside him, looked at the new painting and nodded with satisfaction joining to the excitement.

“It’s just that six abdominal muscles are not enough.
In the future, take your brother to practice more, and he can definitely have eight.
I, Your father was born with an eight-pack!”


After the father and son finished appreciating it, Lyman got their brain back.

After seeing the data on the light brain that had already started to soar in an instant, the group of the publicity and distribution department who had been extremely nervous a second ago suddenly became a little out of breath.

Looked at the satisfied father and son blankly. 

This may be the first time in tens of thousands of years that the Prince’s Mansion is involved in a hot search that’s not political or military news, but parent-child news.……

It seems that the Publicity Department has to recruit new people again.


“That’s right, that’s right, just lift the wings a little bit.


Claire, an elderly doctor, couldn’t help but gently guide him, and the little cub in front of him spread his wings very obediently, simply too good! 

When he was still investigating herbal medicine on the Wilderness Star, he was forcibly “invited” Emperor Star to do a so-called cub inspection by a group of guards who landed in an aircraft.
Claire was in a terrible mood.

Even if he was promised a high remuneration that would give him peace of mind for several lifetimes, Claire was quite annoyed.

He was already old, and his reputation has spread all over interstellar space.
It is impossible for him to accept this kind of forced arrangement in his life! 

Especially these bastard nobles who have always been domineering, and the cubs they give birth to have always been extremely savage!


However, the moment he was “escorted” by the guards all the way into the mansion and saw his little patient this time, Claire suddenly felt that… maybe it would be good to make an exception this time.

For Qiu Qiu at the moment, the doctor in front of him was the most normal person he had ever seen since he woke up!

Like the grandfather in a fairy tale!

The breath is not oppressive at all, very mysterious.

“How clever! I have never seen such a smart and well-behaved cub! ”

Facing Qiu Qiu’s moist eyes looking ahead, Claire’s praise couldn’t help but come out one after another.


Qiu Qiu couldn’t help but rubbed against the doctor’s finger twice, obviously understanding the compliment, and he felt so cute that Claire almost couldn’t hold the stethoscope. 

After several inspections, Claire was so happy that even the prototype beard of the goat was about to emerge.


Seeing such a scene, Qiu Jingyu, who remained silent after expressing his apology to Claire for the “forced invitation”, finally looked over.

The faint suspicion in his eyes was almost indescribable.

The old man in front of him is famous for his medical skills, but his medical reputation is accompanied by his strange and unpredictable temper.

It’s just that the situation was urgent, so he could only arrange for subordinates to forcibly bring him over. 

He even prepared for the worst-case scenario.
After all, this doctor has a young granddaughter who has been raised in a remote galaxy, and if necessary, it can used as a bargaining chip.

Although he really didn’t want to go to that step. 

However, the current abnormal situation made Qiu Jingyu wonder for the first time whether his subordinates had caught the wrong doctor. 

It wasn’t until the moment he looked at Qiu Jingyu, the eldest young master, that Claire recalled what a rude and terrifying big family he was facing, and pulled his beard to restrain himself.

“Cough, oh, young master, you can’t do this, me, this old man is just a doctor…”


Seeing that Claire withdrew his hand, Qiu Qiu, who was placed on the cushion, couldn’t help but jumped several times, and chased after him a little stickily.

This time Claire used all his restraint, but still couldn’t hold back a smile. 

Speaking of which, the newly born little son of this family is simply a miracle! 

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Not only he is round and cute, he‘s not at all like those terrifying and eerie beast cubs when he is born, and even has a very friendly personality!

He is quite similar to these inferior beasts who are naturally subservient to high-level spiritual beasts!

It really makes people want to do the best for the little guy!

“Is it over? So, what are you doing?”

After Qiu Chongshan and his party, who had been waiting outside the clinic for a long time, were finally allowed in, they unexpectedly saw the scene in front of them. 

Their own cub, who they can’t touch, is sticking his wings on the doctor’s fingertips affectionately and delightfully! ? ?


Qiu Qiu turned around and saw his father and second brother outside the door, but still instinctively hid.

After all, for a small bird, obviously Uncle Goat is much cuter than a group of carnivorous beasts…TvT

“Uh, My Lord, this, this is checking the flexibility of the wings.”

Facing the fierce beast aura that Qiu Chongshan and his party had never restrained, Claire squeezed his beard and explained as calmly as possible. 


Qiu Chongshan glanced at Claire thoughtfully, as if he suddenly understood something.

Immediately, he looked at his youngest son as kindly as possible and gave a smile.

However, the man’s habitual and domineering expression is obviously not suitable for this kind of gentle smile.
The appearance of smiling is even more terrifying than his cold face.

So that the effect is almost as subtle as “Are you moved?” “Don’t dare to move, don’t dare to move”…2

In silence, there is no fluff ball coming over, let alone being intimate and coquettish, only a long-overdue and extremely hesitant “chirp”? 

So this is what a beast will look like in the future QAQ

[Theoretically speaking, ahem, it is like this.

Qiu Qiu was a little nervous after listening to the system’s reply.

Qiu Chongshan:……… Deep frustration under the calmness of the surface.

Doctor Claire on the side saw Qiu Qiu’s nervousness, and spoke out to relieve the siege:

“My Lord, you are here just in time.
The young master seems to be very smart.
He seems to have a complete inheritance and memory, and he can already understand some simple words.

As a legendary doctor on Emperor Star, Claire also relied on his professional medical skills to gain the approval of most of the beast families being the prototype of a goat.

After carefully examining Qiu Qiu, he came to a preliminary judgment.

“He can understand the words? That means that transformation is not a problem anymore!”

Qiu Yiming immediately made inferences.
After all, if he could understand the words, his mental strength is definitely complete!

“That’s true, Second Young Master.”

Claire replied with a smile, and even he felt the relaxed atmosphere in the room at this moment. 

“Chirp! Chirp~”

Of course he could understand what they said, and he still wanted to speak!

“Cough, will you call me Dad?”

Qiu Chongshan tried to squat beside the bed, looking at the little guy in front of him curiously.

Qiu Qiu blinked a few times, under Qiu Chongshan’s expectant gaze, he rarely did not fly away, but began to think seriously.


Unfortunately, after a few seconds, it was only a weak chirp.

The way birds make sounds seems to be quite different from that of humans, not all of them can…

  /See the original translation at Universal Novel / Translations by Gline Shaou/

The little wings spread out several times, but they never flew up, just bounced a few times on the soft cushion.

“Ahem, Lord Prince, even if the young master is very smart, it will take some time!”

Seeing that the little cub was suddenly depressed, Claire quickly interfered.

“Uh…oh, okay.”

Facing a herbivorous cub for the first time, Qiu Chongshan was also a little nervous. 

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Did you accidentally say something wrong? ? ?

“Of course, there are few things, as well as the young master’s future training plan.
I’ll have to chat alone with the parents.”

After the atmosphere relaxed, Claire looked at this scene and spoke with some worry.

The three fierce beasts in a room glanced at each other, and obviously understood something. 


Qiu Qiu received a touch filled with distress on his head and stayed where he was, watching the backs of them leave for the first time. 


The eyes are pure and ignorant, that people inexplicably can’t help but feel reluctant to leave him there.

“Cough, wait for your brother, I’ll be right back.”

It’s rare to be stared at so much that even Qiu Yiming tried to squat down for the first time and explained awkwardly. 

A big lion whispering softly, quite bizarre! 

The staff in the room who were familiar with Qiu Yiming’s temper since childhood was a little unbelievable.


However, the person who was whispered to was obviously not conscious of this, but instead yelled with a little joy, instantly letting the three of the family leave with peace of mind. 

However, as the door was gently closed, the little bird on the cushion fell silent.

The beautiful cream-colored tail feathers that were always raised also fell behind him, silently watching the closed door.

“System, can I speak…?”

[Of course~ but some conditions are required, such as the novice gift package you obtained earlier, which can be used to activate early development skills…]

“But I used it before, and now it’s gone.
Can’t I learn to speak for a long time?” Moreover, I don’t seem to be very good at flying.

Although he has just come to the world in the book, he is no stranger to the eyes of the adults. 

Sometimes for some subtle emotions of adults, the little ones can be extremely keen and sensitive.

[Ah, don’t worry about this, we will have many opportunities in the future to obtain rewards for completing the plot ! ! ! The novice gift pack is nothing! ! ! ]

Seeing his host suddenly lost, the system couldn’t help but get anxious. 

It couldn’t wait to drop a reward package from the sky immediately.

The appearance of a cub staring at the door with its head tilted silently without crying or chirping is really disturbing.

So much so that the staff on the side looked a little strange and soft-hearted.
Could it be that he could guess what the doctor did not say in front of him?

“Don’t be sad, young master, you are amazing, the whole Star Network likes you so much! ”

“Everyone guessed that you must be mighty after your transformation!”

The staff comforted him gently, but Qiu Qiu tilted his tail feathers and looked over suspiciously. 

Does the whole Star Network like him? QAQ

But in the plot guide it is written to make the whole star Network afraid of himself …? 

[Dip – Indirectly complete the villain’s classic daily task “rampant dominance”, the prestige of the beast +10! ]

[Dip – The activation of the special villain’s prestige event is detected and continues to ferment, the prestige of the beast +40, the cumulative prestige point is 100, and the primary gift package is dropped X1! ]

[Damn, it can also be rewarded suddenly in this way! ]

As the staff’s voice fell, the sound of rewards suddenly sounded in his ears, so coincidental that even the system was stunned. 

? ? ?

What the hell is going on here? ? ?

Could it be that the host is too good-natured, and the main brain has opened the back door? ? ?

“Then, can I talk now?”

Just when the system was shocked, the milky golden dumpling on the side tilted its head a little shyly in expectation, and its cocked tail trembled. 

Okay, this is also very villainous. 

The system tried to calmly hold its chin and think for a second.

It is of course a sin to bleed the enemy! ! !3

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