Jin Rin looked at this scene indifferently and appeared in front of the grocery store in the next second. 

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     It’s just that when the young man lowered his eyes and picked up a marshmallow taking it for granted, he was stopped by the grandma. 


     “…This, this young master, the orange flavor is 15 star coins.


     Grandma was also a little surprised. 


     Probably because she was getting old and dazzled, she didn’t notice the person in front of her until he walked up to her.


     Just looking at this demeanor and appearance, it really doesn’t look like someone on a Garbage Star. 


     It’s more like the nobles in those paintings of Emperor Star.


     ……star coins. 


     Jin Rin paused for a moment, and quickly realized that he was in a dream world.


     When he waved his hand again, a pale golden arc fell into Grandma’s cloth pocket and disappeared in a blink of an eye. 

     “Strange, it can’t be that I was dazzled in broad daylight that he suddenly disappeared…”


     Grandma stared blankly in front of her where there was no one, and then rummaged through the cloth bag with hindsight. 


     In the next second, a golden cufflink fell out from between the dirty broken star coins with a “ding dong”, and even the golden branch pattern symbolizing imperial power on it was lifelike to the extreme. 


     “Young, young master – we can’t use gold here at all!” 


     Holding the hot cufflinks, no matter how grandma shouted this time, the young man was nowhere to be seen. 

     “This one? ”


     Just as Qiu Qiu was quietly squatting at the door of the pharmacy waiting for his aunt to come out, a cold voice suddenly sounded in his ears. 


     The next second he looked up, and he saw a familiar cloud of light orange marshmallows, with a sweet scent. 


    What made Qiu Qiu unable to move his eyes even more were the pale golden pupils of the boy behind the marshmallow. 


     Although it is cold, it looks great. 


     Qiu Qiu blinked, feeling a little overwhelmed, but instead stared at Jin Rin through the marshmallow. 


     “Not this? ”


     Jin Rin was silent for a moment, then lowered his eyes to look at the marshmallow in his hand again. 


     “I, I won’t eat it.
My aunt will buy it for me next year.
You can eat it, or it will melt.


     Qiu Qiu’s face flushed slightly, and he held the cloth bag in his arms tightly and persuaded in a serious tone. 


     He doesn’t know why, but this brother looks good. 


     It looks better than the picture on the luminous screen in the director’s study. 




     Perhaps it was because the other party’s eyes were too sincere and expectant.
Jin Rin tried to taste a marshmallow that had never been touched before. 


     Very inferior industrial sugar substitute. 


     But it seems to be the only way for this resource-exhausted civilians who cannot obtain natural sugar products to get the sweet comfort.


     “Isn’t it delicious? I haven’t eaten the orange flavor yet.


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     However, after watching Jin Rin take a sip blankly, Qiu Qiu asked expectantly. 


     The sound is very light, but it is as soft as a marshmallow dipped in it. 


     Jin Rin looked at the soft milk-golden hair of the little guy in front of him, as well as the amethyst-like eyes, and felt that this was indeed in line with the aesthetics of the dragon clan. 


     The dragons at the top of the order have been able to enter any dreamland in the interstellar for thousands of years and get a glimpse of all the undercurrents of desire in their hearts. 


     But he didn’t seem to have come to such a simple dream for a long time. 


    It makes people want to make an exception and let them have a sweet dream. 


     When Qiu Qiu’s eyes widened slightly, the young man in front of him suddenly stretched out a hand. 


     In the next second, the boy’s well-knotted palm was miraculously filled with a handful of dizzying gold coins and gems. 


     “Choose one and take it away, you can buy whatever you want.


     Although it seems that since I can remember, I haven’t done such a boring thing for a long time. 


     After all, when desires are satisfied, they will always magnify infinitely. 


     Without exception. 


     If you give one, you will hope for the second and third. 


     Until they finally started wishing for that marshmallow machine. 


     However, just when Jin Rin was thinking about all this indifferently, his thoughts were suddenly interrupted by a voice. 


     “But these are not mine.


     Looking at this pile of golden jewels, Qiu Qiu looked at the small cloth bag in his arms again. 


     “I have never had anything so beautiful and shiny.
My things are easy to recognize, they are all gray.


     As he talked, Qiu Qiu was a little worried again.


     “And why are you stupid? If you are seen by those older children, it will easily be snatched away.
Remember to hide it.” 


     “Qiuqiu, what are you doing–”


     At this moment, the aunt who went out saw this scene and quickly ran over nervously. 


     Qiu Qiu also looked back subconsciously holding the small cloth bag. 




     It seems that from his birth to the present… he has never been evaluated like this, even by the most rigorous Presbyterian Church. 


     The moment Jin Rin frowned and raised his eyes, the dream in front of him suddenly disappeared like fragments. 


    In the next second, a domineering voice came to his ears from afar. 


     “Dragon? Those arrogant and annoying stinky reptiles? Get close to my brother? dream on! This young master has been upset with them for tens of thousands of years! ”


     The atmosphere in the prince’s mansion was extremely tense at the moment.
Qiu Yiming, who was sitting straddling a chair, directly crushed the back of the carved chair after hearing the doctor’s latest advice. 


     Even Qiu Jingyu rarely raised his eyes and looked over.

     The two extremely fierce mental powers pressed down with deterrence, instantly causing the medical staff to emerge with cold sweat, and the staff behind them directly broke the medical box in his hands. 

       /See the original translation at Universal Novel / Translations by Gline Shaou/

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     “Young, young master, what I just meant was, if there is an existence with extraordinarily powerful bloodline around him who is willing to use the power of bloodline to protect him, maybe the time of the young master’s transformation can be relatively advanced…” 


     “And the Dragon Clan is indeed the existence of the most powerful bloodline known at present!”


     The doctor never expected to encounter such a situation just by proposing a possible treatment method. 


     The relationship between the Prince’s Mansion and the dragon clan seems to be as tense as the rumors say? 


     “What, I’m so powerful, am I no better than a dragon?? ”


     As the most thoroughly awakened existence in the family, Qiu Yiming directly scoffed at this. 


     “What’s there to be afraid of when you’re just born weak? I’ll teach him with my own hands.
When he grows up, he will definitely become a real beast!”


     “Just why does he like to sleep so much, even especially picking the eldest brother’s hand to sleep, is he not afraid of being eaten by the eldest brother.


     Qiu Yiming, who was lying on the back of the chair, sighed with a bit of vinegar, feeling inexplicably unwilling. 


    The second child was gloomily thinking that he had to find a way to let his younger brother know how dark the elder brother is. 


     This involuntary sigh instantly caused Qiu Jingyu, who was beside him, to glance over with an indifferent smile. 




     The doctor and his staff on the side watched this scene, barely keeping a smile under the pressure of two invisible mental powers, and wiping their sweat with handkerchiefs and trembling fingers.


     Instead of worrying about changing shape… it’s better to say that what you should really worry about is the food chain of this family. 


     Let the fierce carnivorous family carefully raise a weak herbivorous cub, and also develop him into a beast…? 


     It’s ridiculous to think about it, not to mention that this is the Prince’s Mansion, which has always been known for its terrifying reputation! 


     So, what is the emergency contact number of the Cub Protection Association? 




     In the tense atmosphere, Qiu Chongshan, as a father, held down his two sons with a light expression.


     In an instant, the two mental powers were dissipated, and everyone was relieved as if they were saved, and their fingers turned white unconsciously. 


     “My Lord Prince–”


     As a father, Qiu Chongshan has long been accustomed to the controversy between the two brothers. 


     As long as there are no fundamental accidents, the family will never stop this type of behavior, and it can even be said to be an encouraging attitude. 


     After all, the second son was stupid since he was a child, and he only remembered to use his brain after being deceived a few times occasionally. 


     As for the eldest, sometimes in the face of absolute strength, overly arrogant tactics are not without disadvantages. 


     But the situation is obviously different now. 


     “Don’t mention those unlucky things in the future, the most annoying thing in my life is those dragons.”


    In the next second, a voice that was far more impatient than before directly overshadowed the doctor’s words. 

     The words that the man said casually with a bit of domineering and impatience instantly filled the entire room with an indescribable sense of oppression. 


     The innate surrender of the lower races to the upper races in their blood made it impossible for the former to even escape at this moment of crisis. 

     [Ah, ah, host baby, if you don’t wake up again, we can be sent to cremation together…] 


     Lying weakly next to his host, the system no longer wanted to care about this scene that was gradually becoming weird. 


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     “Even ten thousands of years ago those old things made people uncomfortable to look at, they like to point their fingers everywhere! What nonsense–”


     However, just as Qiu Chongshan cursed and recalled his unpleasant experience of dealing with the elders of the Dragon clan tens of thousands of years ago, a soft chirping sound suddenly sounded in the room. 


     “Chirp, chirp…? ”


     It instantly attracted the attention of the audience! 


     The milk-colored little dumpling curled up in the palm of the hand had woken up at some point. 


     Just waking up from his dream and looking at everything in front of him, Qiu Qiu tilted his head blankly, as if he was a little troubled, staring at Qiu Chongshan. 


     As a father, Qiu Chongshan had just cursed vigorously, but it was too late to retract at this moment, so he had to inevitably accept the “dazed” gaze of his youngest son. 


     “Cough…those dogs, I mean, even if they are puppies, they can’t point fingers at others.


     After coughing a few times, even Qiu Chongshan blushed a little bit. 


     The embarrassing breath of the forced explanation instantly permeated. 


    Regarding this kind of rude behavior of using uncivilized language in front of herbivorous cubs, the medical staff took a bold glance at His Lord the prince, who was rarely blushing, and then glanced worriedly at the cub who was still staring at Qiu Chongshan.


     Sure enough, this kind of rough family environment is completely unsuitable for mild-tempered herbivorous cubs! ! ! 


     [God, you are finally willing to wake up, look at this treatment list! ! All the doctors say you are really not a beast! ! ! 】


     The system hurriedly pushed the bird dumpling and to finish reading the diagnosis and treatment list. 




     Treatment list……? 


     So after the cub in the palm of his hand let out a soft cry, he seemed to be attracted by the treatment list on the table, and looked down in a daze while lying on the edge of his eldest brother’s palm. 


     Congenital weakness……


     The mental attributes are unknown… 


     The attack power cannot be determined for the time being. 


     Every time he read a word, the milk-gold tail feathers that were raised high lowered a little. 


     He didn’t even have time to recall the things encountered in the dream before.


     After all, he really doesn’t seem to be a beast……


     So much that the adults in the whole room who were staring at this scene could obviously feel his indescribable sense of loss, and they were at a loss wondering how to comfort him.


     Well, all the previous arguments are put aside. 


     The most critical question now is, who put the diagnosis and treatment list here! ? Isn’t this a blow to the cub’s self-confidence? ? ? 


     At this moment, the door of the room was knocked again. 


     “Report, My Lord Prince, this is the latest test result.
It is a herbivorous species-”


    At the moment when the atmosphere was silent, Qiu Chongshan took the treatment list directly from the new staff and mercilessly turned it into a ball of waste paper amidst the staff’s slightly horrified gaze. 


     “Cough, what a mess, don’t look at it, talking nonsense to Lao Tzu.


     “Chirp? ”

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     Qiu Qiu, who was taken aback, tilted his body on the palm. 

     “Why is our family not a beast ? ! Just born, isn’t it normal to be a little bit smaller,  he’ll definitely get stronger when he grows up! ”


     They are all old antiques that have lived for hundreds of thousands of years.
Despite the other things, there are still a lot of good materials and treasures stocked up at home.


     Qiu Chongshan squatted beside the bed in a savage manner, and couldn’t help showing a bit of his former temper, but he was so domineering that he inexplicably gave people a sense of trust. 


     It seems… to make sense.
If he works hard to eat, could he grow stronger? 


     Qiu Qiu blinked a few times, looking at Qiu Chongshan, his tail feathers cocked up a little bit inexplicably. 


     He didn’t know why, but the little guy in front of him makes people like him.
Recalling the feeling when he just broke the shell, Qiu Chongshan subconsciously reached out and wanted to touch him. 

    It’s a pity that the palm is too big and the little guy is too small.
As soon as Qiu Chongshan reached out his palm, the little guy hid in the cuffs of his eldest son’s wrist with a “chirp”. 




     Qiu Chongshan put his hands back on his knees embarrassedly, and turned to stare uncomfortably at the people around him who were obviously a little erratic, and immediately made everyone lower their heads and dare not look around. 


     “Do you know me? ”


     Feeling the soft feathers clinging to his wrists, Qiu Jingyu’s voice finally saved the awkward silence. 


    He successfully made the little guy hiding in his cuffs twist his chubby body, and poke his furry little head out of the cuffs again. 


     “Chirp? ”


     Regarding the familiar warm temperature, Qiu Qiu still remembered the security of being caught at the last moment in his mind and responded softly, almost like a chick. 


     After he fell off, he seemed to be caught. 


     Qiu Qiu slowly recalled the memories before falling asleep, only remembering that the system said that the other party was very kind. 


     “…Will you call me brother?”


     For some reason, Qiu Jingyu felt this soft temperature, and the corners of his mouth inexplicably raised slightly. 


     It seems that having a herbivorous younger brother is also very good. 


     Just keep it by the side and slowly raise it, and see what it will look like in the future.


     “Chirp… Gugu? 1”


     It’s a pity that Qiu Qiu made a sound subconsciously, and it seemed a bit babbling, but it instantly shocked everyone in the room. 


     Even Qiu Jingyu was a little surprised.
He was just teasing casually, but he actually shouted it out? 


     “Damn, he actually remembers the eldest brother? ? What about me? ! ”


     Upon noticing this scene, Qiu Yiming, who couldn’t help but jump out of the chair, pointed at himself and wanted to stick it in front of Qiu Qiu. 

     It looks like he really doesn’t remember well. 


     QAQ! ? 


     Facing a face that suddenly magnified in front of him, Qiu Qiu’s previous thoughts were interrupted. 


     “Me? Your second brother, the second brother who wants to protect you from falling off the window sill! ”


    I don’t know why, just being stared at so blankly by his brother who had just broken his shell, Qiu Yiming, who was patting the table, couldn’t hold back the lion’s tail, flicking it around, looking forward to a response. 


     The first time I met him, he appeared so mighty, it’s obvious that he must’ve left a more powerful impression than the big brother! ! ! 

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