Outside the Prince’s Mansion, there was an inaudible braking sound from the black suspension car. 

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     The next second, as the guards bowed and opened the car door, a strange young man walked down. 


     The man lowered his eyes and straightened out the dark silver cufflinks, wearing a silver-gray high-end custom suit, which set off his wide and smooth inverted triangle figure almost perfectly. 


     The high-ranking aura in his gestures added a touch of extravagance that was hard to ignore. 


     At this moment, with the sound of an unexpected lion’s roar, the man suddenly glanced in the direction of the main house. 


     “My Lord Speaker, the main house was completely disconnected three minutes ago.
At present, it seems that there was an emergency due to the birth of the young master.” 


     The secretary holding the itinerary on the side quickly lowered his head and reported. 


     “No, it should have just broken the shell ahead of time.
It looks like we couldn’t catch up with the oracle.” 

     Qiu Jingyu just glanced at the watch in his hand, his tone indifferent. 

     It’s just that he didn’t know what happened, it’s very rare to make the second child so angry. 


     Maybe it’s really a strange beast? 


     This is rare. 


     Regarding the man’s thoughtful silence, almost no one around dared to respond but bowed their heads a little bit more. 


     “Chirp, chirp chirp! ”


     However, in the next second, a soft bird chirping suddenly sounded not far away. 


     [Host, where are you going to fly? Why don’t we find a tree to hide first? ]


     Even the system is a little terrified about the experience of “escape from death” just now. 


     “I’m sorry… I’m a little tired, it seems that I can’t fly.


    As the novice gift bag BUFF disappeared, Qiu Qiu only felt an indescribable tingling sensation gradually increasing between the flapping of his little wings. 


     A little sleepy, but a little lost. 


     Even if all the materials were memorized word by word, and all the assessment subjects got full marks, it seemed that he still couldn’t be a villain. 


     He did not become a beast, nor did he have a tail and claws. 


     He can slowly learn to become very fierce, and gradually become in line with expectations, can’t he?


     [Uh, why so sad about this, it’s just a normal food chain relationship! Just hold on a little longer and I’ll think of a way…] 


     [Wait, there seems to be someone over there! ]


     Seeing this scene, the system suddenly realized that there was still a young guy in front of him.
It seems that this is the time for his own system to start functioning. 


     But after careful analysis, how should a cub who was forced to go into the wild just after breaking its shell survive… 


     Cough, finding a shit shoveling1 officer sounds good. 


     “My Lord Speaker, there is a small… be careful? ”


     The secretary on the side and the bodyguards behind him were originally ready to be on guard. 


     It’s just that after seeing this “uninvited guest”, everyone hesitated inexplicably. 


     It looks like it’s just a little bird? 


     And it looks weirdly…cute. 


     This little milk-golden dumpling looked like its wings were injured, and it fell completely after a few last twists and turns and was about to fall to the ground. 


     To the surprise of everyone at the scene, the next moment, the little guy was caught by Qiu Jingyu’s hand that reached out.


     [Hey, I knew it! This person looks very handsome… Ah no, very kind.


    The well-planned system watched Qiu Qiu being held in the palm of his hand, and suddenly breathed a sigh of relief. 

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     “…but this is not so good? ”


     Qiu Qiu was a little embarrassed when he realized that he was caught by a kind person, but his wings were too tired to move. 


     [No, you are just a bird that has just broken its shell.
Eating some fruit every day will not cause the other party a lot of expenses.
As long as he is willing to be your shit shoveling officer…]


     The system scratched its head.
In the current situation, there seems to be no other choice. 


     Although it’s a bit like touching porcelain.2


     Qiu Jingyu looked at the little guy in his palm who didn’t seem to plan to leave after “touching the porcelain”, and couldn’t help but gently tap the fluff on his head with his fingers. 


     “I never keep pets.


     As if guessing Qiu Qiu’s plan, the man just raised his lips and gently refused. 


     [Oh my god, this person is not willing to raise you! ]


     This time it was the system’s turn to be shocked suddenly. 


     To be honest, calm down and think about it carefully.
Although his host failed to become a beast, … in a sense, it can also be called a cute beast! 


     It’s hard for ordinary people to refuse! ? 


     And this man is so good-looking, but why does he look a bit familiar? 


     The frightened system couldn’t help but look at the man in distress. 




     Qiu Qiu suddenly poked his tail feathers at the man and yelled softly. 


     The soft little wings trembled, and the warm fluff on the belly filled the gaps in the palm, and the weight added an indescribable softness. 


     Perhaps it was this touch that inexplicably caused Qiu Jingyu to have rare patience. 


    Although according to his previous temper, the opening and closing of his palm can make this soft little guy directly turn into a bloody patch. 


     But this one doesn’t look very smart. 


     Doesn’t even know how to find the right one to ask for help. 

     On the contrary, people can’t help but rub the little guy’s head.
It’s better to work hard to gain weight before sending it to the door. 


     “Elder Brother! ? You are finally back, damn it, be careful, don’t pinch him! ”


     At this moment, Qiu Yiming, who finally chose to jump from the window sill to chase after him, shouted unexpectedly. 


     After seeing the little dumpling in his eldest brother’s palm, he was so nervous that even his voice changed. 


     [Wait…elder brother? ]


     After a second of silence, the system on the side finally reacted to a terrible fact. 


     [Damn, I remembered, this is the most dangerous pervert in this family QWQ] 


     This is not salvation at all! ! On the contrary, it’s like sending the sheep into the tiger’s mouth! 


     However, this time, the roar of the system failed to get any response from Qiu Qiu. 


     In the man’s palm, the fluffy little dumpling seemed exhausted to the extreme and fell into a deep sleep unconsciously. 


     It was fluffy like a small ball, and it looked very soft against the background of the man’s well-knotted palms. 


Qiu Yiming watched with novelty that the little guy fell asleep peacefully in his elder brother’s palm, and suddenly became a little moved. 


     “That… brother, can you let me touch it for a while.


     Why, why does it look so soft and so good! ? 


     So it turns out that this is the legendary “younger brother”? ? ? From now on, I also have a younger brother! ? 

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     “No way.


    However, in the next second, Qiu Jingyu raised his eyebrows and moved his palm away. 


     Flying into his hand, since he didn’t refuse, then this is his bird. 


     Qiu Yiming:? ? ? 


     “Are you crazy? ? ? It’s just that the pile of broken accounts from childhood to adulthood can’t be settled.
This time it’s also Lao Tzu’s younger brother, okay? ! ! Why only you’re allowed to touch him! ”

     Qiu Yiming, who had often been deceived by his eldest brother since he was a child, let out a somewhat incoherent roar, which instantly surprised  Qiu Jingyu.


     “…younger brother? ”


     The top of the Emperor Star’s order, deep in the silent palace. 


     “Octa, you betrayed the empire and sold the mineral resources to the Zerg privately.
His Majesty is very disappointed in you.
The dragons will withdraw all their blessings given to you.


     A somewhat old voice sounded in the empty hall. 


     The old man’s pale beard was extremely strange, almost hanging to the ground, his dark robe was solemn, and the two dragon horns on his forehead were the most striking. 


     The man kneeling in the hall clenched his hands tightly after hearing the verdict: “But I’m His Majesty’s uncle, how dare you, a subspecies…” 


     “This is His Majesty’s will.
There are no secrets in front of His Majesty.


     The old man’s voice was still majestic and indifferent.
After a few seconds of silence with a gloomy expression on his face, the unwilling man looked up at the high throne for the first time trembling with fear and resentment. 


     “Monster! He’s a monster, how can he see all of us-”


     “You are crazy, Octa! ”


     The old man watched this scene in shock. 


    However, at the moment when the man’s fingertips touched the throne, it was as if all his mental power had been drawn out, and even the two originally majestic dragon horns on his forehead quickly dimmed until they were extinguished. 


     Under the absolute suppression of blood and strength, the man’s eyes didn’t even have the time to show even half of his unwillingness, leaving only deep fear. 


     Not only the once-powerful aura, but even the bloody aura from before disappeared without a trace. 


     Looking at the picture in front of him, the old man sighed. 


     The third domain will have to choose a new Counsel again. 


     “But Your Majesty, I just got the news that the cub egg given by the oracle has already hatched, but it doesn’t seem to be…”


     At this moment, the highly respected old man looked extremely respectful, leaning slightly to report the latest news to the existence on the throne.


     Just as if the existence on the throne is god. 


     But after a long time, only a few faint breathing sounds responded to the old man. 


     And on the throne, the existence respectfully called “Your Majesty” by the old man was not an elderly monarch, but only a young man. 


     The ink-colored broken hair fell to his ears, the brow bones were extremely deep, and the corners of his lips were slightly pursed.


     Even if he has not opened his eyes yet, it is enough to make one imagine how powerful it will be when he opened his eyes. 


     He was born with the prestige and indifference of a ruler. 


     However, the cracks on the two dragon horns in the young man’s hair were particularly thrilling. 


     “His Majesty seems to be asleep again.


     With a sigh, there was a bit more silence in the empty hall. 


     “This is the third time since the star era.


     It’s getting more and more frequent. 


    The robed woman who had always stood behind the old man couldn’t help but worry.:

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     “Every time he falls asleep, it is very dangerous.
If His Majesty’s spirit body that is living outside encounters any accident, the top of the order will change.
This is…”


     “Alice, I know your concerns.
But after all, His Majesty is not yet an adult, and for a monarch, he has already done a good job.


     “Every time he uses the power of dreams, it will be a great loss” 


     “Fortunately, the baby beast egg given by the oracle is not a powerful beast… Otherwise, the lineage of the Prince’s Mansion would hardly be able to control.” 


     After the old man’s voice fell, the silence in the hall for tens of thousands of years was restored. 

    /See the original translation at Universal Novel / Translations by Gline Shaou/


     “Congenital weakness? ”


     On the soft chair beside the bed in the Prince’s Mansion, Qiu Jingyu pursed his lips and looked at the fat little chubby still curled up in his palm. 


     It’s actually his younger brother. 


     A small soft mass, and a little sticky. 


     It’s so simple… it makes people a little reluctant to think about bullying. 


     The doctor on the side looked at the data and seemed to feel indescribable distress. 


     “Yes, my Lord Speaker, perhaps it was because he was frightened and forced to spread his wings to fly after breaking the shell.
The young master’s wings are indeed congenitally weak.


     “Moreover, all ancient blood creatures were queried, and the exact category was not found.
If you only look at the coat color, it is a bit like a ‘pearl bird’.


     However, the pictures of the so-called pearl bird have long been lost. 


     Literally, it is indeed like a round little pearl. 


     There is a bit of squeamishness in nature. 


     “It is said that this is a kind of bird that is quite easy to be scared.


    After the paleontologist behind the doctor added seriously, everyone present had a rather strange feeling. 


     Not only you cannot see what kind of spiritual body it is, but also looks like it has no deterrent power, and it’s such a squeamish character. 


     This is by no means a beast! 


     “Then can my brother transform in the future? ”

     Qiu Yiming eagerly watched his eldest brother comb the little guy’s tail feathers with his fingertips, scratching the back of the chair with an itchy hand but asked a key question. 


     In the interstellar era, regardless of whether the body is weak or not, as long as it can be smoothly transformed from the spiritual body, it is a pure-blooded existence. 


     Some races are born with mottled bloodlines, and even if they change shape, they will preserve some signs of animal state.
The more remote the galaxy, the more common this situation is. 


     For example, those who exist in the form of half-orcs often only retain part of the reason that belongs to humans, and more often rely on the instinct of beasts to survive. 




     Facing this problem, the doctor couldn’t help showing embarrassment. 


     In theory, this cub egg given by the oracle should be the purest existence on the interstellar. 


     The more pure the bloodline and the tyrannical mental power, the more top-notch the body shape and even appearance will be after the transformation. 


     But the current situation is very strange. 


     “So even if it changes shape in the future, the physique will be very weak? ”


     Qiu Jingyu realized the meaning of the doctor’s silence, and asked in a flat tone, but his fingers gently rubbed along the tail feathers of the little guy wrapped around his fingertips.


     Qiu Qiu, who was sleeping soundly, was a little itchy and tilted his head slightly. 


     The milk-gold tail feathers were upturned, like a small dumpling turned over, unsuspectingly dependent. 


    [Oh, my god, I was caught back again.
This time, the three villains of the family were all present in one breath.
How can you still not wake up, host? ? ? ]

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     At the moment when the atmosphere was on the verge of exploding, the system couldn’t wait to pass out with Qiu Qiu. 


     [Our old bottom is about to be revealed! ]3


     [Will there be a chance to see the male lead alive if you go on like this! ]


     But for Qiu Qiu, he seems to be having a long dream. 


     In the dream he returned to the past. 


     Amidst the vaguely audible laughter, the only grocery store of the Garbage Star was in front of him. 


     He remembers very well, with 10 shiny crystals, you can buy a marshmallow from Grandma. 


     If you add 5, you can also choose colored orange or strawberry flavors. 


     It’s just that before he could see the marshmallows in the grocery store through the railing, he was plunged into darkness, and his eyes seemed to be inadvertently covered with a hand, blocking his vision. 


     “You have to go back quickly today, you know, otherwise the director will be worried again.


     A nervous female voice sounded, and the woman hurriedly left the direction of the grocery store holding the little guy next to her. 


     It’s Auntie. 


     The Aunt in the dream is also very gentle. 




     “Hmm? ”


     “Are you afraid that I will pester you to buy me candy?” 




     Suddenly hearing the  little childish inquiry at hand without crying or making trouble, the woman whose mind was seen through was obviously at a loss for a moment, but in the end she just squeezed the little guy’s soft palm in silence. 


     “Actually, I know.


    Obediently following the Auntie away little by little, smelling the sweet smell on the tip of his nose gradually fading, Qiu Qiu just held Auntie’s palm tightly, and hugged the little cloth bag in his arms tightly as if talking to himself.


     “With so many children, if everyone wants to eat, the director won’t have so many shiny crystals.


     “And I’m very sensible, I only eat one a year.


     The glazed lavender eyes are very beautiful.
If it weren’t for the pale and sickly skin, the little guy who squinted his eyes slightly and smiled comfortably was almost like a little angel. 


     After being silent for a long time this time, the woman known as auntie couldn’t help but bend over and stroked the soft light golden hair at the back of Qiu Qiu’s head with her hand. 


     “When you grow up in the future…we can come to eat every day in the future, Auntie promises.


     “After all, our QiuQiu is the smartest.
Not only get a full score in the Director’s assessment every time, but also the only one in the whole garden who can help auntie keep accounts, right? ”




     He rubbed her cheek against the palm of his aunt’s hand in attachment. 


     However, his beautiful lavender eyes were a little dodgy, and he silently lowered his head to look at the light blue pattern patch on the small cloth bag in his arms. 


     But Auntie seemed to be wrong, and he failed to grow up in the end. 


     Moreover, it seems that it is useless to get a full score in the exam, and it is useless to keep accounts. 


     The bird that he has worked hard to become is not a beast at all. 


     I am always different from everyone’s expectations. 


     However, not far from the corner of the street, there was a pair of pale golden eyes watching this scene all the time. 


     The boy’s eyebrows and eyes are not like ordinary people, and he is wearing a complicated and majestic dress as if he is participating in some solemn ceremony.
The dragon horns on his forehead add a mythical color. 


    Strangely, the people in a hurry in the dreamland seem to be unaware of this.

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