[So what’s the situation now? ]

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     The system that was accidentally disconnected finally reconnected after a lot of hard work, but strangely saw a motionless picture in front of him. 


     As if the whole interstellar has been frozen at the same time! ? 


     “Well, your mastermind seems to have set me too fierce…”


     Being stared at by so many people for the first time, Qiu Qiu was pulling the eggshell with a hot face, inexplicably apologizing. 


     [Too fierce? ]


     “Yes, after I roared according to the theoretical guidelines, they were too scared to speak.


     Maybe this is the deterrent power of the beast? 




     Listening to the host’s serious explanation in his ear, the system looked around with shocked eyes. 

      A reporter’s camera was even scared off his shoulder! 


     [Ding Dong! The novice task “Shock the audience” has been successfully completed! Beast prestige +50! Reward Universal Novice Gift Pack X1! ]


     At the same time, the task completion tone also popped up.


     God, the effect is so good? 

     This must be a terrifying beast that has awakened… ah? ! 

     It wasn’t until he looked back at his host and met Qiu Qiu’s eyes that the originally surging system suddenly became numb. 




     “Is it that ugly…? It scared you too? ”


     Qiu Qiu blushed and asked softly, straightening out the fluff on his wings, feeling a little embarrassed by the system staring at him. 

     It seems that beasts generally look very ferocious.


     [……] The system is silent.


     This is crazy, there is a BUG! 


     And it’s a serious bug that has never been seen before in history! ! 


    A small bird so fat that it can’t even see its neck, how on earth will this initial spirit body become a terrifying beast villain in the whole interstellar according to the mission plan? 

     Taking 10 000 steps back, would this family of ferocious villains accept this kind of young son! ? 

     If he goes against the male protagonist like this, he will be eaten in one mouthful ! 

     He even completed a plot mission! 


     At the moment when the system tried to feedback the BUG to the main brain, the atmosphere in the room became weird. 


     “Chirp, chirp…! ”


     The next second Qiu Qiu grabbed the eggshell, he was picked up by Qiu Chongshan, his father, along with the eggshell.


He looked up in a panic and met the eyes of the man unexpectedly. 


     From the perspective of looking up from the eggshell, the man’s condescending oppression is fully displayed.


     The dark pupils seemed to turn into sharp beast pupils in the next moment.
When they stared at each other, he felt a little palpitating, and couldn’t help but feel a bit of fear. 



     This person seems to be more like a beast than himself…?


     At the moment when Qiu Qiu looked up at a loss, Qiu Chongshan also stared at his young son. 


     As soon as the second child was born, the whole planet was a mess.


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     Even the eldest who was so silent at birth that he was unwilling to pay attention to people with a bad temper, the sense of coercion in his bloodline was obvious. 


     Only this one is different. 


     No spiritual power can be felt.


     It’s like a clean sheet of white paper.


     “Your Highness, you…”


     While the people around looked at this scene, and they didn’t even dare to make a sound. 


    After all, everyone knows how much importance the entire Prince’s Mansion attaches to the shell-breaking day! 


     Who would have thought that it was such a small dumpling that was hatched today! 


     Looks even weak than the cubs of the Slime Galaxy! ? 


     However, at this moment of tension, a soft touch on his fingers suddenly interrupted Qiu Chongshan’s thoughts. 



The soft and delicate fluff was gently pasted along the fingertips, and even the slightly shy cub’s body temperature remained on them.


     The tender light orange short beak pecked gently against Qiu Chongshan’s fingertips. 


     As if to protest that the other party was pinching a little too hard. 


     This situation was not written in the plot guide at all, so Qiu Qiu, who had left the scope of the theoretical guidance, was a little overwhelmed.


     Subconsciously, he gently rubbed Qiu Chongshan’s fingers, and then looked up a little innocently. 


     Well, you seem to be hurting me. 



     They don’t know why, looking at this sudden scene, everyone who was still suffocating and worried the moment before suddenly had an inexplicable impulse. 


     Although it doesn’t seem to conform to the general aesthetic of beasts at all, but… this one is really cute! 


     Despite the interstellar era, all races revere absolute power. 


     But if the object is replaced by this one… inexplicably, people want to make an exception! ? 


     “Young master, do you need to terminate the report in advance and save the cub from the prince?” 


     However, the butler on the side had to ask Qiu Yiming nervously. 


    God knows how long the prince has been eagerly looking forward to this moment.
During the one-hundred-year incubation period, he couldn’t wait to empty the entire cub supplies on the Emperor Star. 


     As a result, such an accident happened! 


     If any bloody scenes appear on the scene and are reported by the media, he’s afraid that the Interstellar Cubs Protection Association will also be involved this time. 


     It is simply adding fuel to the rumor that the Prince’s mansion is not close to the people in the interstellar ! 


     “No need, father doesn’t look annoyed? ”


     Qiu Yiming played with the eggshell fragments in his hand but looked curiously at his younger brother in his father’s palm. 


     “Young master, please stop joking at this time…”


     The butler obviously didn’t believe this. 


     “Father’s tail has come out.


     However, with Qiu Yiming’s inexplicable reminder, the butler looked over in amazement. 

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 For 100,000 years, Qiu Chongshan, who had been hiding the animal’s demeanor so well, revealed a mysterious pure black tail behind him at an unknown time.


     At this moment, it seemed to be swinging back and forth with a rare sense of arrogance. 


     In the interstellar era, apart from surviving the growth period after breaking the shell as a beast, no race would easily expose their secondary features. 


     It will only appear in very rare cases, such as…in a state of extreme happiness.


 Just as the butler was hesitant, Qiu Yiming couldn’t help feeling a little addicted to the delicate touch of the eggshell fragments in his hands. 


     “But speaking of it, Lyman, do you think my brother smells a bit good? The kind that smells fragrant ? ”


     If you smell it carefully, there is always a warm smell, very comfortable. 


     Even want to hold it and take a sniff! 


     ……! ? 


    The butler Lyman, who had just relaxed a moment ago, not only his heart was raised to his throat at this moment1, but even his eyes changed when he looked at his little master. 


     Lyman pushed up his glasses, “Young master, eating cubs is a serious violation of interstellar law.
Even you will have to pay a serious price.


     Qiu Yiming: “Huh? ”


     At the same time, the system that reported the error fruitlessly on the side, almost dragged this ignorant bird dumpling directly to escape the dangerous scene. 


     [My God, are you crazy? Why don’t you run away quickly! ? How dare you to rub the fingers of such a villain, do you understand what “danger” is?”


     “Why should I run away? Shouldn’t they be running away? ”


     Qiu Qiu was a little dazed after being bombarded by the system as soon as he broke out of the shell. 


     [? ? ? ]


     “According to the theory, I am the fierce beast, and I am very fierce.


     As for why the man in front of him is also very fierce… it may be because the other party is a relative of him, the fierce beast. 


     Genetics caused this phenomenon. 


     And he will be the most ferocious beast in the whole family. 


     Qiu Qiu carefully read the plot guide, and the voltage of the system on the side soared. 


     [Damn, didn’t you find the BUG? ? Why don’t you have any common sense! ? You are a little bird, and this family is a carnivorous family that eats little birds! ]


     [You are a herbivore; they are carnivores, understand? ?]


     [It’s impossible for them to raise you who awakened into a bird! ]



 Qiu Qiu was taken aback for a moment after hearing the system’s roar of hating iron for not becoming steel.2


    The next moment, he saw the black tail sticking out from behind Qiu Chongshan, and he knew at a glance that this was undoubtedly the tail that belongs to a large beast.


    Powerful and dangerous to the extreme. 


     And his own tail… seems to be really just a few feathers. 


     It just so happened that not far away, the second brother Qiu Yiming’s sentence “a bit fragrant” came to his ears in a tone that’s neither high nor low.


     All of this instantly made Qiu Qiu grab the eggshell a little helplessly. 


     Was he really unsuccessful in becoming a beast? 


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     [What are you still doing in a daze, anyway, hurry up and run away! ]


     So at the moment when everyone had not yet recovered, a pale golden arc was drawn from the eggshell. 


     “Chirp chirp–! ”


     It was like a fat golden meteor, flying out of the window clumsily with a little fluttering ! 


     “Fly, fly away? ”


     Just broke the shell and flew away? ? ? 


     The miracle of this shell-breaking simply stunned everyone present. 


     So much so that when they saw the cub that had just broken its shell flapping its wings and flying away, everyone didn’t notice anything wrong for a while! 


     After all, if any cub was stared at like this by the prince as soon as it was born, it’ll definitely be scared to cry.……


     What’s more, this cub not only didn’t cry but also dared to fly away, it was already considered a brave little cub! (? )


     “What are you all doing in a daze? It’s over if he flies out, hurry up and catch him? He was scared away by Dad.


     Qiu Yiming looked at everyone on the scene in disbelief, they all just stared in a daze when his brother flew away? 


     As soon as Qiu Chongshan, who was beside him, was about to stretch out his hand, he was stunned by the voice of the second child. 


    Was he scared away by himself…? 


     Does this father look scary? 




     “Forget it, a bunch of trash, I’ll do it myself! ”


     Seeing that his brother, who had just broken his shell, was about to fly out of the window, Qiu Yiming frowned and pulled his neckline. 




     In the next second, a thunderous roar almost shook the entire prince’s mansion.


     The aristocratic young master who was extremely arrogant a second ago turned into a giant red-gold lion in an instant. 


     He jumped up with his tail flicking, and then pounced on Qiu Qiu in the air. 


     Seeing this, many descendants of antelope and rabbit spirits at the scene were directly scared out of their tails and ears. 


     This is the natural power of the bloodline.


     With the blessing of the spiritual body and beast state, the giant red-gold lion can almost easily catch any target! 


     Sure enough, Dad and the others can’t raise cubs at all, and he will have to come forward as the brother! 


     Seeing that he was about to succeed, Qiu Yiming, who had always been confident since birth, couldn’t help but raise the corners of his lips. 


     [Goodness, is he really going to take you away and eat you? ? ? ]


     As soon as the system turned around, it was so scary that even the data was messed up. 


     It has never encountered such a bizarre and terrifying opening! ! 

     Although they hadn’t met for long, his host was so small that if he was thrown into the claws, even ten lives will be lost in a pinch!


     “Chirp-chirp chirp! ”


     Qiu Qiu also glanced behind him in trepidation and grievance, and the clumsy new wings couldn’t help flap a few times in a panic. 


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     I really don’t seem to be a beast, I don’t have claws.……


    The sharp claws of the giant lion beast confidently pounced on the window sill, and even brought out a majestic palm wind! 


     However, almost at that moment, something suddenly happened! 


     [Dip-A crisis state is detected, activate the novice gift pack, and the flight potential BUFF bonus is added !]


     The little dumpling that was flying crooked accidentally gave a spin, just in time for Qiu Yiming, who was full of confidence, to throw his paw in the air. 


     Amidst the slightly flustered roar of the lion, the golden fluffy dumpling completely disappeared outside the window. 


     Damn, it’s over. 


     What about him, the elder brother? ! QAQ


     Qiu Yiming slumped on the window sill in a rare and helpless manner. 


     For the first time in his life, there was a bit of guilt in the arrogant and fierce beast pupil. 


     Qiu Qiu was on his way and didn’t dare to look back. 


     At the same time, the hot search on the Star Network directly exploded. 

An unknown video that was temporarily edited directly rushed to the top ten hot searches at an unprecedented speed! 

     In the video, a man is holding a small cub that has just broken its shell in his wide palm. 


     The little guy’s soft wings flapped a little crooked a few times, and his chubby eggshell swayed so that he almost fell over, and the hearts of the people watching were raised to their throats. 


     However, as soon as he crawled out of the eggshell, in the next second he fell upside down head-on.


     The milky-golden tail feathers curled up, and the tender orange feet struggled for a while before turning over like a small dumpling. 


     He fell, but did not shed tears. 


     Only rubbed against the fingertips with a little bit of ignorance,  revealing unsuspecting dependence. 


     [Oh my god, oh my god! ! Look what this is! ? Help, he’s so cute! ! ! ! ]


    [I haven’t seen such a cute ass in a long time (blush) I want all the information about this little dumpling in a second! ]


     [So whose newborn cub is this? ? I have never seen such a chubby cub in the Feather clan!]

     As long as they are curious and casually clicked in, the ordinary residents of Star Network are almost killed from cuteness in an instant. 


     Especially when he rubbed against the fingertip, it was a cuteness attack! 


     [It feels like the parents are not simple characters, right? The hand holding the cub also feels so powerful! ]


     [So did the parents find out? I have a younger brother who… (blushing) Forget it, I don’t deserve it! ]


     However, when the comment area enthusiastically began to discuss which family’s cub this milky golden dumpling was, a wave of the latest comments that appeared directly overwhelmed it.


      [Help, don’t you guys who only use Star Network care about the political news of the empire at all? ? ? ]


     [Being relatives with that big family of ferocious beasts in the Prince’s Mansion? ? ? Which BIG brave warrior is it? ? ? ] 


     As the screenshots of the political news were posted on Star Network, everyone quickly discovered the unique identity of this little dumpling. 


     But just as everyone was shocked and ridiculed, different voices quickly appeared in the originally harmonious and simple topic of admiring furries.


    [There won’t be anyone who doesn’t know how domineering the prince’s family is… In reality, it’s okay to not dare to speak out, but someone exaggerates it on the Internet when they give birth to a cub? ] 


     [And the egg given to the prince’s mansion by the oracle is not a beast egg at all! It seems that a mediocre bird has just hatched.


    This new wave of messages apparently shocked the whole discussion, and when some less friendly messages appeared, the atmosphere was a little more subtle. 


     [Brother sunspot3, although it is indeed difficult to judge whether it is a beast at the moment, but you call this kind of cub’s appearance MEDIOCRE…? ? ? ]

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