s caused when they break their shells to awaken!

This person in front of him, the mental power fluctuations brought about by the accidental awakening that year are said to have directly destroyed a second-level star.

Not to mention the one that is about to break the shell!

So what the hell are they doing.

It’s like a group of antelopes worrying about whether the lion cubs will catch a cold after they are born!


“Please don’t panic.
This time, the mansion has prepared a military-grade energy shield to ensure that the soon-to-be-born young master will not cause irreversible and destructive consequences.

The butler who appeared behind the young man smiled and explained.


Although after the explanation, not only did it have any consoling effect, but the audience became even quieter like a quail.

There will be no irreversible and destructive consequences…isn’t the reversible still happening?

According to the tyrannical temper of this big family, wouldn’t a broken leg count as reversible damage and then be asked to take it back? ? ?

“Yiming, since your eldest brother hasn’t come back, this time you will take everyone to visit your younger brother’s room.

As a father, Qiu Chongshan looked at this scene and naturally did not have any worries.
He almost couldn’t put down the beast egg and stroked it in his palm.

The fact that no cubs have been born for tens of thousands of years is enough to plunge the rulers of any race into some kind of anxious worry.

Fortunately, all this is about to end!

As a prince, Qiu Chongshan’s mood has not been so high for a long time.

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“Taking into account the birth of each cub in the clan, this time a cub bed of sufficient size was specially customized in advance.

Regarding his father’s decision, Qiu Yiming, who was about to become his elder brother, also nodded in agreement.

“That’s right, it’s a full three meters, and I don’t know if it’s enough for my brother.
If it’s a normal beast type, it’s roughly okay.

“There are also a full ten warehouses of cub meat reserves.

As we all know, the more tyrannical a cub is, the bigger the animal body will grow after birth! The amount of food will be particularly amazing!

For parents of any race, this is simply the most worthwhile thing to show off to the whole interstellar world!

It’s just……

As the focus of the audience, Qiu Qiu in the eggshell was also looking at the turntable in front of him nervously.

[Countdown to breaking the shell 10S]

[Detecting the best matching spirit body…]

The turntable silhouettes in the system switched quickly, but the screen cut across a series of birds and beasts indiscriminately.

The constantly changing options seemed to be getting more and more difficult, and it rolled to the last circle under Qiu Qiu’s extremely hesitant gaze.

However, he doesn’t seem to have seen the majestic creature mentioned in the guide?

Then the tiger……? passed.

Black Panther, uh, it seems to be okay…

However, at the last second of the freeze frame, the turntable, which was originally extremely demanding, suddenly beat for the last time!

In the end, it landed on an exceptionally full, rounded, Q-bomb silhouette, with a cluster tuft of small short hairs of unknown meaning raised at the end.

[Ding Dong-The best match for Spiritual body attributes: Pearl Chirp]

[Spiritual talent:? ? ? ]

[The countdown to breaking the shell is 0 seconds, I wish you a happy reading:-)]

Qiu Qiu: QAQ?

What about the black scales and wings that cover the sky and the sun…? ??

In the next second, with a crisp and pleasant cracking sound, the audience was like a pot of boiling water after a few seconds of silence, and an explosive chemical reaction instantly occurred.

“Oh my god! It’s on the Lord’s hand, the shell is broken! ”

“Where’s the camera? ? Focus the lens quickly! Don’t miss it! ”

“The energy shield must be turned on immediately, otherwise it will be too late…”

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For a while, screams, frightened footsteps, and various panicked collisions completely broke out.

Unexpectedly, the shell broke in advance and shocked the audience, so much so that some reporters with more docile spiritual prototypes even hid directly under the table!


But after hearing the screams that suddenly broke out in the audience, Qiu Qiu, who had been dazed before, recovered.

Although it is a bit different from what the system said… but it seems that the task is still going on normally, and everyone is very afraid of him.

Maybe this is a new type of beast?

However, as a beast, this is not enough.

Recalling the theoretical materials for the villain’s exam preparation that he had studied in the past few months, Qiu Qiu, who had successfully awakened the beast type, plucked up the courage and worked hard to peck away the last piece of eggshell that prevented him from breaking his shell.

You have to have a bad temper and a cruel face.
By the way, the first roar when you break the shell has to be a bit fiercer!


A faint cracking sound finally sounded irrevocable.
At this moment, the audience and even the entire interstellar audience who were paying attention to this scene held their breath!

However, in the mysterious warm golden light, the expected black scales did not appear, instead, a pair of small furry wings poked out.

Before everyone could react, a fat milky golden fluffy ball rolled out of the eggshell!

The little guy was still a little unsteady, and suddenly fell into the man’s palm with a “DUANG”, and his delicate tail feathers were also raised high.

It’s like a round Q-bomb pearl glutinous rice dumpling.
After turning over hard, he tilted his head and blinked his moist eyes a few times timidly.

As if preparing something solemnly.

“Chirp~Chirp, Chirp chirp–! ”

In the next second, a childish and tender chirping instantly resounded in the quiet room and was broadcast to the whole universe by the camera!


! ! ! ???

At this moment, it wasn’t only the panicked people in the entire room that fell into some kind of indescribable stagnant atmosphere.

The audience in front of countless light screens across the universe also fell into a jaw-dropping stillness.

Only the highest-level military energy protective cover is still running faithfully with flashes of light.

A vicious and ferocious beast?

A chubby wild beast that can’t even see its neck? ?

Help! ! Who will explain what kind of beast this is? ??

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