[You will be a beast! ]

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[The scales are pitch-black, and the wings cover the sky! ]

[The whole universe will surrender at your feet! ]

“Hmm, really? That’s amazing… It’s just that the eggshell is a little slippery, can you help me?”

Just as the solemn voice continued to emphasize, a timid voice suddenly sounded.

In the pale golden water waves of the eggshell, a small figure like a doll was curled up.

As if he was about to slip in the next moment, the milky white robe on his body also floated gently in the water waves.

Just looking at it makes people feel a little bit worried.

[Impossible, our system is not here to help you do this kind of thing! ]

[And please be aggressive! ! Have you ever seen a beast with such a polite character! ah? They said for you to be fierce! ]

“…Sorry, I will be very fierce, don’t be angry, okay? ”

Trying to hold on to the balance of the eggshell, Qiu Qiu in the eggshell couldn’t help but widen his eyes slightly, and looked into the air a little worriedly.

He wants to comfort, but it seems a little clumsy.

[…? ]

So much so that the system that was halfway through the anger was a little stunned and dumbfounded.

That’s it! That’s it?

Is this one really going to be sent to a dangerous S-level interstellar novel as the supervillain who shocked the universe? ??

“I will be really fierce.

“The villain theory test… I got full marks.

Facing the silence of the system, Qiu Qiu lowered his long eyelashes and repeated it carefully and gently, with a well-behaved tone and a bit of sincerity.

And it was the first full score in the whole subject in history.

He is also the youngest.

Trying to be fierce.


Regarding the situation in front of him, the system produced a sense of weakness after taking a breath of cold air.

Under Qiu Qiu’s quiet and eager gaze, the imminent system forcibly and calmly snapped the start button.

Forget it, maybe it’s just because the prototype hasn’t awakened yet, let’s talk about it after the shell is broken.

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After all, even if a young giant Godzilla says “Sorry, don’t be angry” to you, can’t it still scare people into fainting?

What’s more, there is a family of brutal villains whom he will come into contact with or something.……

[Dip-The test space is closed, and the plot mission is in progress! ]

[Matching the awakening form…]

Maybe it’s not a big problem.

In the prince’s mansion, which has been solemn for tens of thousands of years, the atmosphere at this moment is almost unprecedented.

At this moment, almost the entire interstellar world is paying attention to the golden egg given by the oracle!

After a hundred years of incubation, it is said that the shell will be broken on time at midnight today!

“Yes, there is indeed ancient blood flowing in it, and it will surely hatch a beast that will be recorded in interstellar history.

Facing the interview with the reporter on the side, the man sitting at the desk stretched his rare eyebrows, and his calm tone almost made no secret of the proud certainty.

As a prince, Qiu Chongshan has been interviewed by the media in his private residence for the first time in almost 100,000 years.

“Yes, His Royal Highness, this beast egg is indeed extremely shocking…”

The leading media reporter blurted out a compliment, which instantly aroused the subconscious collective approval of the audience.

This is not a deliberate compliment from reporters because of their power.

After all, this beast egg is indeed… unexpectedly beautiful!

The reporters carrying various criteria couldn’t help but point their cameras at the golden cub egg held almost ostentatiously in the palm of the man’s hand.

The egg body is a fat oval shape with a bit of clumsy and childish taste.

The little guy slept quietly in the wide palms of the elders in the clan, and his well-behaved and quiet appearance made people suspect that there was a little angel sleeping soundly inside!

[Oh my god, a fierce beast egg with such a high appearance! ! Why is it a bit different from the beast egg I imagined! ? ]

[+11111, I also thought it would be the kind of dark and hard behemoth egg, but why is this one so milky? ]

[I’m a little worried whether the egg will be crushed in the next second, being squeezed by the prince like this!]

As the picture was broadcast to Star Network, many netizens who were concerned about the shell-breaking incident also quickly boiled over.

In the interstellar era, great power is the belief of the whole universe.

And the descendants of the prince’s lineage who are powerful in the Emperor Star, without exception, awakened an extremely tyrannical animal spirit body at birth.

Now the birth of the first newborn cub in the Prince’s mansion in 100,000 years has naturally triggered a wave of strong attention in the entire interstellar.

As early as the 100-year gestation period before the shell was broken, in addition to the ordinary people who were concerned, countless experts and scholars tried to analyze what kind of beast type this fierce beast egg would awaken!

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“But… Your Excellency, to be on the safe side, do you need to put the cub eggs in the hatching cabin on the side?”
“Holding it in your hand like this, it’s easy for the cubs to be frightened when they break their shells.

Perhaps it is because this cub egg is so lovable that people can always unconsciously ignore the fact that it is a beast egg.

The reporters who were experienced in raising cubs on the scene actually forgot their fear and subconsciously suggested it out loud.

Trying to remind the prince who is about to become a guardian to understand some basic common sense of cub care.

However, at this moment, an indifferent sneer came from not far away.

“Shouldn’t it be you people who should be worried? The energy fluctuation of my brother after breaking the shell, how far is appropriate for a guy without mental power to hide?”

The blond young man who pushed the door in had an almost innate sense of arrogance between his eyebrows, like a spirited young lion king, the aura of a high-ranking nobleman was undisguised.

After the reporters on the scene saw the young and arrogant person in front of them, they suddenly woke up in an instant.

In the interstellar era, the more powerful the cubs are, the more tyrannical and terrifying the mental power fluctuation

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