EP – 034.1 – Training (2)




It's fair to say that Elnore and Elijah have both reached a profound level in the field of swordsmanship. 


On one side is the person who will destroy the world, while on the other is the person who will save it.


Hencewhy, I'm mulling over this. 


Their skills and teaching abilities are completely different.


“Why are you taking a step back! Use that brain in that thick skull of yours!”


“You call this swordsmanship? This more like flirting than fighting.
Are you trying to seduce your enemy?”




Watching the two's fierce back and forth made my head throb.


To be exact, they are having a heated discussion about my ‘curriculum’.


Their overwhelming passion has drawn the attention of everyone in the gym, probably wondering what on earth is happening over here.


‘…At first, they started relatively amicable.’


But the debate that initially began with mutual respect and courtesy has now devolved to personal attacks.


‘Come to think of it, was it always like this in the story?’


These two, well…


They're inherently incompatible.


Recently, I was hoping that they would at least become somewhat friendly through my mediation, but it seems like that's a too far-fetched idea.


The Tristan Duke Family and the Hero.


These two are destined against each other until the end of the scenario.
That's just how the setting is defined.






Unless I intervene, the story will continue as it is.


‘The further I go, the more I’ll need these two.’


Just looking at the Purifier boss battle, an item that shouldn't be here, appeared. 


Considering this variable, who knows what's waiting for me ahead. 


And the only people that can defeat the devil is the devil's vessel herself and the hero who has received the angel's blessing. 


These two are my most reliable allies.
Their assistance is essential for the progression of the scenario.


‘…Isn't this also in the game?’


Depending on the route you take, their relationship can improve to a fairly good level.


However, if I want to directly use the ‘situation’ to my benefit.


It would get dangerous.




A playboy that's caught is as good as a cold corpse. 


How much more would the consequences be if the final boss and the main character is involved?


If exposed, I'll be ripped to shreds.




Even though I'm in a position where I have to create a harem to prevent the extinction of humanity, I don't really want to do that.


There's probably a branch option in the upcoming ‘Class Observation’ event.


‘I'll never do it.’


I won't do it even if I die.




I've thought about this before and it always ends up strange.
However, I won't do it under any circumstance.


Whilst I was pondering this, a voice suddenly came from the side.


“Ah, really! This isn't going to work, let's just do it separately! Mister!”




An angry Elijah suddenly placed a reverse blade sword in my hand.


It’s a steel sword with a cutting edge on the inward curve. 


[T/N: a Japanese Sakabatou さかばとう: https://namu.wiki/w/%EC%97%AD%EB%82%A0%EA%B2%80 ] 


As I blankly stared at it, she took a step back and proudly puffed her chest out.


“Try following along!”


Then, she drew her sword and stomped the ground.


Her sword style is probably self-developed.


Free-spirited, practical, light and snappy.
Whilst still having a fierce and solid attack.


At first glance, it just looks like a bunch of erratic movements, but her swift reflexes brought those movements together as one.
Even the surrounding students from the Knights Department, who were devoted to self-discipline, looked at her with their eyes wide open.


“There! Did you see it?”


After finishing her demonstration, Elijah wiped off her sweat and grinned at me.


“Now give it a try!”




Are you kidding me? 


“…I thought you'd teach me?”


“…I learned this way.”




“Anyone can do it, right…?”


Her voice gradually faded.


Probably because she sensed the bewildered looks from the Knights Department students staring at her.


I could feel a headache crashing straight into my brain.


Is she just bragging her genius? And didn't she just say she's experienced in teaching swordsmanship?


“…You, are you kidding me? You don't even have the basics of education.”


Elnore, who was watching on the side, rebuked with a sigh. 


Shen then drew her sword in front of me and assumed a stance.


“I'll start with the basic, but most important, stance.
Let's begin with a downward strike.”


Having said that, Elnore demonstrated a few simple movements.


‘Oh, ohoh…’


Starting with the footwork, shifting your center of gravity, precise gaze control, and the upper body's posture.
With each step being accompanied with a detailed explanation. 


I thought that she would end up being the same with Elijah, but she's actually teaching standard.


“Give it a try.”


“Yes, this much should be…”


Saying so, I grabbed my sword and attempted the downward strike.










I failed miserably.


No, this is harder than I expected.


I thought it would be a simple downward motion, but in reality, it's a struggle just to avoid falling over while trying to maintain balance.


This is especially true for an untrained person like me.
Without the Desperation skill, just holding on to the sword was an ordeal in itself.
Not to mention swinging it.


The expressions of those who were watching around me were ambiguous.
If it were obvious that I was simply a novice, they might have found it cute and cut me some slack.
But with such an artistic h̶o̶r̶r̶e̶n̶d̶o̶u̶s̶ failure, the atmosphere was more like, “What was that?”


“…At this level, shouldn't you start by training your body before swordsmanship? Would it even make sense to receive instruction right now? No, didn't you handle monsters easily…?”


Even Elijah had a puzzled look on her face.




“No, you did well.”


When Elnore said that expressionlessly, everyone's looks became strange.


“…Yes? That was good?”


“That's right.
You could use it in real combat.”




Facing Elijah, whose face was saying, “What the hell are you talking about?” Elnore drew her sword with a sigh.


“Watch closely.”


Standing in front of the training dummy, Elnore raised her sword.




She slashed straight down.


However, it looked clumsy through and through just like the one I did earlier, not a hint of proper posture. 


Frankly, it's embarrassing to even call it a 'strike'.
It's just trying to avoid falling over.


Normally, the sword strike would've done near zero damage and simply bounce off the dummy.
But then… 







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