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“Actually, the remnants of the devil are not that rare.”


Atallante continued. 


“While the revival of the devil's true form ceased with the last exploits of the Hero who wielded the Holy Sword, its remnants are still scattered throughout the world.”


After the devil was ripped apart, its fragments were scattered throughout the world.


Most of them exist in the form of wills and tend to cling to objects or places, but the most dangerous type were those that use humans as 'vessels'.


Once all the 'conditions' are met, the Fragment would manifest through that vessel.


Just like the Gray Devil fragment manifesting in Elnore before. 


‘The problem is…’


Once a devil fragment manifests through a vessel, the other fragments would gather around that person, driven by an almost unavoidable inevitability.


That's why vessels are the most important, and at the same time, dangerous entities.
They essentially serve as agents for the resurrection of the devil.




I let out bitter laugh inside. 


In the same vein, Elnore, who has manifested the devil once, will likely undergo significant changes. 


It is highly probable that a part of her 'emotions' will be greatly amplified.


It’s my job to lead her to the best possible outcome.


“If those devil fragments manifest in the material world, it would cause a catastrophic disaster.”


I know.


There's something similar that had happened before.


The Crimson Night incident.
A disaster that occurred when a human possessing several fragments of the ‘Red Devil’ manifested them all at once.


It was also this incident that swept away the family of the current hero candidate, Elijah. 




One of the powers of the Red Devil is ‘Hellfire’, the ability to control near-infinite flames.


Of course, regardless of the number of fragments, it's impossible to completely recreate it. 


But, nevertheless.


When I saw it in the game's CG, it didn’t really touch me.
But if it was an accident that happened in real life, the horror of it would be unimaginable.


One human.


Erased several cities entirely from the map.


In just one night.


“That’s why when I noticed the erosion happening, the power of the Gray Devil, I came here at full speed.
Since it extensively occurred through Princess Tristan, we need to subdue it as soon as possible to reduce the damage.”


At that time, it could be said that Atallante was desperate.


This was a fragment of the ‘Gray Devil’, the strongest being among the rulers of Pandemonium.


A power that can kill even a thousand-year-old Eternal. 


No, more than that.


“…Were you aware that Elnore was a vessel of the Gray Devil?”


“I had my suspicions.
But with the evidence this time, I'm now certain.”


Atallante received my words with a smile. 


“The people that the Holy Land and Heresy Inquisition within the empire will dispatch are very competent in that regard.
Even if they can’t pinpoint who exactly the ‘vessel’ containing the Devil Fragment is, they can come up with a group of candidates.”


This sentence was followed by a sigh.


This was great. 


Because the Devil Fragments seek hosts on their own. 


They attach themselves and lie dormant, remaining undetected for a long time.
Once they eventually manifest in the material realm, they would inflict the most devastating damage.


Thanks to this, I remember that even in the game, the presence of the fragments and who they attached to were completely random.


In other words, they have the ability to gather information detailed enough on candidates to create a list.
Of which, it includes the things I am unaware of.


It would be a big help.


“Thanks to their dormant nature, all the ‘vessels’ that hold the fragments are only triggered when they're carelessly touched.”


Whether it’s social status or personal strength, the majority of vessels are individuals who have achieved great accomplishments.


These individuals are often intricately entwined with political affairs in their respective countries, making it difficult to casually interfere with them.
Moreover, if by any chance they are mishandled and the fragment manifests, it can result in a catastrophe.


That's why the basic approach towards the vessel candidates is observation, laissez-faire, and light management.


But this time, somehow the conditions were right and we've gathered all the leading candidates to this academy.”


That’s great too.


If an individual is a potential vessel, even a single mistake in handling them could pose significant repercussions.


“It was the right target and timing.
Luck followed.
Fortune favored us.
Among them, your existence itself is the luckiest.”




“The fragment that manifested in Princess Tristan ‘helped’ you.
It used all its time to do so.”




Yeah, well. 


She seems aware that the manifested Gray Devil assisted me. 


But considering the circumstances, it’s rather strange if she didn’t know.


“It is a strange thing.
There’s no way that it didn’t know that exposing itself was the same as revealing its weakness.”


There's naturally a reason for that. 


It’s because of my special gift, ‘Fatal Charm’, which attracts inherent evil. 


Other than that, there doesn't seem to be any particular reason.


“This part is key.”


Atallante continued, still smiling.


“The devil is unusually benevolent towards you, Dowd Campbell.”




Her words didn't stop there. 


“I have a hypothesis.”


Without noticing it, my brows furrowed on their own. 


“In my near thousand years of experience, the amount of times I've witnessed this rare phenomenon can be counted with one hand.”


Atallante stated with confidence.


The cause is uncertain, but there have been a few individuals throughout history who have caused such a phenomena. 


“Human beings who exhibit an obsessive allure that even beings, whose purpose is to bring absolute destruction to the material realm, would willingly sacrifice themselves.
There have been individuals with such spiritual qualities.”


She went on to say. 


“A chosen born with a destiny to be loved by all evil.
Yes, from what I've seen, you are such a person.”




Were my abilities really at that level?


-That’s a more powerful gift than you think.
But how you handle it is up to you.


The Angels have told me that before.


At this point, I began to understand what Atallante meant about the ‘survival of the world’.


If everything she's saying is true… 


I, with my mere existence alone, could exert influence over all those who constitute the axis of evil in this world.


“Personally, this is the first time I’ve encountered someone who was born with such a nature, so I’d like to research it somehow and find out the principles behind it.
However, there are more pressing matters at hand.”


Atallante swept her face with a sigh. 


It didn't seem like she's bringing up a pleasant story.


“A person with such inherent qualities is destined to attract devils.
No matter what kind of life you lead, you will inevitably become entangled with devil vessels.
There has not been a single exception to this.”


“…So you're saying.”


It means that you, too, will inevitably become entangled with this generation's devil vessels.”


The following story that unfolded also followed that context.


“Of course, most people like you did not have a good end.
As you would expect.”


The majority of vessels are not ordinary humans, and the devils themselves are catalysts for chaos, always carrying numerous tragedies and disasters in their wake. 


If all of them were to converge, it would be beyond what a single human could bear.




But what, is there something else? 


After saying that, Atallante smiled.


“Only once.”


There has been a case where a vessel carrying a devil's fragment and a person with similar spiritual qualities as me met.


True love blossomed and they survived to the end.


It happened above all miraculous odds. 


“What do you think happened?”




“The fragment dwelling in the vessel completely vanished from the material realm.”


As a result, without any ‘medium’ to manifest with, the devil was practically sealed.


And since there's no vessel, the possibility of other fragments converging is also blocked.


“The exact conditions are unknown.
There are stories that you must love each other even in death, or that it only occurs when you truly, passionately love the other person.
It’s only happened once, so nothing specific is known.
However, there is no dispute that a ‘loving relationship’ is the key.”


It’s a beautiful story.


True love destroying the seeds of ruin.






But, for some reason, I kept feeling a chill down my spine.


“Do you know what, student?”


Atallante grinned.


“The vessel candidates identified so far are, well.”


It was a really unpleasant grin.


“They coincidentally all women.”




The chill felt cooler.


Unless you’re an idiot, you should be able to figure out where this is heading. 






“You want me to seduce all of them and eliminate the fragments?”


Atallante smiled softly.


“It's an opportunity bestowed by the Heavens.
Being someone with such a nature, what would capturing a couple of maidens' hearts be?”




“Of course, it won't be easy.
The devil worshippers aiming for the resurrection of the devil will continue to target you, and the vessels themselves are not ordinary individuals either.


Atallante politely bowed her head.


“I humbly request student, Dowd Campbell.”




“The devil fragments are steadily converging through the vessels.
As time goes by, more and more fragments will gather.
At this rate, the destruction of mankind is inevitable.
It'll only be a matter of time.”




“Please, I beg of yoh.
I will do everything to help.
Whatever this old fool can do, I will do it.
So, I implore you.”


Please save humanity.


Those words faintly echoed in the office.


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