EP – 027.2 – Purifier




Merchants are quick-witted.


If you ask why Marquis Galdier Riverback became a devil worshiper, that would be the most fundamental answer.


He had risen from a mere black market merchant to the position of a Viscount, enjoying wealth and honor that he could never have imagined before.
And all that was just by joining the 'winning' side. 


‘Their power reaches every corner of the continent.’


A devil 'follower's' power is formidable, without question. 


Among them, the power of the ‘Chosen Ones’, who are the closest to the Prophet, could literally boil the sea, crack the earth and split the heavens.


Compared to them, he was but an insect crawling under their soles.
The reason he survived for so long was because he always reminded himself of that fact.


Thus, after confirming it himself, he decided to stand on their side without hesitation.


It's probably because of the quick thinking unique to merchants, but he can infer that no one on the continent could dare stand against them. 


At this very moment, Marquis River back could never be more confident that he picked right. 




An almighty sigh escaped his mouth.


An overwhelming amount of demonic energy coursed through his body.


So much so that he could crush weak beings just by pressure alone.


This was the power he gained just by accepting a little of the 'new god's' grace. 


〚At this level…〛


Carrying out the mission would be a breeze.


To resurrect the devil, he needed to bring despair and confusion everywhere. 


Kill a man, kill a couple, and then, simply continue piling up the corpses. 


He can start with that.


He happens to be just in the right place for that. 




He muttered as he reached his hand out to the ‘barrier’ in front of him.


It was the one near the Void Zone, said to have been set up by a seraphim.


Normally, this place would be heavily guarded.
Let alone, breaking through it, he wouldn’t even be able to damage it.


But since it's the Full Moon Festival, it was easy.
Not to mention that he now possesses the devil’s power.


Even if he still couldn't break it, he could put a dent on it. 


Considering the special nature of the Void Zone, this alone would lead to an unimaginable disasters. 


‘…This is ultimately the key.’


The riots going on in the city right now are nothing more than a smoke screen distraction.


Probably all available armed forces are concentrated there.


Meanwhile, his real goal is here.


“Hey, stop moving.”




Not everyone was stupid.





〚…How did you know?〛


Marquis Riverback, who was trying to damage the barrier, stiffly asked. 


“Like I said earlier.
It’s obvious.”


Marquis Riverback, should I say…?


He's a single-celled organism who thinks he's smart.


The type who want to feel superiority above others, and worming his way with ‘deceit’.


‘…Is he an idiot?’


To be honest, I don't think there's anything more inefficient than this.


If he just controlled the Man Eaters to push through here, the barrier would've been damaged. 




However, thanks to his ego of going himself, an opportunity like this arose.


I will pierce through that vanity and conceit. 


So I started organising a plan.


If there were Man Eaters standing in my way, I wouldn't even dream of a situation like this, but now he's alone.


“So, Dear.”


I've realized that one of Elnore's greatest strengths is her endless physical abilities.


She carried me and moved through the streets while still being so fast, especially since I'm so badly injured that even moving is difficult. 


“What's the plan?”


Elnore asked, after accepting my request of bringing me here without hesitation.


I could see unwavering trust reflected in her eyes. 


“There must be a reason why we decided to drop all support and come here with just us two.”


“Well, yes?”


It’s because we are hard pressed in time. 


There is no time to call for others.
If that guy makes even a slight crack in the barrier, it's game over. 


People will die, Elnore will be kidnapped, and the Gray Devil will be unleashed. 


It's a one way ticket to a bad ending. 


Rather than that, it's better if we came here first to put a pause to everything, then we can come to a decision.


“Okay, so how do we beat him…”


“We can’t.”


Elnore’s eyes narrowed.




“We can't win against him.


This was the truth.


To confront a demon, Elijah needed a ‘Holy Sword’ to stand on equal grounds.


But that's something that will come, at least, only after Chapter 4.
She's still in her growth stage. 


In other words, her counterpart in the novel would be no different.


Even as the final boss, a budding Elnore and me who's seriously injured, simply cannot match against the transformed Marquis Riverback. 






It's not the end of the world just yet. 


–You've been bitten by something terrible.
I can’t see its full form yet, but I can tell it’s bad.
It seems to have stuck because of your abilities


I suddenly remember those words.
The angel has warned me this before.


I know.


I am aware of what's 'stuck to me' means to some extent.





   [ The target ‘???’ is interested in you.


I smirked as I read the system log.


And this too…



   < Gift-related Character Notification >


   ♥ Elnore Elinalise La Tristan


   [ Love Level 1]


   [ ‘Skill Copy Ticket’ is available! ]



The last reason is this.


The 'Love Level 1' and Skill Copy Ticket.


With this, even against an enemy that we can never beat at our current level, we'd have a fighting chance. 


While I was in my thoughts, Marquis Riverback sighed and raised his demonic energy.


〚…Well, no matter.


A reverberation of demonic energy began to brew like a storm around him. 


It was so potent and dense that if you let your mind slip for even a little, you'll faint.


What’s absurd is that this isn’t even the full release of demonic energy – it’s but a ‘prelude’ to the attack.


〚 I just need to kill you and secure Princess Tristan.
This is actually better.
Since you've served yourselves up in your own accord, you've saved me the trouble of searching.


From this point on, we will fight this guy. 


Taking a deep breath, I said to Elnore. 


“Elnore, promise me one thing.”




“It's going to be painful.
It'll be excruciating.
You might even hate me…”


“What are you talking about?”


At first glance, it might sound like an impatient request to get to the point, but…


If someone were to meet that straightforward gaze, they would give a slightly different response.


Whatever you say is fine.


I've already accepted it, so don't worry and tell me.


That's what it means.




I couldn't help but laugh at myself. 


It was always like this.


The level of trust this person places in me is unbelievable. 


That's why, I must live up to that trust.


“No matter what happens.
Without fail.”


I replied with direct eye contact.


“I will get us out of here alive, okay?”


“Hmm, okay.”




I looked away from Elnore and turned to Marquis Riverback.


“Whatever happens, please trust me.”




What I'm about to do is insane.


As I thought so, Marquis Riverback rushed towards us like a raging tsunami.


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