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EP – 021.1 – Confrontation

“So Conrad just let it go easily? Do you often get misunderstood from saying strange things?”

“I don’t think so.”

“Then you probably have a terrible sense of perception.
There’s already a few of such incidents from what I’ve seen.”


“Be careful with your words.
The way I see it, your campus life will be riddled with all sorts of disasters because of it.”

Well, that’s a bit harsh.

I thought while Percy flipped through the production draft I had prepared.

Percy Siston Levantin, the Magic Faculty Dewn, is a competent researcher recognized by the Mage Tower.

The humankind in the world of Sera has achieved most of their technological development through magic engineering.
Therefore, being recognized by the Mage Tower, which was the hub of such technology, was a remarkable feat.

I don’t know if it’s because of her achievements in magic, but despite her approaching the age of getting gray hairs, she looked no different than a woman in her late 20s.

Well, anyway.

“Are you crazy?”


“Why would ask me to make something like this?”

It was, without a doubt, a weird request.

“This is more like a cannon than a bomb.
I already thought you went crazy for asking a weapon that could explode the entire academy.
But you also want me to make it all focus on one point?”

A valid point, understandable.

It definitely feels more like a portable cannon than a bomb.

Rather than covering a wide area, I want it to hit a precise point at the right time.

“The actual production will be done by the internal workshop of the Crafting Department.
I just need the Dean to design the explosion source and an outer shell to contain it.”

“That’s the hardest part.
It’s already a challenge to prepare that much firepower.
Now, you also need a strong container to store that amount of force.
Student, do you think I’m a god or something?”

“But you’ve already made something similar before.”

Percy frowned and shut her mouth after hearing my words.

Among the ‘weapons’ that this person produced at the Mage Tower, products with similar performance had even gone into actual production.

But it was scrapped due to some kind of ‘accident’.

After some silence, Percy said with a hint of difficulty.

“I don’t know how you know that.
It was a long time ago.”

“You were a god of magic engineering, what happened?”

In fact, if it had not been for this ‘accident’, she might have risen to become the ‘successor’ of the Mage Tower.

No one would be able to complete this request other than Percy.

She’s not just the Magic Faculty Dean for nothing.

“Frankly, I don’t know if I should say this.”

“…What is it?”

“Well, it’s not like the Dean is the one suffering the most.”


Percy couldn’t help but clear her throat when I just went straight for it.

And the faces of the students who were working nearby turned pale.

Wherever you go, most of the time, it’s the front liners under the managers who gets handed a pile of work and suffer the most.

“Anyway, production aside.
What are you going to use this weapon for?”

Percy asked with a solemn expression.

This was a valid question.
I may have the wish ticket, but if a student asks you to make a destructive weapon, it’s natural to be wary.

Actually, the usage is simple.

Sera’s chapter bosses tend to come out with all kinds of dirty gimmicks.
And in the case of the Purifier, they get especially annoying in the final phase.

They’re infamous for constantly troubling players in all sorts of ways.
They never seem to stop no matter how much you thought you’ve beaten them enough, like tenacious cockroaches.

Wirh that said, this was my solution.

“I need to take down something in one shot.”


“Well, it’s just that I need to clean something quick before it becomes a nuisance.”

“…Student, you’re really bad at explaining, arent you?”


I do think I’m being very vague.

“But there is a reason…”

“I’m sure there are.
Alright, I’ll make it for you.”


Seeing Percy accepting it just like that left me speechless.

As I blinked awkwardly, Percy swept her hair with a sigh.

“Well, the President has instructed me to cooperate with you, so I’ll be listening to what you say… And I don’t think you’ll misuse it.”

What’s with this high evaluation?

With my eyes wide open, Percy continued with a smile.

“Normal students may not know, but there are quite a few faculty members who knew of the feat you did during the previous monster incident.
It’s something that can’t be done with just ordinary courage and skill.”

“…Is that so?”

I guess the President was planning on putting you in some youth love drama, aside from saving the world…”

However, Percy suddenly stopped mid sentence and shut her mouth tight.

Her complexion immediately changed.
As if she had said something she shouldn’t have.


“…Youth love drama? The world, yes?”

“Ah, no, ah, I, I said nothing, nothing! You didn’t hear anything! Forget everything I said!”

Why is she so flustered?

Although her character was a bit clumsy, seeing her act like this made it seem like she had said something she really shouldn’t have.

“More importantly, what about the materials to make this!”

Then Percy hurriedly changed the topic.

“We would need the internal explosives to act as gunpowder.
And we need a material that has good strength, junction and elasticity, and magic conductivity for the outer shell! It’ll be really difficult to find them!”

“…For now, please calm down.
I’ll pretend I didn’t hear anything.”

I sighed and said.

Although she said that to change the topic, the point itself is valid.

The material for the explosion and its container are both important.

‘We should focus on this.’

I fiddled with the black card I received from Atallante previously.
It was the key to another world.

If I can get inside, it shouldn’t be that difficult to find the materials that Percy said.

Surviving inside would be a challenge in itself, but…

‘For that…’

I only need two things to help me with it.

“Dean, didn’t you say something else when you gave me the wish ticket before?”

“Yes, yeees?!”

“…Didn’t you say that the hero candidate and I can each pick an item from the Vision Warehouse?”

It was a privilege obtained by breaking the mock battle record.

“Then can I ask you for the items we can take out?”

I wrote the name of two items on a piece of paper as I said that.

These two are subtle when used separately, but has an extreme effect when used together.

I may be asking for Elijah’s behalf, but I was carrying her during the mock battle.
If she has any complaints, I have my say.


And when Percy saw the item names, she finally regained her composure.

The reason was that it was too absurd.

She might have already understood the reason for taking out these two items.

“…Have you really gone crazy?”


Ma’am .

Why would you ask me that?

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