EP – 018.2 – Class

It was soon the last subject for the day, which was ‘Introduction to Survival Science’.

The class will be held at walking distance from the academy in a beautiful verdant forest named, ‘Fairy Forest’.

On the outside, it looked no different than your typical jungle.
But it sharing a history with Atallante, an Eternal, meant that it’s far from ordinary.

The forest harbored all kinds of beasts, magical plants, and rare minerals.

Some could literally kill you.

At this time, Elnore and Elijah also finally quieted down.

It could be that they got tired from constantly fighting.
But the real reason was that there’s no arguing here, not with the one in charge of the class.

“Welcome, chicks.”

Conrad spoke indifferently.

However, facing the Knights Faculty Dean, the freshmen were visibly nervous.

After all, anyone with some knowledge of the state of Elfante knew the notoriety of this class.

“Survival science is the product of practical combat skills gathered by miners and dungeon explorers.
If you don’t want to die, pay attention.”

The Dean’s appearance was not at all exciting.
Moreover, talking about death right off the bat doesn’t exactly help with the heavy atmosphere.

However, for generations, it was customary for the Dean to lead the first class.
There was no way around it.

You can clearly tell that this was an important subject.
In fact, some students’ eyes were gleaming eagerly because of the extra hiring credit, which is especially advantageous in the Imperial Family recruitment.

“The task is simple.”

But Conrad’s following words immediately doused those passionate flames.

“Bring me something I like from the forest.
I’ll give you all 10 minutes.”


“Ah, and also, just scream loudly if you feel like you’re about die.
I’ll come and save you.
However, don’t expect a high mark.”


Amidst the deafening silence, a student carefully raised their hand.

“What is it?”

“…Um, are there no rubrics?”

“Like I said, bring me something I like.
You’ll be graded accordingly.”


“Remember little chicks, life is a battle.
Now, you have 5 minutes to prepare.”

“And Student Council President, please help me in grading.”

While the other students were busy contemplating Conrad’s words, I was in my own bubble just staring at the status window.

Gift #2 – He Who Touches Pitch Shall Be Defiled Therewith

[ Obtain rewards as you gain favorability of characters with a good alignment.

[ However, this is given at a much smaller level than those with evil alignment.

[ Instead, if you taint a character with a good alignment with negative tendencies beyond a certain level, you will receive a great reward! ]

I have no idea what this means.

‘Taint a character with a good alignment with negative tendencies’ is too abstract.

‘…Well, at least, it should be relating to ‘bad’.’

I mean the name of the gift itself had negative connotations.

“Mr., wanna go together?”

Elijah suddenly asked, pulling me out of my thoughts.

Well, I’m not interested.

“You can go with your friends.”

I said while while pointing at the “main character party” gathering nearby.

The warrior Luca, the mage Falco, the healer Trisha and the marksman Grid.

After the assassination incident, they became friends.

“…Um, Mr.
is also my friend, so why not go together?”

“No, thank you.
I’ll be fine.”

Uh, like legit, she can’t be with me.

Elijah needs to get acquainted with the main character party right away.

As the only saviors of the world, they need to grow powerful as soon as possible.

I’ll only be hindering them if I tag along.

“And we’re not that close, are we?”


Elijah pouted discontentedly at my remark.

“…This makes me sad, really.
Ah, Whatever!”

She left.

She looked angry.

“Excuse me.”

I then heard someone calling me from the side.

When I turned to look, I saw a handsome blonde haired man, who’s oozing with a model student aura.

‘Ah right, there was this character.’

I instantly remembered who this guy was from the spear on his back.

Tallion Armand.

He’s the eldest son of Armand, an honest viscount.
Among this year’s freshmen, he was undoubtedly a standout talent.

I remember him being a perfect character in the game.
Unblemished regardless of the degree of scrutiny.


And his skills were just right below Elijah.

This was why he got his own fan club despite being a freshman.

More importantly.

‘… Wasn’t he the mid-boss of Chapter 1?’

This guy will get corrupted from some kind of accident and turn into a boss.

I didn’t expect to meet him this way.

‘But why is he here?’

Just as I tilted my head in wonder, Tallion soon cleared my doubts.

“You, what’s your relationship with the hero candidate?”

“… Uh?”

I couldn’t help but make a confused noise.

No, I didn’t mean to do that, it’s just that I can’t guess his intentions.

“What do you mean? What relationship?”

“Why did you approach… Excuse me, I meant how did you get acquainted?”

Although he was being polite, his sharp gaze tell a different story.

It’s as if he’s trying to uncover everything about me.

‘…Ah, I see what it is.’

I remember that Elijah was his ‘idol’, a role model to reach.
Even if it’s just once, he wanted to be her equal.

“I guess it’s because she wanted to be friends?”

The corner of his eye twitched when I told him the truth.

“… To someone called a fraud?”

His tone became a bit aggressive.

At the same time, my eyes widened but it’s not because of this guy’s change.

< System Message >

[ A character with a good alignment was enraged by your influence! ]

[ Some gift conditions have been met! ]

Rather, it’s because of the system window that popped up in front me.

‘Is this how it works?’

Basically, the more I make this guy angry, the more likely I get rewarded?

So ‘negative tendency’ include anger.


The cogs in my brain began to quickly turn.

I could kill two birds with one stone.
Not only could I activate the gift, I could also potentially plant ‘Evil Ruler’ on this guy.

Plus, I’ll get rewards as a bonus.

‘This ain’t that bad.’

You have to keep in mind that this man isn’t just your average Joe, but a mid-boss.
There are many ways he could be used for.

‘I could also use the corruption event to my advantage.’

If things don’t deviate too much, it shouldn’t be that difficult.

Now, my job here is simple.

Agitate this guy until the gift conditions are met.

“But there is no evidence of it though?”

“I’m certain of what I saw.
There’s also no proof that the sparring between you and the hero candidate isn’t a fake, is there?”

It looks like the academy is doing a good job.

Despite having stood out multiple times in incidents, I could still maintain a degree of awareness among the students.

“As I’ve said.”

I couldn’t help but smile bitterly inside.
I especially appreciate that awareness now.

“I don’t know why, but she wanted to be friends that’s all.”

“…I don’t believe it.”


Because I can really rile him up with this.

“Is it because you feel hard-stuck after seeing the person you made your goal got defeated in one hit? Is that why you don’t believe that the sparring was fair?”

His eyebrows twitched.

This was the crux of the situation.

He can deny it all he wants but he had no reason to pick a fight against me if it’s not this.


I added with a smile.

“Let’s say it was indeed a fraud, what would you do?”


“I’m saying that even if I am a scammer, I’d be better than you.”

Tallion’s face contorted in anger.

“…Then, let’s make a bet.”

Her said with gleaming eyes.

“Let’s see who gets the better grade in this! How about that?”

[ Gift Prerequisites Met! ]

[ The other party was enraged! ]

[ You’ll be rewarded for your opponent’s humiliating defeat! ]


Got him.

“…Hey, Student Council President.”

Conrad looked bewildered.

Meanwhile, Elnore’s expression remained unchanged.

“Yes, what is it?”

“Although I did ask you to help me grade the outputs, I didn’t ask you to do a sloppy job.”

“I haven’t been sloppy.”


Conrad wordlessly looked at the paper that Elnore had given him.

This was what she did as soon as he gave her the grading tools.

“Then can you please explain why Dowd Campbell got a perfect score when the class hasn’t even started yet?”

“Because it’s perfect.”


“He got a full marks.”

What is she saying?

Conrad squinted at her but Elnore continued, still expressionless.

“It seems that you are not satisfied.”

“Would you be if you’re in my shoes?”

“Then, I’ll observe him more closely and write down why he got a perfect score.
I’ll come back after going into the woods.”

“…You just wanted to stick with him from the very beginning, didn’t you?”


Elnore calmly replied.


“I just don’t want him to be alone with that freshman, Elijah.”


“I have a feeling that something is going to happen between them inside.
Please let me join.”

“Thank you for being honest.”

It was indeed the case.

Conrad grinned.

“Stay put, before I kick you out for disrupting the class.”


However, just because she’s being honest, it doesn’t mean that Conrad would just accept everything.

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