EP – 018.1 – Class

I feel like dying.

Not figuratively, but literally.

“-The sword is the most basic weapon, suitable and flexible for any situation-”

The professor’s words entered through one of my ears while immediately exiting to the other.

In the first place, it’s just the basic stuff.
There’s really no need to listen to it.

“Professor, I have a question.”

And the fact that it’s the most basic also goes hand in hand on why on earth is this person is taking this class.

The blood drained from the professor’s face when the expressionless Elnore, who was to my left, raised her hand.

“Of course, what is your concern, Princess Tristan?”

“Don’t you think the theory is too lengthy? All of that knowledge doesn’t work much in real combat.”

“I apologize.
I will correct it.”

The professor stiffly laughed and said that.

It was a very bizarre sight, where the student casually commenting on the class with the professor agreeing, but no one refuted it.

If it’s Princess Tristan, no one would dare to point that out.


Except for one.

“Uh, I was listening?”

Elijah to my right retorted with a smile.

She didn’t look intimidated by Elnore’s cool gaze at all.

“…Don’t tell me you think that this kind of tabletop conversation is helpful in actual combat?”

“Classes are at the discretion of the professor.
You are not ‘forced’ to attend.”

Elnore closed her mouth in displeasure.

Unlike Elijah, who is a freshman like me, Elnore knew that she didn’t need to be here.

From what I heard from Atallante, Elnore ‘wanted’ to join the class.
“Put me with him,” she said.

“But even if it’s a basic class, it should be more practical than this-“

“Now that’s just biased to one opinion-”

The war of words intensifies.

The professor who should be leading the class was left unable to say anything; not against the next hero candidate and the Duke’s daughter.

“Then what do you think?”

What do you think, professor?”

And thus, this is why I feel like dying.

They went back and forth between each, before eventually throwing the bomb at me.

“…I think it’s better to continue the class for now.”

The professor looked so pitiful shivering and turning blue in front.
So I went with this for now.

With this, Elnore’s brows slightly furrowed while bright smile blossomed on Elijah’s face.
The professor also let out a relieved smile.

“Alright, one more win.”

“…I lost again.”

I massaged my forehead as I listened to the murmurs around.

These two have been doing this throughout the entire class.

They discuss the content among themselves and ask me for my opinion at the end.
They then decide and tally up the wins or loss based on which side ‘I sided with’.

Every time, the winner would be deathly overjoyed, while the loser looked like they’re falling apart.
It was ridiculous.

What the hell does my words mean to you…?

Why are you doing this to me…?


Because of this, the other students are looking at me even weirder than it already is.

They’re probably thinking like, ‘who is this guy to be treated like that by the hero candidate and the princess?’

‘I don’t know either.’

Uh, I really don’t know.

At least, it can be seen from this that the academy is suppressing information about me well.
Some don’t even know me and was just confused on what’s happening.

In other words, Elfante was extremely attentive to my activities.

‘…If something goes wrong, they’ll take care of it.’

So let’s just do what I need to do and distract myself.

As the professor resumed the lecture, I turned my gaze to the window floating in front of me.

   < Gift-related Character Notification >

   ♥ Elnore Elinalise La Tristan

   [ Trust Level 5 ] >>> [ Love Level 1 ]

   [ Rewards Available! ]

   ▼ Elijah Krisanax

   [ Curiosity Level 5 ] >>> [ Interest Level 1 ]


   [ Rewards Available! ]

I then opened the rewards tab.

   [ Received Gift Reward from ‘Elnore’.

   [ ‘Attribute: Breathing Technique – Duckweed has been obtained’! ]

   < Mastery Info >

   [ Attribute: Tristan Style Swordsmanship ] [ Grade: Basic ]

   [ Current Proficiency: 58% ]

   [ Master Sword Technique of the Tristan Duke Family.

   [ ■ Can exert a certain level of power regardless of weapon.

   [ Attribute: Breathing Technique – Duckweed ] [ Grade: Basic ]

   [ ■ A breathing method that dramatically increases the body’s endurance and strength when trained for a long time.
It has a high compatibility with the Tristan Style Swordsmanship.


Duckweed Breathing Technique and Tristan Style Swordsmanship are activated almost as a set.

The person who’s using such a combination right now is none other than Princess Tristan, who is sitting to my left.

There are many reasons why Elnore reigned as the final boss, but the combination of these two skills accounted for a large portion of her close range combat power.

Apart from boasting monstrous aggression, her body was as durable and tenacious as a weed.
So even if you managed to land a hit, you’re nowhere near of knocking her down.

In terms of body-related techniques, it can be regarded as a combination with the highest efficiency.

And then…

   [ Received Gift Reward from ‘Elijah’.
[ Obtained 2,000 points! ]
[ Current Points: 2,000pts]

Instead of something special, Elijah just gave me points.
Still, as the main character, the points were quite generous.

However, I wish there was something more…

   < System Message >

   [ You have exerted more than a certain amount of influence on a character with a good alignment! ]

   [ Second gift awakened! ]

   [ ‘Skill: Evil Ruler’ has been obtained! ]


I really awakened another gift!


   Gift #1- Fated Love

[ Obtain rewards as you gain favorability of characters with an evil alignment.

   Gift #2 – He Who Touches Pitch Shall Be Defiled Therewith

  [ Obtain rewards as you gain favorability of characters with a good alignment.

  [ However, this is given at a much smaller level than those with evil alignment.

  [ Instead, if you taint a character with a good alignment with negative tendencies beyond a certain level, you will receive a great reward! ]

   < Skill Info >

   [ Skill: Evil Ruler ] [ Grade: E ]

   [ Bewitch characters of the good alignment that you have sufficiently influenced.

   [ Character under Evil Ruler must do one thing you asked for.

   [ Characters Under Rule: None ]

I read the text in front of me.


Then I read it again

I don’t quite understand.

To sum it up.

Does that mean that if I make a good guy bad, I get a reward?



Is that right?

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