(EP-16.2) Charmed

My heart was pounding loudly again.

So much so that it hurts.


No, no.

Elnore closed her eyes and pressed her chest with both hands.

I can’t let myself be consumed.
I have to push it out.

I know nothing of that man and what his intentions are.
I’m not even sure what he meant by that.

‘Elnore, keep your mind straight-‘

However, Elijah’s voice pulled Elnore out from her concentration once again.

“He favors you quite a lot.”


“Even if it’s a blessing built into the body, it doesn’t mean that there is no burden.
That person must be pushing his limits right now.”

If Dowd heard this, he’d probably be too embarrassed and speechless to say anything.

In terms of pain, the only discomfort he’s experiencing is from his left arm, which he had slashed with the rosario.

However, Elijah, who had no way of knowing such a fact, calmly continued.

“I mean there’s no need to go through such risk when it can be finished in a minute.”


My heart throbbed even more.
Each beat started to sting.

Elnore leaned slightly.
She was getting short of breath.

“…What are you talking about?”

“If there is a casualty under your jurisdiction, it will damage your reputation.
Otherwise, why would he intentionally drag out the time by not fighting to kill? Look.”

Elnore could barely open her eyes and looked towards Dowd.

And, on the other side, was a one-sided abuse.
Yes, an abuse since it’s too embarrassing to even call it a battle.


Dodging, blocking, and bouncing back all the attacks with minimal movements.
Dowd was reading every attack of the monster.

It was the same as what happened in the mock battle.
It’s as if he knows everything, down to the smallest of things, about the opponent.

“A person who could do that much would have been able to kill it a long time ago, don’t you think? There’s no point in helping.”

That’s true.

But still.

“…There’s no reason to do something like that.”

“Isn’t there?”

Elijah replied with a smile.

Elnore was biting her lips until blood came out.
She also remembered something.

-I, quite like that person.

Elnore bit her lip harder and managed to shake that thought off.

She then took a step forward, preparing to draw her sword.

“What are you doing?”

“…if what you said is true, then that man is putting himself in pain.
I’ll go and help.”

That’s what she thought.

However, Dowd motioned her away.


Elijah giggled seeing her bewildered.

“Iya, how romantic.
Is he catching the sword for you?”

“What do you mean?”

“He’s telling you not to come because you might get hurt.”

Heat suddenly surged from Elnore’s heart.

It was not the usual sinister energy, but a surprisingly hot feeling.

It felt like someone had lit a fire into her veins.

“…what you said, everything, could just be speculation.”

Elijah turned to Elnore bewildered.

Her eyes were asking, does it really sound like that even after everything?

“Even if you can kill a medium rank monster, it won’t die gracefully.
Sometimes, there are crazy individuals whose corpses explode due to the reversal of magic power.
That person probably took that into account, hence putting that much burden on himself.”


Elijah shook her head and let out a deep sigh.

“For you.”


My heart pounded like crazy and I could feel my breath rolling deeper.

‘Must, control…’


You can’t, Elnore.

I repeatedly reminded myself.


In the end, I couldn’t control that ‘heat’.

I could feel it spreading throughout my body.

I missed it.
I lost the initiative.

I have been conquered.


In that moment, I intuitively realized.

That from now on, whenever I see that man, I will feel this kind of emotion.

I slumped down on the ground.

It was a depressing curled posture with my knees together and hugging them.

“…What are you doing?”


“Keep your mouth shut.
Don’t talk to me.”


Elijah was looking at her like some crazy person, but Elnore had no intention of talking.

A shard of glass jutted out of the surrounding mess, reflecting her face.

Wearing an expression that everyone thought she’s incapable of displaying, her entire face turned red.

To the point where she’s an entirely different person.


Elnore was solely focused at the man in front.

Finally, the dispatched regular knights arrived, followed by loud noises erupting from all directions.

Elnore, however, remained mesmerized at his face.

[ Urgent Mission Completed! ]
[ The main quest reward level will increase! ]

I received a pleasant message after somehow finishing the battle and succeeding in guiding the monster to the regular knights.

But the reason why I can’t celebrate was because of what followed after it.

[ Skill: Fatal Charm has been Activated! ]
[ The villain resists! ]
[ ‘Pheromone’ lowered the resistance! ]
[ Resistance failed! ]
[ The villain can’t control herself! ]
[ The villain has been charmed! ]


I was bathed in cold sweat.

[ Favorability status change will occur on the target ‘Elnore Elinalise La Tristan’! ]
[ The favorability level has been upgraded from ‘Trust’ to ‘Love’! ]
[ Rewards Available! ]
[ She is an important character.
Changes will occur in the main scenario! ]
[ The second gift awakening is imminent! ]
[ The target ‘???’ is interested in you! ]


I feel more desperate now than confronting a medium rank monster 1 vs 1.

I don’t know what happened, I don’t know how it happened and I don’t know where to even begin.
Just know that I’m in deep shi†.

Following Elijah, changes will now occur in the main scenario.
I don’t know what the gift is, but I’ll be getting another soon.

In addition, an unidentified character took an interest in me.

‘I’m f*cked…!’

I got nothing else to say other than this.

While I was mulling over my fate, a knight came up to me and handed me a bottle of water.

“Good work out there.
Here, want some? You look a little tired.”

He is one of the knights dispatched to subdue the monster.

‘…it was a monster.’

It was almost terrifying to see the three of them clean up a medium rank beast in just a few seconds.

This shows the power of the regular knights that the students aspire.

“Student, I cannot praise you enough.
If it wasn’t for you, who knows how many casualties there would have been.”

Seeing that he even tapped me on the shoulder apart from the already kind words, it seemed that he was treating me kindly.

It was a big deal for a regular knight to treat a student with this much respect.

“You’d be catching eyes anywhere with that kind of skill.
Better keep your eyes open at all times, alright? By the way, are you an aspiring Theology major?”

I am indeed planning on taking up Theology.”

I answered before pointing to one side where the hero and final boss were.

They were trying to rip off the head of the priest that had refused to use the blessing earlier.

“Also, can you lend them a hand over there? If you leave them alone, they might really start killing.”

“…Well, he seems like a rat so it doesn’t really matter if he dies.
But looking at you, I guess it is true that people with good talent have a good character, am I right?”

No, actually, I do not have such a pure intention.

Rather, I was thinking of a way to make use of that priest.


It’s better to get some use out of something rather than just disposing of them.

“Oh, I almost forgot.
Take this.”

The knight then handed me a letter.

“I don’t know why, but I’m told that you should open it alone.”

I let out a sigh as I watched the knight leave to continue his duties.

Another letter?

As I pondered, another window popped up in front of my eyes.

[ Main Quest Complete! ]
[ Go to the designated location to claim your reward! ]
[ Location: Atallante Swansong’s Office ]

I am no stranger to the name Atallante Swansong.

Because she is the current president of Elfante Academy.

She’s rumored to be an immortal who have lived for over a thousand years.
She’s a key player in the main scenario.


Wait a minute.

The President?

My eyes widened upon opening the letter.

Reading the contents, this is definitely from Atallante.

Though, it’s more of an ‘invitation’ rather than a letter.

This person.

She wants to have a private meeting.



What for?

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