(EP-16.1) Charmed

First and foremost, I checked the objective.

I then turned my gaze to the heavily breathing drooling bear monster in front of me.

‘No killing.’

With this in mind, I waved to Elnore, who had already drawn her sword, to not come closer.

She’s probably more of a monster than the one in front of me; powerful enough to easily end its life in minutes.


Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.

The main purpose of the main quest is not ‘kill the monster’, but ‘reduce casualties’.

Medium rank monsters have at least one or two special abilities on top of their basic combat skills.

If it has something like ‘Acid Blood’ or ‘Death Corruption’, even if we win, it would be a pyrrhic victory.
There’s a high likelihood of deaths occuring because of the aftermath.

All in all, it’s best to entrust this job to the regular knights.

Killing the monster now will do no good.

Moreover, this just popped up in front of my eyes.

< System Message >

[ !Urgent Mission! ]
[ 0 current casualties, what a feat! ]
[ Since no one has died, let’s try not to kill even the monster, shall we? ]
[ Successfully hand over the monster to the Knights of the Academy! ]
[ Upon successful completion, the level of the main quest reward, ‘exclusive equipment materials’, will increase! ]


This is the same as saying that a crazed murderer is also a person with a life and should be treated the same as their victims.

However, the reward at stake is unmistakably attractive.

It can be said that the materials used to craft exclusive equipment determine more than half of its performance.
It is what determines the upper limit of how far it can grow.

‘Well then.’

Let’s just hold on.

Thinking of this, I smiled at the monster which ferociously raised its front paw.

That is a bone breaking strike if you are unlucky enough to get hit.


But like what I did in the mock dungeon before, reading the attack patterns of ‘monsters’ is no different than flipping through a book, as a veteran gamer who had grinded countless hours into the game.

So no fighting and just holding up the strong shield?

‘I can do that with my eyes closed.’

So from here on out, it’s just ‘repetition’.

… Not a battle.

The Tristan Duke Family is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious families in the empire since its inception.
The title of a Duke alone was enough to intimidate people.

However, that long line of history and popularity also comes with as many negativity.

Even if there was no Marquis Kendride, there would still be people who would want the Duke Family’s fall.

And the priest was one of those snakes.

“Did you not hear what I said? Didn’t I say that I didn’t bring a Holy Relic?”

Suppressing the urge to slap the living shi† out of this high nosed middle-aged, Elnore calmly said.

“…I am truly sorry for what happened to Marquis Riverback.
The Tristan Family will definitely take relevant action-”

“You have no idea what you are talking about, do you?”

Sparks flew out of Elnore’s eyes at the mocking reply.

He’s basically saying that there is virtually no room for negotiation.

The faculty members who strongly advocated bringing in living monsters and using them as research materials belonged to the Tristan faction.

In other words, the greater the damage and casualties in an accident like this, the bigger the Tristan Family’s liability.

And this damn priest is under the command of Marquis Riverback, who belongs to the anti-Tristan faction.

‘This f*cking trash…!’

Knowing this context, this person is actually talking nonchalantly about sacrificing people’s lives for political interest.
This all the while he’s acting as a priest.

Anger welled up within Elnore.


She bit her lips, while clutching her chest.

Her heart was getting very noisy.

An insidious aura would rise whenever she’s experiencing intense negative emotions.
This was the product of the madness that runs in their family.

‘…Back off.’

She cooled herself down and regained her calm.

She’s been repeating this cycle throughout her life.

Maintain discipline, act properly, always be perfect and never get carried away by insidious feelings.

It’s a principle I learned from that damned man, but it helped her suppress the evil energy whenever it creeps out.

Though, her voice was still as cold as before, mixed with suppressed glacial anger.

“Don’t bring your political interests here! This is an emergency, people’s lives are at stake!”

“Ha, this is why the Tristan Family…”

“Then give it to me.”

Elnore’s eyes widened when she heard someone interrupt the priest who was trying to be sarcastic.

It was Dowd Campbell.

Again, this man.



Her heart began to beat louder.
It’s much worse than the anger she felt before.

However, what she’s feeling right now wasn’t insidious emotions.
Um, how do you describe it?

Blood rushed to her face and her body felt light like she’s in the clouds.
It is a feeling that she has never experienced before in her life, so she has no choice but to be wary of it.

‘Didn’t I tell you to back off?’

She did the same thing.

Never falter, never surrender to these feelings.

Lately, it’s been getting worse every time she sees that man.
However, suppressing these types of emotions was normal for her.

She can’t let emotions be bigger than her.

‘…Back off.
I will not lose.’

That’s why, she has to suppress it.

Watching Dowd sprint towards the monster after taking the priest’s emergency tool strengthened that feeling even more.
Nevertheless, she kept all those feelings locked inside her heart.

That man’s existence is growing on her too rapidly.
Even Elnore herself is surprised by her behavior.

It’s dangerous if she gets dragged over-

“Angel’s Blessing…! How could a student, that mad man, do that!”

Suddenly, Elnore heard the priest murmur which made her turn her gaze towards Dowd.


Even a formal priest has to go through a long prayer to be able to use it, and a freshman uses it just like that?


It’s actually not particularly strange that that guy could use something like that.

He has shown many times that he’s hiding dozens of talents under that veil.

While Elnore was thinking in a daze, she suddenly heard a frightened exclamation beside her.

“…He’s fine after using a blessing? How…!?”

Hearing the priest say that, Elnore’s eyes also widened.

Invoking a blessing without a Holy Relic will put a heavy load on the user’s body and mind.

But, somehow, isn’t that man standing intact?

He knows that?”

Elnore then turned to the newcomer.
It was Elijah, who struck the priest in the back of the head, knocking him out.


“Don’t look at me like that.
I just took out the trash.”

“…Where were you?”

“I fainted until a while ago, I just woke up.”

After her nonchalant reply, Elijah weakly sat down.

“That’s a method that combat priests often use.
It’s something you always have in your body and only use it when needed.
It’s a technique that can only be used after 10 years of practice.
How did he know that?”

If Dowd heard of this, he probably would have been speechless.
He wouldn’t use such a cumbersome and complicated method.
He’s literally just using the blessing he stored in an item.

However, after hearing that, a new idea was forming in Elnore’s head.

10 years of studying divinity.

–There is something I want to learn in the Theology Faculty.

Learning about blessings for a long time and pursuing the study upon entering the academy.

Of all things, this field is the most direct way to lift the Tristan Family’s curse.

–There’s something I’ve been meaning to protect.

Something…, someone?

There’s someone I’ve been meaning to protect.

–I am trying to protect you.
There’s no need to think too hard.

And who is that ‘you’ again?





{T/N: Will start uploading the novel to Foxaholic from now.}

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