(EP-1.2) Meeting 

001 – Meeting 



However, she cares too much for another person.


‘Isn't this different from the one in my memory?’


In the game, this person obviously didn’t care about other people.


She judges everything by value, a perfectionist that never tolerates flaws.
Finally, she's arrogant who always sees others as beneath her.


Those were the characteristics that I remember of Elnore.


By the way, what is this delicately thoughtful look you're showing me right now?


Regardless if it's her description or how she's portrayed, this was undeniably strange.


“Do you have any other questions? It doesn’t seem like you're convinced.”


It's just that you're surprisingly nice.”


Hearing this, Elnore removed her gaze from the newspaper for the first time.


Her eyes slightly narrowed.






“Have you heard anything bad about me? Have we met before?”




That’s because I know you’re one of the possible people who'll destroy the world.


However, it was only after meeting the main character did her villainous transformation begin.
It all stemmed from the inferiority complex to the main character, who was considered perfect in all aspects, and has a talent that far surpasses herself.


Of course, you might wonder how the world will end just because of an inferiority complex, but the real problem is the ‘curse’ that this person has.


‘Gray Devil.’


Thinking of Duke Tristan, and the name of the existence inside Elnore, I couldn't help but smile bitterly


It's the worst of the ‘devils’, the King-Class villains.
It's so bad, in fact, that it appears in the myth of creation.


The moment that it's released, the world is practically over.
And the trigger is the moment when Elnore’s mental collapses.


Throughout the story, Elnore constantly had friction against the main character, and when her mentality collapsed, the demon took over her body.
After that…


It’s the end of the world.
Other than the main character fully growing, the destruction cannot be stopped even if the whole world banded together.




“I thought you had an explosive personality, turns out you don't,” I basically said this towards someone like that.


I must have gone crazy.


“…I’ve just heard a lot about being strict.”


Elnore stared at me for a while, then sighed.
I wondered if my improvised excuse worked.


“You're a strange man, aren't you?”


“Yes, that's what I often hear.”


I blurted with an awkward smile, before immediately looking out the window.


I want to refrain from continuing this conversation further.


Anyway, my goal was to just have the main character beat the main quest.
There’s nothing good about hanging out with people that'll often appear in the scenarios.


My purpose is to lead a peaceful and quiet academy life, so let's do just that.
Remain calm and enjoy the view outside.


The spring scenery in full bloom was very picturesque.
It almost feels like you can smell the fragrance of the flowers with your eyes.


The new buds blooming, the stretching mountain and streams, the wide fields, and the huge boulder flying towards this window-




Wait, the last one…


“Student Council President.”




“Excuse me for a moment.”


Right after saying that, I dove into Elnore’s arms.




I saw that Elnore was greatly shaken.


Even if it's this person, it seems that she still panics if someone suddenly rushed into their arms.


Fortunately or unfortunately, the situation continued without pause, leaving no time for explanations.






A house-sized boulder flew towards our compartment, tearing most of it off.


Naturally, suddenly being hit with a huge amount of force, the train shook greatly.
Subsequently, the train body deviated from the track and tilted over.






A few tumultuous turns was next in line as the entire train rolled over.


There were screams everywhere, but even that was drowned out by the roar that followed.


It's probably the sound of the entire train being thrown to the ground.


And throughout all of this, Elnore and I are fine.


It’s not because I’m lucky, but because of the blue shield around Elnore right now.


An automatic saint shield.


‘I survived knowing that this person always had this…’


Drenched in cold sweat, I let out a sigh of relief.


If I got directly hit by that thing without any protection, I would'nt have lived.
Not with my abilities.


“…You, are you okay?”


“Yes? Ah yes.
I'm okay.”


“Then, can you move? It’s a bit heavy.”


It’s only after Elnore said this in an emotionless voice from below that I realized that I’m pressing her under my whole body.




I quickly got up from this embarrassing position.
After a while, the Student Council President also stood up.


She looked down at the ground, tidying up her messy hair and uniform.
Perhaps it's because of the ambiguous mood, but her nape and face were slightly red.


Um, what now?


Should I apologize first?


“I'm sorry-“


“It's alright, you were just trying to save me.”




“It’s the first time I’ve had such radical contact with a man, but thank you.
I know your intentions, so there is no need to apologize.”




Did she interpret it that way?


I just rushed in knowing that she has a shield.


It seems that from Elnore’s point of view, I was protecting her from the impact.


Well, she didn’t know that I knew the existence of the shield in advance.


As I was thinking about that, Elnore said another thing.


“You, what’s your name?”




This person, according to the setup, doesn't she only ask the name of someone she likes?


I feel like if I answer something now, we'll be involved often in the future.


“…You, what’s your name?”


However, I can't just say, ‘What for?’ to someone in front staring directly at me. 


Rather, it's the worst option.


“I'm Dowd Campbell.”


“Dowd, Dowd, Campbell, Campbell.”


Elnore closed her eyes and muttered my name a few times, then nodded.


“Go it, I won't forget it.
I will definitely pay you back later.”


No, you can just forget about it.


Like can't we be as far away from each other as possible?


As I was thinking that with an awkward smile, something suddenly appeared in front of me.




  [ You have gained the villain's favor! ]


   [ Satisfied Special Gift awakening conditions! ]


   [ Obtained the skills ‘Desperation’ and ‘Fatal Charm’! ]


…What the fuck?

*T/N: Skill names are subject to change (like if I think something sounds cooler or more appropriate according to what the skill does)

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