(EP-10.2) Angel…?

010 – Angel…?



“Then, have you ever seen an angel in person?”


The student continued to ask with sparkling eyes.


It was a reasonably curious question.
Legend has it that angels, who normally dwell in another plane of existence, would descend to the human world and bestow mortals ‘blessings’ or ‘gifts.’


Each one is extremely powerful, and it is said that the blessings and gifts would go down in history.


The stakes for theologians or priests seeing an angel is high.


As far as I know, it’s a legend based on facts.


Of course, there's naturally some conditions.


“Well, I've seen numerous fancy ceremonies and rituals performed while I'm on duty, but there was never a case where an angel appeared-”


The student who asked Madam Ophelia the question nodded in understanding at her answer.


After all, it's an angel we're talking about here.
Can such an existence just be summoned at will?




‘…It's actually easier than what everyone thinks.’


I approached Madam Ophelia while thinking to myself.


“Excuse me, can I eat a little further away?”




Madam Ophelia tilted her head, her expression asking, 'why?' 


“I feel a little uncomfortable eating here.”




However, after hearing my words and looking around, she nodded her head.


I had defeated Elijah with one punch and was also in the scene of the crime during the attempted assassination of Princess Tristan.
My reputation naturally skyrocketed after such events.


Of course, most of the gazes on me don't look so pleased.
In fact, there is a high possibility that they are on the bad side.


Further, me subduing Hasmed during the entrance exam and simply letting him go could lead to a lot of problems.
That's why Elijah and Elnore, who witnessed it, also remained silent.


In other words, the public's perception of me is that I'm a freeloader who did nothing while Princess Tristan was being assassinated and a fraud that cheated to defeat the next hero candidate.


Rumors tend to be blown out of the proportion.
However, those who follow and believe such gossip without a second thought are people who don't like me in the first place.


A nameless noble from an unknown no-root baron family is undeserving of the spotlight.


“Try not to go too far, okay—? It's dangerous-“




Of course, what they say or think is none of my concerns.


On the contrary, I am grateful for such opposition as it made Madam Ophelia agree to my request to leave.


‘Let’s see…’


I walked somewhere far enough where I wouldn't be bothered by anyone.


There’s nothing good about showing others what I’m going to be doing.




Primarily in a theological sense.




I began setting up the things I brought in my bag.


The Divine's Ultima and the materials needed to light it. 


I put the unicorn horn powder into the incense burner and lit a fire with the phoenix feather.


After adjusting the flames intensity using the coral fan, smoke began to spread.


The smoke soon reached a light cluster floating nearby, and promptly started to mix and clump together.


The Divine's Ultima's function is simple.
Like how I compared it to a phone before, it allows me to contact beings that I would never normally be able to communicate with.


To materialize beings from another plane of existence into the human world.
This is what the Divine's Ultima is capable of.


‘If you think about it…’


Theologians and priests are not wrong for making all sorts of fuss here.


The angelic presence is particularly evident around here more than anywhere else.
After all, the barrier was set up by a Seraph.


The problem was that they misunderstood the nature of angels.


In myths, they are often described as noble and divine existences.


Dignified and virtuous beings revered by many. 




That’s not true.


Like really.




The light-smoke mix gradually took shape, and soon several burly men appeared. 


Behind them were pure white wings and golden halos floated above their heads.


No matter how you look at it, they are your cliché angels.




“How did these f*cking kids do the pre-work? Where are those bas†ards from Jinji's construction cooperation unit this quarter?”


“Um, Lord Angel-nim.
They're probably Gary's.”


“Those sons of bi†ches think they're slick, huh? Do you really want me to knock some sense on your guys' heads? Hey, call up those f*ckers.
If Seraph-nim sees this, we're all done for, go it?”


No matter which angle you look at, this conversation is neither noble or virtuous.


In the first place, carrying rough items like a hammer or a military shovel isn't exactly what you can call elegant.




These angels look more like… the ‘military’.


An extreme male-dominated society.
A thorough rank system.
A top-down hierarchy.
A rigid and violent atmosphere.


Basically, if a Seraph created or ordered something, those under him maintain or do it.


“We don’t have enough holy water compound to plug the gap in the barrier! Can I borrow some?”


“You can’t do one thing right, can you as$hole? Give me the brush, I'll do it myself.
Zoomers these days can’t do anything right.
Back in my day-“




Listening to their conversation, I'm glad I came alone.


If devout believers saw this scene, they would have passed out foaming on their mouths.


“Um, by the way Squad Leader.
You know that human over there?”


“Yeah, who's he?”


“You mean the one that's been staring at us since earlier?”


“It probably just a coincidence.
Still, it’s nice that he’s quiet.
Those annoying bas†ards spawn out of nowhere and cause ruckus…”


Alright, let’s think about this.


What meaning would a grand ceremony or ritual really hold in front of such people?


They're dragged out for manual labor that they didn't want to do.
They roll around like dogs, feeling like shi† and wanted to die.
They're in a sensitive state where they want to kiII someone constantly trying to talk to them. 


What would happen if dozens or hundreds of people flock to them and recite Buddhist scriptures or Bible verses over and over, and over again?


There is a reason why angels do not show themselves.
All the above is just annoying to them.


People are lucky a disaster hasn't befallen them.


On the contrary, what they want is something very simple and primitive.


I sighed and took out the ‘offerings’ I brought from my bag.


Generic alcohol with high alcohol content and lacking subtlety, but with a strong and distinct taste.
There's also meat I bought at a reasonable price at the market. 


These are simple and rough taste that commoners enjoy, but there’s nothing like it.


It’s a kind of special set for construction workers.


This is probably the best way to rejuvenate from doing intense labor.


Pyeonyuk (sliced meat) with a glass of makgeolli (rice wine) after a serious sweat sesh.


What more can you want?


“…The guy got good taste.
Did he pick what we like?”


“Should I ask for a little…”


“We cannot descend to the material world without the acknowledgement of the human who called us.
The conditions aren’t met, so what's the point of asking…”




When I said this, the chattering angels around me suddenly quieted down.


They realized that I am aware of their presence.


With a smile, I continued.


“If you just work and don't eat, you'll eventually wear your bodies out.”


The angels’ eyes turned upside down.


[T/N: this chapter gave me a headache]

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