(EP-8.2) Crazed Swordsman 

008 – Crazed Swordsman 



I glared at the letter in my hand.


It bears the seal of the Elfante Academic Team so it should be genuine.
Its mana imprint is difficult to forge.


The problem was the content of the letter.


   [ Student Dowd Campbell's class is not yet available for viewing.


   [ The Academic Team is working on a project to produce the best results.


   [ You can expect good news.




I don’t want to expect anything.


Can’t you just put it me a suitable class and leave me alone?


I have no idea what kind of grand project they're working on.


‘In the first place…’


It was strange for the academy to suddenly send me a letter like this personally.


Although an accident happened in the middle of it, the situation was settled smoothly.
That is to say, class assignment should have gone back to normal.


In fact, the main character’s party, including Elijah, took the test after the accident and were assigned to a ‘special class’.


Why can't I have that streamline process? Why am I the only odd one out?


“…I don't know.”


I muttered as I kept the letter away.


There's no point in focusing on things without an answer.


Instead of that, this…


   < System Message>


   [ Confirmed completion of class assignment after admission.

   [ The first main quest has been completed.

   [ Updating additional information! ]


The first main quest I received was ‘Complete the Class Assignment after Admission’.


Since the system gave a prompt, the requirements have been met. 


But this was a problem.


   [ Main Quest ]

   [ Successfully solve the incident that will happen at the freshmen welcome party! ] [ D-3 ]

   [ Reward: Exclusive Equipment Material ]


The freshmen welcome party was an event marking the beginning of Sera’s ‘Quarter’.


To be precise, it’s about choosing which character path the main character would take.


Their would-be ‘profession’ is determined on what they'll take interest in.


Ranged marksman, melee warrior, support priest or wide-area mage… You can say that it's the staple.


Maybe giving me materials for ‘Exclusive Equipment’ was a part of that.


Exclusive Equipment is equipment that can be developed by specializing in a field.


Once fostered to completion, its power would be overwhelming.
Though, in the beginning, it can only perform simple functions.


In other words, if I decide on the main professions like the main character, I will be given specialized growth equipment.


Having that taken care of is a good thing.




But it's dangerous.


My mouth is dry just from thinking about it.


Because, most importantly, it's linked with this.



   < Gift-related Character Notification >


   ▼ Elnore


   [ Trust Level 2 ] >>> [ Trust Level 5 ]


   [ Favorability has increased significantly in a short period of time! ]

   [ Special Rewards Available! ]


   [ Close to favorability status change! ]

   [ She is an important character.
A special event will trigger after a successful status change! ]


   [ D-3 until related events occur ]



   ▼ Elijah


   [ Curiosity Level 5 ]


   [ Rewards Currently Unavailable! ]


   [ Close to favorability status change! ]

   [ She is an important character.
A special event will trigger after a successful status change! ]


   [ D-3 until related events occur ]



I see.


Main character and final boss related events happen ‘at the same time’, overlapping with the starting point of the ‘main quest’.


This meant one thing.


‘A big wave is coming…!’


Weren't there professional assassins, including Hasmed, just from Elnore's first event?


If these two are involved at the same time, the intensity would naturally follow. 


Fortunately, unlike the first time, I have about 3 days of grace period instead of 2.




No, actually, I don’t think that's a relief at all.


Two or three days are the same, difficult.


I feel like I’m being gaslighted by making the starting point so tight.


‘I have no choice but to do what it demands me to do.’


I sighed, scratching my head.


What can I do? It’s not like I have a choice.


Even a ghost looks better on a full stomach, so let’s get Elnore’s reward first.



   [ Received Gift Reward from 'Elnore'.

   [ Received 1x ‘Skill Copy Ticket’.

   [ You can copy 1 of the target’s skills! ]





What the f*ck is this?


Skill Copy???


‘…This is crazy, for real?’


This didn't need an explanation.


No way, I can just copy the final boss' skill?


‘But now's not the best time…’


It would be a loss if I use it right now.


Like the main character, Elijah, Elnore would also 'grow' into her final boss form.


Of course, she is the top predator of the academy right now, but there is no reason to waste this now when I could get heIIa good skills in the future.




But then, I would have to prepare for the event in 3 days without this.


Fortunately, I know where to get things that will help me survive.




I breathed out a long exhalation and faced my goal in front.


It is an old warehouse within a long walking distance outside the academy building.


However, for a rundown place, it was exuding extreme irony as it had no reason to be plastered with all kinds of defensive magic, including perception-damping spells.


It is called the ‘supply room’ among the faculty.


Though, for Sera veterans, it's familiarly known as an ‘Item Farm’.


It's generally used to store educational materials and equipment.
However Elfante’s history is deep, and it contains mountains of unique relics.
Among them are things that only players who have played the game know the value of.


There’s only one thing I’m aiming for.


‘Divine's Ultima.’


It is an early survival item that brings the strongest impact in Sera if properly used.


It's originally an item that belongs to the second chapter boss, ‘Yuria Greyhounder’.


She was nicknamed as the ‘Crazed Swordsman’, a crazy bi†ch who slices up anyone who comes within a certain distance.




I'm actually worried that snatching such an item from an important person in advance would bring heavy implications.


However, I have no choice if I want to prepare for the event in 3 days.


None of the shi† in this world is my fault, but why am I being so hard-pressed?


In any case, Yuria is incredibly strong, hence why she's a chapter boss.
But she can't  cause problems if she's not able to grow.


“Alright then.”


Let's farm some items then head back.


Nothing would go wrong, right?



5 minutes later.


I was cursing myself for making such a statement.


I looked at the black-haired girl who was silently swaying in front of me.
Tears were welling up in her eyes.


A petite body that barely reached my neck and an appearance that resembles a cat.
Overall, she did not look much from a child.


I could even call her cute if it wasn't for the fact that she's pointing a sword at my neck.


   [Can you please stay still?]


Such ‘words’ floated in the air.
This woman doesn’t speak with her voice, she expresses herself this way.


And by saying that, you mean…


“…So it’s easier to slice?”




You crazy bi†ch.


This was none other than Yuria Greyhounder, the Chapter 2 Boss.


And my life is being threatened by such a person right now.




Why can’t things go smoothly?


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