(EP-7.2) Assassination Attempt #2

007 – Assassination Attempt #2


No matter how you look at Elfante Academy, it's difficult to regard it as a normal educational institution.


The fact that there are things that would never be in a normal school is already widespread among outsiders.


Since it is such an old and mysterious place, there there are all kinds of ‘abnormalities’ in the school itself.


Secret rooms hidden everywhere, ghosts that pop out randomly certain times, and certain buildings that are said to hold legends…


Hasmed was familiar with those things.


He had heard more than a few thousand things, but it had been a long time since he had memorized them all.


Regardless, he's a well-known professional assassin.
If he's unable to deal with a situation at this level, then he doesn't deserve such a reputation.


Hence, when he saw the translucent blue 'membrane' on his arm, he couldn't help but be stunned.


‘The Guardian's Soul…!’


It's a suppressive defensive barrier and has the effect of greatly reducing the power of the weapon wielded by the attacker within the specified range.


Although it is said to appear in some buildings, both the exact time and place when it happens is random.


But why did this appear here?


As Hasmed was thinking that, the student in front began to approach him with the stick.




Hasmed snorted.


Even with a weapon-disabling barrier, a trained assassin themself is a weapon.
Further, Hasmed ranks top among such assassins.


What can a kid do with a stick? Like what could that weak ass body without a hint of combat skill do?


At least, this was what Hasmed thought.


The first blow.





A storm-like series of attacks raged in an instant.


In the blink of an eye, Hasmed was screaming.
His vital had been hit and couldn't hold in the scream.


However, the psychological shock was hitting him more than the physical pain.


‘I can’t follow his moves…!’


As a top rank assassin, there are only a few sword styles in the continent that he can't identify.


Not to mention, if it was wielded by a swordsman who could exert this much power with an object that was not even a sword to begin with!


‘Tristan Style Swordsmanship!’


Why is it that he couldn’t read the skills of a guy who could execute such a technique?




It was then that epiphany dawned on him.


If what he's thinking is right…


‘I shouldn’t have messed with this guy from the start…!’


Hasmed thought as he helplessly fell to the ground.



   [ Successfully used Attribute! ]


   [ Attribute: Tristan Style Swordsmanship Proficiency Increased.




What's this?


Why is it so strong?


I look at the fallen Hasmed in confusion.


To be honest, I didn't expect much from the Tristan Style Swordsmanship because what I have is only the basic version.
It was out of my expectations that I could take down someone like Hasmed in just a couple of swings.


After all, wasn't he still a decent mid-boss during the main quest?


That’s because he’s a level assassin who can work to some extent just by mentioning his name in the back world.


‘…How strong will this be if I complete it?’


I knew that this would be strong considering it’s the swordsmanship used by the Final Boss.
But I didn’t expect it to be this strong.


In the first place, my plan was to buy time and dip out for help.


I see.
It was a trap from the beginning.”


I didn't know what to say hearing this from the guy collapsed in front of me.


What are you talking about?


“I don’t know how, but you definitely knew that the Guardian’s Soul would appear.
That must have been the reason why you chose the stick as your weapon from the beginning.”


That’s just the game's mechanics.


Fighting with weapons is impossible at ‘save points’ that exist in all buildings.
That’s why I brought this guy here.


“And in order to use that method, you lured me in by hiding your skills from the beginning, didn't you? That’s why you purposely broke away from the group.
To keep me away from Princess Tristan.”




Not really.


Actually, I was going to run away after distracting you a bit.


   [ Skill: Fatal Charm has been activated! ]

   [ The Villain is in awe of your elaborate plans! ]

   [ Rewards are added to the Gift tab! ]




What elaborate plan?


Is running away and crying for help an elaborate plan now?


Where has all the subtlety of the world gone?


“Bastard, who are you? Are you raised by Duke Tristan? Or an agent of the Imperial Central Intelligence Agency?”




I'm from a remote place who raised cows and farm for a living.


“Looks like you have no intention of answering.
Alright, kiII me now.”


“…I don’t intend to kill you.”


“You're not going to kill me? Why?”


As if my words were really that shocking, Hasmed's eyes widened.


I have no intention of murder.


‘In the first place…’


He is a member of the criminal organization, ‘Vagabond’, that is a key player in the third chapter in the scenario.


If I touch him carelessly, the Vagabond will obviously come for me.




‘I can't just say this.’


So, I need to come up with a reasonable excuse.


What would be the best…


Ah, yes.


“Spread the word to not approach Princess Tristan.
Even an assassin like you almost died trying.”


I don’t know who this guy’s boss is, but given that this happened during an academy event, there’s a good chance they're no ordinary lunatic.


Even with this failure, there is a high chance that they'll try again and again, ultimately stacking Elnore’s ‘Corruption’.


Gradually increasing the odds of the Gray Devil being unleashed.


Hence, it's best to cut off any kind of attempt at their source.


Hasmed is a well-known assassin in his own right.
Shouldn't something like this deter others to take on the assassination request?




Hasmed’s expression turned strange.


“What are you going to do if I don’t keep my promise? If you let me go, we might aim for Princess Tristan again?”


Actually, I don’t think so.


Knowing the ‘Vagabonds’ in the original work, he definitely won't.
They’re not the type who would go against someone who saved their life.


Strangely enough, they are criminals who strictly upholds honor.


But let’s spit some talk here.


“Try again, then.”


I continued with a smirk.


“I'll still be there to protect her.”


“…Is Princess Tristan that precious to you?”


“You can think of it however you want.”


Let's just gloss over it since it's a pain to explain in detail.


Saying 'because she favors me' will lead to more questions.
This should be fine…


   [ Skill: Fatal Charm Activated! ]

   [ The skill efficiency is extremely high! ]

   [ The Villain’s favor has greatly increased! ]

   [ The Villain’s favor has greatly increased! ]

   [ The Villain’s favor has crazily increased! ]

   [ The Villain’s favor…




What is this?


As soon as I finished talking, system prompts began to madly appear one after the other, effectively blocking my vision.




No way.




Turning my head slightly, I see a wide-eyed Elnore at the end of the hallway.


It was clear that she had heard everything.






I'm in deep shi†.


I don’t know why, but I feel that way.


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