(EP-6.2) Assassination Attempt 

006 – Assassination Attempt



He's blatantly lying without batting an eye.




'An assassin?'          


If there's “hostility” coming from someone in this situation, what other things could they be?


No, shouldn't they be after the MC's group that I had sent to another place? Why am I meeting an assassin like this?     


My bad luck is simply impeccable.     




I answered with a forced smile.     


Still, I think I can make do with this.         




'This is easier than I thought.'     


Hasmed thought as he looked at the student in front of him.     


The man looked like an ordinary student without any particular features.
It was foolish of him to be deceived so easily without having any doubt.     


Of course, even a quick-witted person would easily fall for Hasmed's performance.
So you really can't blame the kid. 


Crescent Moon's Hasmed.


The head of this assassination squad.


He was a famous face-changing assassin, known for perfectly copying his victim's identities.   


And his next target was this student.          


'If I'm a fellow student, even that Tristan girl won't expect it.'


He's heard that an earlier team was already caught and wiped out by that devilish woman.          


However, even such a human being should have a lowered guard towards a student. 


Even now, Hasmed disguising himself as a faculty has worked flawlessly against this student.          


“So, this is the facility room.”          


Hearing this, Hasmed insidiously smiled on the inside.     


Making this student 'guide' him was all for evaluating their skill.


A professional assassin, such as him, can easily figure out a person's level just by observing their movements.


This guy was a total noob.     


KiIIing him is the same as butchering chickens.        


'Yosh, let's seize this guy's body and kill Princess Tristan.'        


Info says that Princess Tristan and the other students are gathered at the central hall.


Once they're distracted by his subordinates, it would be very easy to sneak in as this guy.        


“Is that so?”          


Hasmed smiled and pulled something out.          


“You've worked hard.
I'll give you a reward.”          


He lifted a blade and said in a dreary tone.     


Of course, the said reward was death.


At this point, the victims usually ask questions, then deny the situation, and finally panic and fear.     


He enjoys such reactions the most-    


“Ah, thank god, it's Hasmed.




However, the student in front of him just thanked god…


Obviously, this guy wasn't asking questions nor was he panicked, let alone scared.        


On the contrary, he's wiping his forehead with a sigh of relief.       


“It could have been dangerous if it was a half-strong guy, lucky~.”


What the heII are you talking about?”     


“I wasn't sure at first so I hesitated.
And if I tried to fight a half-strong guy, it could've been really dangerous.
I probably would've been jumped, wouldn't I?”     




“Rhinitis, shaking fingers, weird walk…
It's relieving to see the habits I knew.”        




Hasmed's face hardened.     


This guy was also looking at him.


This was unexpected.


He was always hunting others, but now he was in a position where he was being hunted by his prey!          


'I can't let this guy die easily.'


Hasmed has to make him spit out on how he knew all that before killing him.


After vowing so, Hasmed rushed immediately.


Even if the other person knew all that, his combat power remains nil.
Hasmed will finish him at one go!


“Let's see, Desperation is at A Class…”          


However, this guy was acting strange, mumbling unknown sounds despite Hasmed rushing at him.    


He even picked up a stick on the ground nearby as if it would do something.    




He sneered in the inside and swung his blade for a fatal blow.




The scene that followed was completely beyond his expectations.


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