(EP-1.1) Meeting 

001 – Meeting 




So, how did this happen?



The Campbell Baron Family is a small noble family located in a small barony on the outskirts of the Empire.


I think they're only mentioned once in Sera’s main story?


There were no dungeons with monsters in the area and the main industry was also just simple dairy farming.
The lord and his family are actually just friendly neighbors.


Naturally, the slightest accident or event would cause a big uproar, as if the world had been overturned.




The Lord’s son entering the Imperial Academy.
A rare spectacle of the residents of the territory collectively crying, as if they're being abandoned.


“You’re leaving at last, Dwod.”


“Yes, Father.”


Baron Armin Campbell, a warm and kind middle-aged man, hugged me while wiping away his welling tears.


“You are the pride of our territory.
Please take care of yourself and graduate safely.”


“Of course, don't worry.”


I separated from Father with a confident smile.


He may look like this, but he's built with pure hard muscle.


Dairy farming and farming in general are hard jobs, so even if you don’t specifically train your body, you'll be toned.


“However, never get into a fight.
The Imperial Academy is a place where high-ranking children from all over the empire gather.
It’s best for small barons like us to be as inconspicuous as possible…”


“Don’t worry, really.”


Doubling the confidence level in my smile, I cut off Nagging Season 1823718029837.


Well, his worries were not unfounded considering the main story of Savior Rising.


An aristocratic family with weak prestige would be easily swept up in all sorts of power struggles between the powerful and eccentric high-ranking nobles.


Fortunately, I also don't have the slightest intention of violating my father’s advice.


< Status Info >


   「Dowd Campbell」


    Strength: F

    Agility: F

    Endurance: F

    Luck: F

    Power: F


   < Skill Info >


   [ No Skill in Possession ]


   < Mastery Info >


   [ No Specialization Skill in Possession ]


   < Special Gift >


   [ Unawakened ]




It was an eye watering, neat Status Window.


However, all my stats are F, an unprecedented trash start that I've never once encountered out of all the playtime I’ve put into Sera.


‘This is dangerous…’


With a wry smile, I turned my gaze to the small window next to the main page.


   [ Main Quest ]


   [ Enter the Academy and be assigned a class! ]


This is something I often saw in the game, so it's nice seeing it here.
But the existence of a system page called the ‘Quest Window’ was a problem itself.


The fact that a main quest exists means that there are scenarios to overcome.
This also means that the Academy that I'm about to enter will become a pandemonium, a breeding ground for different types of plots and conspiracies.


‘I can’t just skip the main quest…’


Considering the game's system and mechanics, the moment you don’t do it, it will be ‘game over’.


I don’t think that would ever do anything good for me.


At the very least, something akin to death awaits me.


‘But it doesn’t make sense for me to complete the quest myself.’


In the first place, my motto was, ‘Never do anything that hinders survival’. 


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