Sylvias POV:

I didn expect Rufus to suddenly appear.The werewolves encircling me retreated in fear of him.

But obviously, they still had their eyes on the prize.

Their stares were still glued to my body.I subconsciously crossed my arms over my chest in shame.I bit my lip and felt a lump in my throat.I was trying to calm down deep inside.I had already gone through tougher and more humiliating situations.I could surely make it through this one.

Suddenly, I felt a shadow cast over me and that familiar cold fragrance filled my nose.

With tears in my eyes, I looked up to see Rufus standing in front of me.I didn know why he was here, but I was grateful for his presence nonetheless.

”Prince Rufus, what are you doing here? ”

Shawn took a few careful steps forward, putting on a flattering smile on his face.He had completely switched his attitude.

I used to think he was just some puppet, but some part of me actually pitied him in this moment, for he was actually pathetic.

”Im here to take back the escapee to my room. ”

Rufus asserted, making sure his domineering aura was felt by everyone.

I was then filled with unease again.I had no idea what Rufus meant.

Shawn rubbed his palms together and laughed nervously.

”Ah, yes.Are you satisfied with my gift so far, Your Highness? ”

I really wished I could strangle Shawn to death right now.But I knew that if I tried, I might not even survive through the night.I stared at Rufus broad back that was faced towards me.How I wished I could be as strong as him!

”Yes. ” Rufus replied nonchalantly.

There was an indifference in his tone.He didn seem to take Shawn seriously at all.

”Thats why Im taking her back. ” I looked at Rufus in shock, but his face was absolutely calm.

Shawn smiled awkwardly.

”What do you mean, Your Highness? Are you perhaps kidding? ”

”I don joke around, ” said Rufus.

”Why would you? Shes just some slave, the lowest she–wolf in our pack! ” I could tell that Shawn was beginning to get anxious.

”I could get you other she–wolves in the pack, purer and more innocent than her! ”

”Are you telling me what to do? ”

Although Rufus voice still wasn raised, there was a subtle murderous tone to it which stopped Shawn in his tracks.

Seeing that he was speechless, Rufus turned to me and reached out his hand.

”Get up.Come with me, ” he commanded.

I was in shock, but I also knew that taking his hand right now would save my life.

Gritting my teeth, I reached out and took his hand.

After pulling me up, he dragged me away.

I had no choice but to follow him.I slightly raised my eyes to look up at him.When he found out that I was his mate, he immediately me to leave.

But now, he was taking me back.

What on earth did this man want from me? Did he want to sleep with me? My heart was filled with bitterness.

It seemed that he was just like Shawn after all.

Still, I guessed it was better to go with this man than to stay and get humiliated in public by Shawn and his men.

”Prince Rufus! You should know that she is not only a slave, but she is also the daughter of our packs biggest traitor! ”

Shawn called out, as if he was trying every last means to stop us.

My heart sank.

So, this was all done on purpose.

Perhaps the royal family could spare a regular slaves life, but they would never think of shielding a sinner.

Sure enough, Rufus stopped when he heard this.

He slowly turned his head to look at me.

I looked into his eyes, but they were like a bottomless well.I couldn read them at all.

”The daughter of a traitor? What do you mean? ” Prince Rufus asked coldly.

I kept silent.Whenever my mother would be mentioned, I was always filled with resentment.These werewolves loved to pretend that they were righteous on the surface.

But deep down, they were no cleaner than sewer rats.What made them think they could judge my mother?

”Sylvia, calm down.You must endure. ”

Yana was always the one to remind me to be cautious.

”Ive endured for too long, Yana.In the end, all I get is humiliation. ”

”If you don endure now, you won even get a chance to live.How can you prove your innocence from under the grave? ”

”But whats the point of living if I don even have dignity anymore? I have been enduring all my life, Yana, but nothing good ever happens.I was even sent to a mans bed, essentially to my death, to be tortured tonight. ”

I was losing all hope.

There really were times when I thought ending my life would just make things easier, but then I would always think of my mother.

I couldn die without clearing her name.

”Why don you explain for yourself? Sylvia? ”

Shawns harsh voice jolted me out of my thoughts.

I ignored him, shutting my eyes.I knew my mother was innocent, but I just didn have any evidence to prove that right now.

What an incompetent daughter I was!

”Fine.If you don want to say it, Ill do it myself. ”

Shawn shot me a glare before switching up to a righteous tone in his voice.

”Her mother used to be the Beta of our pack, but she got too greedy for power.She betrayed the pack.The late Alpha and Luna, my parents, were brutally murdered by her. ”

He gritted through his teeth with every word.

I clenched my fists, trying to follow Yanas advice and restrain myself.

”Her mother was born to be nothing but a bitch.An ungrateful shrew! When she got pregnant without knowing who the father of her child was, my parents mercifully took care of her and helped her through But what do they get in return? Treachery and death! She killed my parents and deserved to go to hell.In my opinion, I think just executing her was even too light of a punishment! ”

”Shawn! Shut up! ” I could not hold back anymore.

”I will not allow you to speak of my mother that way! ”

”Why? Did I say anything that wasn true? ”.

”My mother is not like that.She is innocent.She would never betray the pack. ”

Tears welled up in my eyes as I defended my mother.

”Oh, please.There are records of evidence to prove that your mother is the murderer of my parents! ”

Shawn looked at me with murderous intent.

”Records made by someone who cheats and uses torture for inquisition? Those don mean anything. ”

I yanked my hand away from Rufus grip and took a few steps forward, pointing my finger at him.

”You.Don think you
e clean either! Who is the one playing puppet to an evil man right now to maintain power in the pack?Shame on you! ”

”You talk too much for a slave, a daughter of a traitor! You
e going to learn your lesson today! ”

Shawn turned to his men and shouted, ”Beat this bitch to death! ”

Chaos ensued.I was immediately shoved to the ground and surrounded by Shawns men.

All of a sudden, one of the werewolves in front of me was kicked down to the ground, leaving him howling in pain.It was Rufus who attacked.

He stood in front of me, staring down the other werewolves like a demon ready to send souls to hell.

Some of them were frozen to their spot in the presence of his murderous glare.

With one cold warning glance at the werewolves, he turned to me and bent down.I unconsciously flinched and dodged.

”What? Do you really want to stay here? ” he whispered.

My eyes widened.

Before I could even reply, he picked me up in his arms.

My body stiffened and didn know how to react to his touch.

It was a little uncomfortable at first, but then I felt the warmth of his hand press onto my back.

”Why are you protecting the traitors daughter? ”

Shawn questioned hysterically.

I pursed my lips, unsure whether I wanted to hear Rufus answer.

”Because shes my mate. ”

When he said that, I felt my heart beat in a way I had never felt before.I looked up at the handsome lycan, surprised that he had said this.

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