Sylvias POV:

After cleaning the banquet hall, I prepared Shawns food and took it to his room together with the clothes I ironed.

While walking down the corridor, I smelled an inexplicably delightful smell.It was the aroma of chocolate mixed with strawberries.

The closer I got to the end of the corridor, the stronger the smell became until I stopped in front of the door of Shawns room.

”Sylvia, your mate! ” Yana excitedly exclaimed in my head.

I was utterly shocked.My mate was Shawn? I stood rooted to the spot for a long time.

”Ohhh! Please be gentle.Don thrust so hard. ”

I suddenly heard a coquettish voice from inside the room, followed by a deep gasp.

”You can stand it anymore? I haven even exerted any strength yet. ”

”Ohhh! Come on, faster! Im almost there. ”

There were lots of movements in the room, mixed with screams and thumping of flesh.

It sounded like there was more than one she-wolf inside.

What? Was this the mate I had been waiting for a long time? Such a shameless and promiscuous scum! The Moon Goddess seemed to always like to play cruel jokes on me.

With the tray in my hands, I took a deep breath, trying to calm myself down.

I didn want to admit it now, but I knew that I had to face my mate sooner or later.

So I forcibly resisted the disgust in my heart and pushed the door.

Shawns POV:

Today was my big day.I turned eighteen, and I was going to take over the position of the Alpha.

Early in the morning, I called several she-wolves to have sex with me to start a refreshing day.I was on top of a she-wolf, swaying my body and constantly massaging her breasts.

My lower body was incredibly hard.As a man, I was proud of myself.But it was strange that I couldn achieve an orgasm.Was it because I masturbated by myself too frequently?

”Next. ” I pulled out my penis and pulled over the coquettish she-wolf on the other side.

Then I spread her legs and abruptly thrust into her body.

That was when I smelled a burst of citrus mixed with orchid.

It made my lower body react even more violently.

”Shawn, stop it right now! Your mate is here, ” my wolf Zeke screamed in excitement.

But how could I stop at this time? And what was Zeke talking about?

”Ohhh! Please, be gentle.Don thrust so hard, ” shouted the she-wolf under me.

”You can stand it anymore? I haven even exerted any strength yet. ”

”Ohhh! Come on, faster! Im almost there. ” I thrust my penis into the she-wolf hard.

Meanwhile, I was also looking forward to seeing my mate, hoping that she was not an ugly woman.

The door opened, and someone came in.

It was Sylvia! The moment I recognized her, I got very disappointed.

Sylvia was nothing but a lowly slave.

Her mother was a shameless traitor and the murderer of my parents.

How could such a she-wolf like her deserve to be my Luna? Even so, I still couldn help fixing my eyes on her.

Sylvia was very beautiful.

As soon as she appeared, I found that the she-wolves in my room couldn even hold a candle to her.

At this moment, she stood there obediently with her head down.

The tattered cotton- padded clothes did not hide the plumpness of her breasts, which made the curve of her waist more graceful.

And she had round and upturned buttocks.It must feel great to ** her hard.

Damn it! Why didn I realize that this slave had such a good figure before? ”Its time to prepare for the Alpha Ceremony, ”

Sylvia said.She put down the clothes on the sofa, still with her head down.

Seeing her smooth neck aroused me more.

I couldn help but pump my lower body harder.

The she-wolf under me screamed and rolled her eyes as if she was about to die.

”Wait…We have to finish our business first.You…Get out of here quickly.Don get in our way, ” the she-wolf said intermittently, gasping.

She was trying to drive Sylvia away.

”I see.Okay, ” Sylvia said in a low voice.

She then turned around and left.

”Wait! Sylvia, you stay.All of you, leave now! ”

I pulled out my penis, patted the she-wolfs buttocks, and motioned them to leave.

”Shawn, please, don drive us away, ” one she-wolf pleaded.

The she-wolves were so eager to have sex with me.

They clung to my chest and whimpered.

”Fuck off! ” I yelled with a long face.

The she-wolves had no choice but to leave my room reluctantly.

When I stared at Sylvia, my lower body swelled even more.

”Sylvia, come here, ” I ordered.

”The Alpha Ceremony is about to begin. Please change your clothes now, ” Sylvia said coldly.

I was infuriated by her words.

What attitude was she showing me? Hadn she found out yet that we were mates? Shouldn she throw herself at me and serve me like what those she-wolves did? Seeing the cold and indifferent expression on Sylvias face, my anger beclouded my reason.

There was only one thought left in my mind.I wanted to press her under my body and ** her hard until she begged for mercy.

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