Shawns POV:

I stood dumbfounded as I watched Rufus leave with Sylvia in his arms.

His words resounded in my mind.

Did he just say that Sylvia was his mate? How could it be possible? Could the Moon Goddess really have assigned her another mate so soon? Why would her mate by a lycan prince? I massaged my face to alleviate some stress.

My heart was filled with anger, but at the same time it was also unwilling to accept the truth.

Because of one wrong action, I had lost a beautiful she–wolf that was meant to be mine.

”Are you regretting it now? I told you to go after Sylvia immediately, but you so stubbornly refused.Now, the Moon Goddess paired her up with a lycan prince! ” Zeke scolded me.

”Don provoke me! ”

I was furious.I hated that I didn get the she–wolf I wanted for myself, and she was just right in front of me!

”Well, its too late to regret anyway.Maybe the Moon Goddess will give you a new mate soon. ”

There was still a mocking tone in Zekes voice.

He obviously was disappointed in what I had done.

”I don regret anything.Especially not for some skittish slut like her.Just wait and see.Im sure the Moon Goddess will bring me a she–wolf who is a hundred times more beautiful than Sylvia, ” I argued.

But deep inside, I knew it was not going to be easy to find someone more beautiful than Sylvia.

Of course, I would never admit that.

No matter how much it broke my heart.

”Alpha, are you okay? ”

One of my men asked me, seeing that I seemed to be in a daze.

”Fuck off! ”

I kicked him away.

”Bring me several she–wolves now. ”

I needed to do something to vent out my anger and frustration.

As the Alpha of the pack, it wasn right for me not to have any she–wolves by my side.

As soon as I turned around, my face was met by a hard slap.

This was the second time I had been hit tonight.

When I saw who it was that slapped me, I had to restrain myself and put on a fake smile instead.

”What are you doing here? ”

”How dare you even ask me that? What was all that commotion about? Aren you afraid that others would hear? ” Mateo asked disdainfully.

”Wheres Sylvia? ”

”Shes gone. ”

I lowered my head, exaggerating disappointment.This old werewolf was being too nosy.He slapped and scolded me like I was some clueless school boy, despite the fact I was their new Alpha.I just had no choice but to play along even though it was humiliating.

”Gone? Why didn you stop her? ” Mateo sounded angry. I looked at his wrinkled face and saw that it looked gloomy.

”Prince Rufus just said Sylvia was his mate and took her away.I couldn stop them, ” I murmured, acting like a total loser.

Mateo was a very suspicious werewolf.

If I pretended to be cowardly and know nothing, he wouldn be so vigilant around me.

Shawns words shocked me.

I thought that Sylvia was never one to stand up for herself and would remain a slave for the rest of her life.

Having a lycan prince as her mate was something I would have never expected at all.

”Shes a traitors daughter.Did Prince Rufus not know about that? ”

”Of course, I told him.Sylvia seemed adamant about refusing it all.She said her mother was wronged.Prince Rufus didn really reply to that.He just insisted on taking her away. ”

Shawn gritted his teeth.

Hearing this made my heart drop.

I thought that Sylvia always looked meek and even pitiful at times.I never thought she would realize that her mother could have been set up.

Perhaps her obedient and timid demeanor was all just an act, and she would only bring out her claws when totally necessary.

But now that she had Prince Rufus on her side, she could tell him her suspicions about the real reason the former Alpha and Luna died.

That would inevitably put me in danger.

”You idiot! ”

I berated Shawn, who just hung his head low.It was all because of this incompetent boy.I should have just sent him to die with his parents long ago! But now that it already happened, I couldn just sit here and wait for my doom.I needed to come up with something and take action first.I needed the news that Sylvias mother was a traitor to reach the imperial city.

Surely, the great lycan king would never allow someone with such a controversial background to stay by the side of any prince.

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