Sylvias POV:

”Sylvia, you lazy slave! Do you know what time is it now? Why are you still sleeping? ”

I struggled to get up from the wooden bed and looked at the time.It was not even five oclock in the morning yet.I rubbed my throbbing temples.Then I hurriedly put on my thin coat and opened the door.

A fat she-wolf was blocking the door.

With a ferocious look on her face, she pointed at my nose and snapped, ”Today is the Alpha Ceremony.Why are you still asleep? Have you finished all your work? ”

I didn say anything and just lowered my head.I only slept for less than an hour because I spent the entire night cleaning up the conference room.

My mind was still in a mess.

”Why are you still standing there? Go finish all your work! ” she roared again.

Then she glared at me, turned around, and left with heavy steps.I sighed and walked to the cloakroom, where the clothes needed to be ironed piled on the rack.

Shawn Gibson was turning eighteen today, and he was going to take over the throne during the Alpha Ceremony.I had to prepare the clothes he was going to wear.

The sun was already rising outside when I finished ironing the clothes.

The territory of the Black Moon Pack was covered by dark clouds all year round, and it was always damp and cold.I wrapped my tattered cotton-padded clothes tightly around my body and carried a bucket to the banquet hall.

Many kinds of exquisite tableware had already been placed in the hall.

After the Alpha Ceremony, all the guests would gather here to celebrate the promotion of the new Alpha.I was wiping the steps with a rag when a stiletto stepped on it.I looked up to see who it was.Then I saw Cherry, Gammas daughter.

She was wearing a black mermaid dress, and her red hair was curled.She looked very attractive.

”Step aside, ” I said coldly.

”Excuse me? Do you know what kind of place this is? You don deserve to come here at all. ” Cherry then kicked my bucket arrogantly.

”Cherry! You are going too far. ”

”What? A mere slave is mad at me? How interesting! But actually, I can make you even angrier. ”

Cherry flipped her long curly hair and sneered.

She glared at me with a pair of mean eyes, clapped her hands, and ordered, ”Bring it here. ”

A she-wolf came over.She carried a bucket of swill and poured it on the stairs in front of me.

The stench instantly filled the air.

I watched this scene with cold eyes.

Hatred filled my heart.

With a vicious smile on her face, Cherry crossed her arms over her chest.

Obviously, she was waiting to see a good show.She only wanted to see me break down.

But of course, I wouldn let her have the last laugh.

”Is that all? ” I glanced at her expressionlessly and immediately pick

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