red his eyes, leaving a shadow under his eyes.

At the same time, certain man who slapped waiter’s buttocks on his way, came to the real room #201.
(You womanizer! no… manizer!)

Originally, the cowherd who had belly full of anger was coaxed right away after seeing Qin Mu’s face.
Those unhappy feelings scattered away and even began to look forward to a wonderful night with Qin Mu.
But it was a pity that Qin Mu’s desire to fuck was just suppressed, and the cowboy’s appearance could not considered superior, so he just gave him a sum of money then asked the people out.

Of course, before the Cowboy left, he hinted to Qin Mu that he could make an appointment for free.
How could Qin Mu do not understood the hint but he was not hooked and pretended to be a dumb.
He just smiled and locked the door under disappointed gaze from the Cowboy who was outside the door.

“How much Su Hanyu’s pain is now?”

Qin Mu was lying on the bed, resting his head on his arm, lazily asked the system.
But he didn’t hear reply from the system even after while and could not help frowning, repeated the question.

After a while, the system replied: “80%.”

Qin Mu didn’t pay attention to the strange behavior of the system because he was quite satisfied with the result.
But there was still a 20% to go.
What should he do next? Just as he was thinking about it, the system that used to talk to him reluctantly had taken initiative to ask: “Do you know what you were doing just now?”

After realizing what the system was referring to, the man raised an eyebrow, “You can rest assured, I still have a self-control.” Then he added with a smile: “Fortunately, underwear was not taken off.”

System: […]

Qin Mu: “The next time if I want to do something, remember to warn me.”

System: […]

Qin Mu: “Xiao Bai (little white), I’m going to sleep.”

Qin Mu said vaguely while searching for a comfortable position then not even a moment later he entered a dreamland.

System: […]

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