This reason really left people… unable to refute.

Feeling that he didn’t live long enough, Qin Mu did not hesitate to accept the system’s task, entering his first world.
Then, according to the system, in order to give Qin Mu time to adapt, the system had adjusted the timeline in the world, bringing it 3 days backwards.
In those 3 days, Qin Mu’s memory would be erased until he was able to adopt the behaviour and identity of the character.
It was only recently when he was able to regain his original memories.

Just now, when the system had congratulated him, it was to congratulate him for recovering his memory.

【When that slag betrays you, your memories will awaken.】

Inadvertently recalling the words the system told him, the corners of Qin Mu’s mouth pulled sightly.
Just as he turned around, flicking away the cigarette ash as he did so, he happened to notice Su Hanyu hesitating to speak, looking as though he was in a hurry to start.
Su Hanyu who was clothed in a simple white bathrobe had arrived to see if anything had happened after hearing the sound of footsteps earlier.

Qin Mu removed the cigarette butt, placing his two hands on beside the sink showing off an idle posture, a faint smile appearing on his face.

“How long already?”

Su Hanyu had no intention to defend himself, “3 months.”

Extinguishing the cigarette butt on the marble platform, Qin Mu lowered his head and played with his fingers.
“The down payment of this house was paid by you, the loan was paid by both of us.
In the end, you go or I go?”

The man’s callous attitude left Su Hanyu stunned.
For a moment he couldn’t help but feel that beautiful man who left people breathless was a little unfamiliar.
He had thought that Qin Mu would question why he was cheating on him, and for the sake of their many years of love, give him a chance.
Yet, in the end, all he got was a perfunctory statement of you go or I go.

This scene had completely gone beyond his expectations.

Su Hanyu had actually planned to break up with Qin Mu.
Even though Qin Mu was the most attractive man who he had ever dated, his deposition was especially uninteresting.

Qin Mu was his senior, the first university student to come out from that remote, backcountry village.
Having a conservative and shy character, the past him had been attracted to Qin Mu’s face, immediately launching a passionate pursuit.
Back then, many people were also pursuing Qin Mu, amongst those suitors, many of them were wealthy second generations.
Perhaps it was his sincerity which moved Qin Mu, for out of the thousands who were chasing after him, Qin Mu had chosen him.

These few years, he had worked very hard, his career had been gradually improving and he had his own company.
As such, social communication was important and flirtations unavoidable.
Two years ago, while he would occasionally do it with other people, his heart would remain with Qin Mu.
However, after meeting Qi Zicong three months ago, his every thought was on Qi Zicong, feeling that he had found his long lost passion.

Qi Zicong was young, handsome, had a fun personality and would let loose when he was on the bed.
To put it simply, Qi Zicong was the perfect partner for him.
As for Qin Mu, after eating the same dish for seven years, the current Qin Mu was no longer interesting, even if his face continued to excite him.

Thinking of this, Su Hanyu regained his spirit, his awkward and stiff face disappearing as he spoke generously, “There’s no need, you can consider this house my break up gift to you.
Tomorrow I will move out.”

Hearing this, Qin Mu did not feel thankful at all.
Just as he was about to reply sarcastically, Qi Zicong, who was wearing Su Hanyu’s white shirt, walked past, showing off two long delicate white legs.
Bonelessly lying against Su Hanyu’s shoulder, he didn’t spare a glance for Qin Mu before speaking.
“Hanyu, my body is so sticky, with no strength.
Won’t you help me wash?”

Qin Mu took a glimpse of him, seeing the snow white skin covered with many dubious marks, Qin Mu’s heart couldn’t help but begin to itch again.

One must know that his innate desire was very strong, yet he still died without ever getting rid of his virgin body.
Seeing this dog like male whose entire face radiated satisfaction, his heart was engulfed by fire, his eyes holding a ridiculing look.
“Want me to help you wash?”

Hearing this statement, Qi Zicong turned around and scanned Qin Mu.
Seeing the man’s secretive smile, he was startled, his eyes focusing.
He had seen pictures of Qin Mu in Su Hanyu’s wallet before and seen that Qin Mu was rather good looking.
However, after the seeing the person in the flesh, he finally realised that the picture was not enough to portray even one-tenth of his brilliance.

Only after seeing Qin Mu did he understand, in this world, some people were actually that good looking.

Different from the popular male beauties nowadays, the man in front of him had a tremendous sex appeal, any gesturing, even if it was just raising an eyebrow, was full of hooks, endless temptation, causing people to want to gather around him, monopolising him.

Suddenly realising that he had been having numerous bad thoughts about a man that was supposed to be his rival, Qi Zicong ruthlessly pinched his own hand, calming himself down before whispering softly, “You’re crazy.”

As if doing this would help erase his own inexplicable thoughts.

However his actions betrayed his consciousness, Qi Zicong continued to use the corner of his eye to peek at Qin Mu’s calamitous face, unable to resist looking.
No matter how many times he looked, it was just not enough.


1. Love will reach a crisis after seven years, because all the cells have been replaced.↩

2.Obscene, perverted↩

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