Muhammads POV

Saturday the 17th of August.

Days have gone by honestly, I did feel like this was a very long and stress-filled week, but anyway, this is the day I get to go to moms place and see for myself what exactly is going on, I do want to know what she has to say to me because at this point I am in total confusion like why the hell would I have a sibling and not know about it? even worst where has she been all her life? because I have been with mom this whole time and she has never mentioned anything like this to me honestly my curiosity is burning like an infinity touch and I hope she gives the right answers so that they would be quenched soon.

”I should be getting ready, ” I said as I looked up to my wall clock, the time was past 11, what have I been doing since morning? I have just been staring into space whereas time was spinning away from me it wasn even slow, why was the time running.

I quickly got up from the sofa as I walked into the bathroom I don have much time to waste I have to start getting ready.

It wasn long before I came out and made my way into the bedroom as I hurriedly picked up my jean trousers that have been lying dead for over a week on my bedroom floor, it was finally time to be worn again am sure the trousers was jubilant with joy as it is finally its turn to be worn, am sure it has questions like why isn it my favourite pair of trousers well it was actually but due to work ethics I couldn be dressing all casual especially when I broadcast business news most often.

I walked out of my apartment as I made way for my old dusty car, it has been a while since I drove this car but either way, hear I am driving it now. I took out the old rusty key from my hand as I opened the door, see it still works my subconscious mind said as I worked my way into the drivers seat.

”Lets go, ” I said aloud as I connected my phone to the car as I turned it on, I began to shuffle my music until I found the perfect song.

”We keep behind closed doors

Every time I see you I die a little more

Stolen moments that we steal as the curtain falls

Itll never be enough

As you drive me to my house

I can stop these silent tears from rolling down

You and I will have to hide

On the outside

Where I can be yours and you can be mine

But I know this, we got a hopeless love

Why can I hold myself in the street?

Why can I kiss you on the dance floor?

I wish that it could be like that

Why can it be like that?

Cause Im yours

Why can I say that Im in love?

I wanna shout it from the rooftops

I wish that it could be like that

Why can it be like ” I sang along as I drove away from the city every minute getting closer to the truth as I got closer to moms house?

”When you hold me in the street

And you kiss me on the dance floor

I wish that we could be like that

Why can we be like that?

Cause Im yours

Im yours

Oh, why can you hold me in the street?

Why can I kiss you on the dance floor?

I wish that we could be like that

Why can it be le that?

Cause Im yours, Im yours

Why can I say that Im in love?

I wanna shout it from the rooftops

I wish that it could be like that

Why can we be like that?

Cause Im yours

Why can we be like that?

Wish we could be like that ” I continued to sing a secret love song by little mix as I drove into moms driveway, this was a quick drive indeed did love those girls and their songs always get me in the zone every time, I continued singing as I parked my car and took out my phone and began to head for the entrance door.

”Knock Knock ” I quickly knocked at the door waiting for someone to come and open it.

I knew the house would be up and running by this time so it was just a matter of time before…

”Good morning… ” She said as her face froze as she saw me, what was going on?

”Morning Divine, how are you doing today? ” I asked as I forced my way into the house it seems like she was trying to block me from entering.

”Fine, ” she said still having a shocked tone in her voice.

”What is going on? ” I said as I walked my way to the sitting room it seems like I wasn even welcomed.

”Nothing I would go get your mom, ” she said as she walked away, I don know but I felt like she was hostile to me and usually she normally isn this way to me, maybe it is because of the Maryam girl they are trying to protect or so.

”Good morning, I taught I told you not to come here so why did you decide to go against every single thing I said ” mom muttered as she sat down on the sofa closest to the one I was seated on.

”I was just paying my condolences, besides I came around because came to get to the bottom of some rumours that have been spreading around like wildfire ”

”Well let it circulate you know any publicity is good you know ”

”You mean good publicity right? ”

”Don worry let it spread like wildfire, it would only last for a week or two? ” she said confidently.

”But that doesn still change the facts neither does that in any way answer my question ” well she wasn wrong there news hardly lasts up till a month and it doesn even matter if it was big news or not we always know that bigger and more interesting news would come up thats for sure and when it does it would carry all the waves from this one and the attention too, so she was right in that case news doesn last for a long time.

”What exactly has been spreading around the blocks about me? That I haven heard before? Nothing new ” she said with a cold grin on her face I don know why but I felt like she was disgusted by me.

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